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[[SPOILER]] Early Styleforum meetup?
Ima just leave this here [[SPOILER]]
If anyone is a fan of Robert Talbott stuff, they have a lot of things on sale on their site. https://shop.roberttalbott.com/sales/men.html
 Must be all the nutriment from them boiled peanuts, keeping you in a state of fit. 
Not if you've got some KISS cassettes loaded in dat Maybach. 
I blame the music for adding to dat melon collie feeling.  Its like those SPCA commercials, with the sad looking animals along with sad music. Generally speaking, there's no sad music affecting your mente when you happen upon sad events in your day to day envirlement.    That's the end of my amateur psychological theory. 
All of the auction previews got me like [[SPOILER]]
 Just the thought has got me all like [[SPOILER]]
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