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^well, lorenzo says he checks everything at various stages but he is only 1 man and there are only so many hours in the day... do you work in PR btw?
wow, such a reasonable price.help me understand how Cifonelli expanding rtw helps a bespoke customer? btw i can understand their wanting to do so and perhaps develop a "luxury fashion brand" but it isn't what i want from a tailor.
http://www.fashionunited.co.uk/fashion-news/design/cifonelli-to-launch-ready-to-wear-line-2014061321435 I suppose they see an opportunity (€€€€), but what about the risk that things slip on the bespoke?
How about we keep the thread on topic and not be immature?
Above pics were taken before the below, no?
Only thing worse than a short jacket is a short jacket with low rise pants.
No, not at all. However, we know that CdL make the bespoke suits for Hermès so perhaps they use a different notch. My photo sucks, but the finishing (e.g., the Milanese buttonhole) was excellent...
sample of the Hermès bespoke cut (made by CdL?)...
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