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are youback?
foo roops. he is missed.
are a portion of the profits donated to RJdM?
^looks good.
By the way, if you didn't already know you can arrange for a tour of the workshop on rue Mogador. ...
good post. I always liked the Chirac frames.
^You have issues. Very scary that this is what you are thinking...Exactly, and very often a thread where THE FOO decides post. Time for me to move to another thread...
Perfect! Then you'll not ruin another thread with your presence. Good luck with the shirt.
^Just like this. Looking forward to the 20 page threak on how one of these makers did you wrong. (By the way I was just specifying which of the 2 collars that I thought nice.)
apologies for that. at this point we should know you can't help yourself.... please do continue to educate everyone on how whatever maker you discover works.
New Posts  All Forums: