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Talk with Yenni at Brick and Mortar.  She just did a Color 8 Indy on Plaza and is planning on doing a Black Indy on Plaza with silver or black eyelets/hooks soon.  
I really regret not ordering those from Yenni when I had the chance!
  So, I traded emails with Yenni yesterday and she is considering doing a Black Cordovan Indy on the Plaza last with either black or silver hooks/eyelets and commando soles.  If interested, please let her know.
Just a quick PSA -- for those in the DVM area, AH One shoes/repair is hosting an Alden trunk shoe at their store in Springfield, VA this Saturday.  Their address is 6426 Brandon Ave, Springfield, VA 22150.  I am not affiliated with the store, but did drop off a couple pairs of Aldens for repair based on reviews on this forum.  Will let you know of the results next week.
Agreed!  Would be nice if one could order the Cramerton's in extended sizes too!
 If you come down Wisconsin towards Georgetown, go to Baytok.  No language barrier, pure European professionalism.  His rates are higher, but his quality is perfect.  
Hi Mike,   Is there any way to order the Cramerton Rivets in a plus-36 (actually, closer to 40) size?   Thanks!
I wear my Barrie size on the Modified, so a 1/2 size down for me.
I recently purchased Bick 4 based on the recommendation of Leeves from Skoak.  So far, I'm impressed with it.  It is lighter than VSC, but seems to do as good a job in conditioning and protecting.
I wear my Alpine grain commando soled long-wings on rainy days (the ones in my pic).  They keep my feet dry, but do discolor when wet (regardless of the protectant I put on them).  That said, they dry out fine.  Alternatively, I will wear suede long-wing boots or CXL long-wing boots, both on commando soles, and they do just fine in the rain.  
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