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Beautiful!   @Leaves -- any thoughts on another order of these in the near future as I'd like to have you include my size next time? Thanks.
Can someone tell me how the Robert last compares to one of Alden's?  I typically wear Barrie and Plaza lasted shoes.  Thanks.
You might want to check in with Adam at Alden of Carmel as he routinely does something similar in color 8.  
Those are great.  Kathy told me they actually came from a shipment intended for Blackbird.
I travel every other week and always wear my Aldens.  I figure if I am going to spend the money for them, I may as well enjoy them -- even if I have to leave for the airport a couple minutes earlier than I otherwise would have.  
I had a few minutes to kill before my hair cut appointment today and decided to see what Sky Valet had to offer.  Basically, a limited selection, but what caught my attention was their Cigar Chukkas.  For those large footed of us -- they have sizes 12D and 13D and E.  
Mike,   Any chance that you'll do an Alden Saddle shoe soon?  I saw this make-up and would love to have it or something similar.   Tnx  
They usually order Barrie.  If you are interested, Moulded Shoe typically does a similar boot on the modified last.
I think those are gorgeous.  I sent Kathy at Alden DC the link to those hoping that she would make those up.  BTW, she has the Michigan boot in green suede that look great.
I have the JGilbert wingtips and love them.  I get lots of compliments on them.
New Posts  All Forums: