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Forget TPS reports, you're just gonna need the TP
Picnic in the park while you read aloud passages from the DSM-5 to each other?
That would be BuffaloBillinFool, right?
Fat is how you feel Is it from too many meals? Or all in your head?
  I think Pio has been watching some Glengarry Glen Ross for some motivation with his insurance sales ventures. 
Sometimes I browse SF without logging on, and when doing so, there's usually some ads at the far bottom of the forum. It's funny to see what the algorithm picks up on.   Today for example, Amazon thought I might care for dat test prep books (I have no inclination of becoming a dentist).
In my mind, the better solution would be a bathroom door that swings outward as you exit (so you can open it with your foot since a disturbing amount of folks don't bother to wash their hands). So, regardless of what happens (or doesn't happen) at the sink, won't contaminate dat door handle. 
There's nothing out of the ordindairy about this
Do you hate the location because it's a really long commute, or you would have to move several states away sort of thing?
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