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^This is what I was referring to...
Aubercy handwelted
Lorenzo is a nice guy, but can be a little testy so if you do use them suggest you control yourself...
Are you going to have them put the seam in the correct place this time?
they are mainly rtw and mto, but yes bespoke as well (when i was last there shiota showed me his workshop). the newly renovated blvd de la madeleine weston store is a nice stop as well.
^suggest visiting aubercy as well (you'll be within walking distance)
interesting. I quite like their approach and demeanor. perhaps CAMPS DE LUCA is the top tailor in paris...
16 months for me. DELOS 6 months.wait, wut?
^doesn't appear to be cut the same as your other suit???
Interesting. G&G, and Berluti have upped their games...
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