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Already got my tickets for Chicago, cant wait!  Saw kendrick at Lollapalooza and he was excellent.  
Mike, Any timeframe on when this would be doable, because I'd be down in a second.
  oh boy...i've got a big order coming to me soon....and i still don't know if I can stop myself if there are some sick combos on the way.   to answer your question though, it should be soon so we've heard
Oh man thats awesome! I went back to my email just to make sure i hadnt skipped it...nothing yet:-(
those look incredible.  GREAT find
I wear an 11d in plaza and a 10.5d trubalance fits perfect. rest assured!
thirded, rudy fits are the best fitting dress pants I have i just do the typical guy thing of stockpiling when I find something I like.  Que 7 pairs of trousers on order haha.
this x 1000.  Depends what you're time horizons are.  Vanguard has targeted funds for your expected retirement date(2045, 2050, 2055, 2060) that charge a very small fee.  Thats what I use for my Roth IRA and have several different low cost ETF's for my 401k/roth 401k
And there goes the rest of the clothes budget Til the next snowfall fml fml fml
I got the Rudys in 35 myself, very excited to see how they will work out!
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