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16 months for me. DELOS 6 months.wait, wut?
^doesn't appear to be cut the same as your other suit???
Interesting. G&G, and Berluti have upped their games...
such a nice guy. so talented, so humble.thanks for this. casalongua is really nice as well.he is. and fwiw the berluit discount for shoes with on an existing last are a little better than jlp. just a little.
^yes, i am sure (it was the 1st question i asked when the sale was announced).
mafoofan is going to be jealous
by the way is geneva making shirts for paul stuart custom now?
Aubercy shoes are quite nice (notwithstanding the dumb description they are using for their hand-welted shoes).
It is easier to work with someone when you have a certain level of rapport and trust. In my case i've decided to move on from a certain tailor as i felt that lacking. I am hopeful that things will be better with the new tailor...
parasitic gentleman.
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