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Since they are made in Vietnam and I'm working in Vietnam is there anywhere or anyway possible that I can get my hands on some APCs over here?   Factory direct would be ideal.
I've been wearing mine for 10 months now and I'm very happy with the fade, cut and feel of the fabric after so many months. I haven't washed them either but have been soaked in rain so it brings a bit of character on the thighs.   I was thinking of also trying APCs and Nudies just to compare cuts and quality when a sale comes along.
Thanks. It's just slightly loose. My truefit is 32" but I think a 31" would be perfect. 
I just bought the skinny broken twill selvage and was wondering how much they'll expand at the waistline.
Hi,   I'm new to these forums and Im so glad I found it. Been looking for something like this for ages.   In saying that, Australia is horrible in style sense generally IMO. Thank goodness we have online shopping. 
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