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Why not just ask them to do this: http://www.journaldunet.com/patrimoine/art-de-vivre/dans-l-atelier-parisien-du-bottier-john-lobb/john-lobb-50-heures-de-fabrication.shtml
^what about Charvet (in terms of stiffness)?
The Arnys man is still on the label.
they rebranded the forestiere label, replacing Arnys at the top of the label with Berluti (as if Berluti created the forestiere...).
^pics in the bespoke thread...http://www.styleforum.net/t/187914/the-ultimate-hardcore-shoe-porn-thread-bespoke-only#post_3374956 Only other way I've seen this is to have the piece above the balmoral seam 1 piece/seamless with a rear seam from the balmoral seam down. Lobb Paris does this sometime.
Member luk-cha has a pair of balmorals from G&G where the seam is on the inside, near the heel. However, it is are reverse seam and only goes up to the balmoral seam...
Are you using the term balmoral as a synonym for oxford or are you referring specifically to a balmoral oxford?
interesting. i was thinking it was just that they were cutting/tailoring smaller/closer. i like the lightness and softness of my garments, but after the first suit asked for the cut to be larger and looser ....
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