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Hello All,  I'm in need of a little help. I'm just wondering at what point do I get my Santa Fe boots re-soled?  They are pretty worn, but there are no holes in the soul yet... Should I wait for the sole to go completely? Or get them done now?    Thanks, 
Hi all,  Just wondering what the price reduction is on RMW in Duty Free at Sydney International Airport??  Thanks.  Billy. 
Yes, they use the Chisel toe for quite a few of their boots, (Stockman, Stock Agent, Lachlan, Henley, ect, ect) Where as the Medium-Narrow toe shape is used on boots like: The Yearling, Tamworth, Macquarie.  Hope this helps you out mate :)
Hi all,  Just ordered online - a pair of black R.M. Williams - Santa Fe boots,  Would appreciate some pics and some advice on what to expect when the product arrives. (Comfort, how the boot looks on, ect, ect)    Any reply would be greatly appreciated :)    Thanks,  Billy Cooksley. 
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