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I have that JLC (the new Master Control), I love it. I also thought about the IWC Portuguese Chrono, but no in-house movement with that price tag put me off, also it's a bit large for a dress watch.
  Well I agree if the watch is similar in price, for example I bought a JLC Master Control recently, I started to look at the IWC Portofino which was less expensive (around 1400 EUR less). But I didn't want to settle for a watch with no in-house movement and I liked the JLC more style wise with it's 39 mm case vs 40 mm of the Portofino etc. But I still want a JLC Duomèmetre à Sphérotourbillon, however I think will have to settle for the Master Control...  Anyway watches...
My life is too short not to settle. As long as money is an issue I think it might be wise to settle. The same with most things otherwise you'd never be happy.
It's a Z8 not a Z3 quite the difference
  Also what was missed out from your wiki text was this:   "Watches sold in North America were sold under the LeCoultre name from 1932 to approximately 1985."   So Jaeger-LeCoultre sold watches branded just LeCoultre until mid 80s. The earlier change was just for Europe and other markets.
    That's a great combo, how do you like the Speedmaster? I have a JLC Master Control as well (39 mm), but would love to have a second watch, like the Speedmaster, only problem is it might be too large for me.
  Thanks :) Yes I like the smaller size, it fits my wrist better. Heres another photo of the movement:        
My new Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Control:         Tried on a few different watches, but the new Master Control with its 39 mm case (instead of the old 40 mm case) was the one I fell over :)
  Strangely enough, I who am swedish and don't have any education in dutch, actually understands pretty much of what their writing. The languages (written) are quite similar and the culture as well I believe. 
  some of the presents :)
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