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I wear my Barrie size on the Modified, so a 1/2 size down for me.
I recently purchased Bick 4 based on the recommendation of Leeves from Skoak.  So far, I'm impressed with it.  It is lighter than VSC, but seems to do as good a job in conditioning and protecting.
I wear my Alpine grain commando soled long-wings on rainy days (the ones in my pic).  They keep my feet dry, but do discolor when wet (regardless of the protectant I put on them).  That said, they dry out fine.  Alternatively, I will wear suede long-wing boots or CXL long-wing boots, both on commando soles, and they do just fine in the rain.  
I purchased those last year from Yenni, and love them.  They look great, go with just about everything, and are super comfortable.  Plus, I always get asked where I purchased them from.
Me too.  I opted out.  
Agreed!  I love the black alpine/whiskey saddles and the Frans Boone chamois saddle.  Adam/Yenni -- count me in!
I would -- especially since I'm going to end up scratching and scraping them despite how much I try to avoid it.  
The best thing to do, if possible, is ask for the full body scanner (if you are okay with that).  I find the TSA is good about allowing it, especially if you tell them you have steel shanks.
Beautiful!   @Leaves -- any thoughts on another order of these in the near future as I'd like to have you include my size next time? Thanks.
Can someone tell me how the Robert last compares to one of Alden's?  I typically wear Barrie and Plaza lasted shoes.  Thanks.
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