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price drop to $125
Price drop to $150
For sale I have a pair of 9D brown vibram soled trail oxfords from Oak Street Bootmakers. They've been moderately used, probably worn about 12 times. When not in use shoe trees have been used in them, and they've been treated with venetian shoe cream once, although not recently.   No major wear or tear issues, in excellent condition.    Great shoes, they just don't really fit into my look any more. 
So I picked up this 100% cashmere scarf a couple days ago. I can't find any price points for their scarves on line, so I was wondering maybe any of you had any idea. I got it for $250 (less $100 for a groupon to the botique I bought it from). Also what do you guys think of this as a scarf to go along with my suit and charcoal grey overcoat?       
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