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Anyone? lol     If not, oh well...and if so, thanks in advance.
I was wondering if anyone might be able to suggest something similar to this shoe/boot...   Caminando for SHIPS Japan U-Tip Low         I'm basically looking for a moc toe shoe with the chunky thick boot style sole like this. Any suggestions at all would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks!
Everyone has their own tastes, and a right to an opinion, and I would never infringe on that right, but...   You do realize that wedge sole boots have been around and popular, at different times, since WW2? Hell, maybe even before that for all I know. Though, I suppose the last real surge of popularity was in the 70s, but the style remains largely the same since the beginning. Take these Domino fashion hikers for instance. Not a bad looking boot at all, imo.    
A few more things I have learned since my last post...   After ordering the Smysers, I ended up at the SouthPark Mall in Charlotte, NC returning a few things to the Louis Vuitton store and spotted the Aldo store on the mall directory. I stopped in and asked the cute little brunette behind the counter about the Blake and Smyser. They did not have them in stock, but she had just bought a pair of the Blakes for her brother and that she thought they were definitely two...
I see, I didn't understand that you meant you just hated that design. I thought you meant as compared to other rubber soled boots. It's definitely a stray from the traditional, which is exactly why I prefer it, that and I just like that wedge sole and the taper you seem to disapprove of. lol   No worries on Aldo hate; I'd normally be hating on them too.   Anyways, folks, I went ahead and ordered the Aldo Smyser, so I'll try to post up some pics when they come in.
  Thanks for the info. I suppose I'll go ahead and pull the trigger on the rubber sole version from Amazon. What the "hey" - $200 Amazon gift card and sub $200 price point; I might as well. I can always return them, too, if I feel so inclined.   Really? How so, and as compared to what, exactly? IMO, they look pretty much exactly the same as the Vibram sole Grenson Freds.    
Anyone have any more info on the Mr B's Blake model and the Aldo Smyser model above? Are they really the same upper? I've emailed customer service for some more info, but I have a feeling it will be a few days before they get back with me.   I had expected to get a pair of tan Grenson Fred Vs for Christmas today, but I ended up with a pair of Sperry x Penfield Shipyard Riggers, Heritage Research Ivy Oxford shirt, and a pair of Epaulet Rivet Chino Bedford Cords...
Not an option, unless I feel like chancing an early death.   I know there are a few brands out there that make larger sizes. Iron Heart makes a 44 in there standard selvedge. Rising Sun also makes a few things in 42 and 44.   I was just hoping that I could get some other ideas, but I realize its a tough one.
Does anyone know of ANY selvedge denim in a size 44 inch waist?   I have recently had some medical problems and one of the medications I have to take has made me gain quite a bit of weight. I've gone from a 36/38 to a 44, and am finding it nearly impossible to find selvedge jeans to fit me. Just because I"m much larger than I was 6 months ago, doesn't mean I want to start wearing sweat pants around everywhere. lol   Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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