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yes/no? thank you.
pfft... I submit that WESTON is a notch above lobb and eg. they are a vertically integrated company that owns tanneries for both their uppers (du puy) and their soles. they are priced lower than lobb, and eg iirc. (imho the leather that lobb is currently using for its rtw looks plasticy.) http://www.meselegances.com/2012/10/30/weston-rachete-les-tannerie-du-puy/ http://therakeonline.com/atelier-luxury-designer-brands-artisans/jm-weston-tanneries-and-eton/ I recently...
GDL - Will there be a Rota trunk show in the coming months? TIA.
but by DELOS
Holland Sherry City of London Bunch (420 - 450 gms!)
Aubercy left bank branch:
Un costume deux pièces.
C&J Paris rtw version of a D.Gomez shoe:
and someone at berlu is a comic fan
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