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Personally, my attention is more on the thumbnail than anything, if I am scrolling through.  That's not to say bold is bad, but it might be best saved for a really unique or amazing piece (I'm not sure what criteria you use now, but basically, less may be more in this case). 
Charcoal and Navy Blue.  Classic, easy to pair shirts and ties with, and won't go out of style.  
Betimes I'm on dat social media L'incd In and it has a feel of the Facebook, no two ways about it. That's not a good thing, hence the post in the thread of hibbeldy jibbeldys
Just like pink are the best breed of pants, no two ways about it. 
Dat feel when the Luxeswap checks keep coming. Thanks for all you do!   [[SPOILER]]
I don't think this issue was specifically addressed in this book.  Perhaps there needs to be a 2016 version?  
She complained because he must have left one or two things off the women's happiness list. Totally his fault. 
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