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I think those are gorgeous.  I sent Kathy at Alden DC the link to those hoping that she would make those up.  BTW, she has the Michigan boot in green suede that look great.
I have the JGilbert wingtips and love them.  I get lots of compliments on them.
  Yeah, I'd be interested in a US size 13 on those beauties!
That would be my thought.  Plus, Carmina doesn't seem to have any problems sourcing cordovan in various shades of brown.  
I'd probably be interested in #3 or #4 with preference for #3. Alternatively, what about asking a retailer to make the original Thor boot through Carmina?
 Yeah, I love these boots, but unfortunately, they don't carry it in my 12.5D size.  However, I would encourage you to look again at The Bureau's website as they do have a 10.5 listed as in stock. Good luck!
I'd be interested in a brown cxl version of the Thor boot and maybe even in a darker suede.
Beautiful.  Would be great if you'd start ordering in 12.5D's or follow Leffot's lead and let us know when you are putting an order in so we can get in on the make-up.
I sent Will an email yesterday and just heard back from him.  He said that it was too late for the current order, but put me down for a 12.5D for the next run of these -- whenever that is.  
Mine arrived late last week, and I'm thinking the same thing -- the last is sleeker looking, and I think more comfortable, than the Barrie.
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