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^waistband appears to be attached to me. take a look near the pockets as well as the pleats. but yes w/out the waistband perhaps it would not look like a fashion school project.
i liked arnys, but wtf is this?
^fair enough. perhaps not for everyone, but imho holding their own and definitely worth a look irl. i do, however, agree with your view that widespread appeal may be unrealistic (i recall barneys new york having some sweet lanvin suits with the cran Parisian on deep discount a number of years ago...).
^so basically your opinion is based on photos on the internet?
^they closed the shop in Rome. Rubinacci purchased some of the vintage fabric IIRC
Well we tried to get this thread back on track. Kuro signing off.
IMHO Jacomet is getting better results from Cifo than that Kraft guy who they've made the face of Cifonelli..
No selfies or toilet shots but here is photo of the jacket from the cifo suit that I am wearing today...
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