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PM sent.
PM sent.
HickeyFreeman.com has some decent stuff on sale at the moment, especially if you can think ahead for fall/winter stuff.
By no means am I an expert on either, as I only have one or two shirts from each company.  It's kind of comparing apples to oranges.  Proper Cloth definitely will copy the measurements of a shirt you send (or you can measure it yourself, and enter those).    I think PC will give you the best of both worlds, because you have a lot more control over various options you might like, versus any ready to wear shirts from Eton.
Check out Hugh and Crye. Most shirts should fit within your budget.  I also would recommend Ledbury, although they are going to be slightly above your budget.
Long time lurker, short time poster here.    I'm sure he would appreciate either from you, due to the occasion. With that being said, one of the issues with those ties is that they lack the versatility to be worn with very many shirts and/or suits. Whether your husband wears ties every day, or just once a year, these are just too loud. Think of it like this: They are very "memorable", in the sense that he can't wear it very often, without it being obvious.  An...
I just use regular Tide, always on cold/gentle. I don't think a specific detergent will matter, but using less is better than too much. Before washing, I'll treat the collar with a spray on stain remover. Everything gets hang dried, and ironed when nearly dry.
For those in the Richmond, VA area:  Beecroft and Bull is having a winter clearance sale for a few more days (started on 2/14).   I was able to score some Isaia shirts ($135 from $450), and a Samuelsohn suit for 80% off.   There were a decent amount of ties, dress and sport shirts, pants, etc as of yesterday afternoon.
I wear their 15.5 slim, and I would describe my build as more athletic than slim (40R chest, 31/32 inch waist, 5'10'' and 160lbs).  Most OTR shirts I buy I tend to get tailored to some degree, but these shirts are close enough to my ideal fit that I don't have to do anything to them. Hope that helps.
I own several of their shirts, and although there has been some shrinkage, I would say it's minimal (I've only washed gentle/cold, and hang dried, FYI). As far as wrinkling, all the shirts I have stay pretty crisp, and just need a quick pass with the iron to get smooth again. I don't believe they use any kind of non-iron treatments, which is a plus.
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