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I'm saying what I would do, and why. If SS got the "go ahead" from his sister, fine. Someone decided to make it a black tie affair, I would have done black tie. That's me. SS is, of course, free to dress himself.
Guests at a wedding should play the part of guests, which is to say uphold the standard set by the invitation and the event.    Sockless black tie, even at your sister's wedding, is a no go at this station.   That is all.
Sedate, well-played. 
I knew I could count on you sugar
Stitches, I'm on your side here. Review the nonsense about lapels with Victor Elfo as an example of what I'm wishing we could avoid here. 
The honest and constructive critiques are excellent, and I applaud them. I am suggesting restraint when the commentary runs on and on about what, in the end, reduces to a matter of personal preference. 
This is garden variety Jos. Bank in grey windowpane.
Those of us who mostly lurk here, if I may be so bold to speak for all of us, and who draw inspiration for our own modest efforts to walk about in the real world looking better than we otherwise would, would prefer the thread to look like this:   Awesome Picture Awesome Picture with combination I'd never have conceived Congratulations on Awesome Pictures Pretty good picture Brief critique with constructive criticism Awesome Picture Repeat   And not...
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