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Thanks Gerry and Pete.   I will try and buy mine new.    I appreciate the benefits of buying 2nd hand barbours in terms of price and the jacket already being slightly worn but I hope to have mine for a while and therefore ought to be able to wear it in myself.
Gents,   Long time, no post. I think it's been 4 years.   Anyway no time for small talk, straight to business.   Do any of you wear a barbour beaufort? I've been looking for one to wear casually and over a suit.   If so - what have you done with sizing and where would you recommend ordering from?   Thanks!
I know that this comes from a while back but +1 for RHD in Adelaide, but this thread has been moving so fast, particularly recently (I am a serious lurker). Andy and Akira are not just two of the nicest people to work in a shop, but just perhaps some of the most genuine people I have met ever. Quite often if I am in that area of town I will just drop in to say hi and have a chat. As well as having excellent product and a diverse range - hands down my favourite shop...
  For coffee if you are driving/moving around Adelaide a bit and have some time, try: Paddy's Lantern on Gilbert Street. Bar 9 in Parkside http://bar9.com.au/wp/?page_id=98   As far as food goes I can put in a second for Press and also Melt.   Also, was there an Adelaide SF'er in Sparrow Kitchen and Bar over the weekend (on Saturday I think)?
Just got my Loake Aldwych’s from Herring Shoes this week. Very happy to join the Goodyear club and am genuinely content with the service provided. Anyone lurking who is thinking of buying from Herring remember you get VAT off the price (or I’ve committed unintentional tax fraud). But thanks for the help about lasts etc guys, it was useful.
    I’d stay away from Ivy League if you are looking for a true ‘Ivy’ look. You’re correct fxh, whilst they have some good pieces ( basic crew neck sweaters from 3 over 1) that is about all I have ever been inspired to buy from there. They cater more to private school boys who want to say that they look preppy but are just following the trends as they come out.   Their Suit Co. offerings are dreadful and the opposite of the SF motto of 'buy less, buy better.’ as they fall...
You are right when it comes to Ivy League. Some of the casual wear is good - they have some good basic crewneck sweatshirts (from the brand 3 over 1). However the majority of pickings either cater to the football playing stringlet wearing crowd or are way to fashion forward to be worn in Adelaide. Generally the service there is poor and not helpful unless you speak to Luke (one of the owners).They have a store called Suit Co. as well. which sells approx $300 that fall...
Does anyone here have any experience with MJ Bale suiting? For my next suit purchase I’m looking for a navy notch lapel, as I have a charcoal peak already.
    How is the Capital Last?   I finally got around to trying on some Loakes at DJ’s today. I tried on the Loake Elland. It retails on Pediwear for 139 pounds ($214) AUD. It was priced at $420 at DJ’s and was then marked down 30%(approx $300). Still highway robbery. Especially considering I can get Loake Aldwych’s (which are 1880’s) for the same price.    When I asked the assitant what last the Elland was on she repeated the price. But other than that seemed pretty happy...
  I have a pair of the Naked and Famous Slim Guy fit that I got tapered a little bit, (as I really am a slim guy) that I have had since august last year - they are wearing well and the rise is high enough. When I went to pick them up from Andy at RHD they seemed to have a variety of great colours mine are a little bit lighter than normal indigo.    
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