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^I like Catherine; very pleasant demeanor...
^nice. what did they write under the tounge?
^CdL to classic cut Cifo, both nice. CdL to modern cut Cifo, CdL hands down. By cut I'm referring to fit/proportions.
Nothing sketchy like the Ambrosi/Solito stories. Basically, their execution on my orders started to slip requiring more time and effort from me. Also, stylistic differences along with some other bullshit. I just decided to quit while I was ahead.
^I like Lorenzo, but things became challenging so it was time to step...
^do not hesitate my friend. marc and julien are really great. treat yourself to something special.
SMALTO Couture:
CDL: CIFO: http://www.buro247.az/images/photo_3-4MassimoLorenzoPrimerka.jpg defer to dirnelli on smalto
^on cifo the chest generally is small, fitting very close. cdl chest is fuller. (i have an amateur's theory that cdl does more internal work on the canvas in their jackets.) cifo jackets are also cut a bit short. the shoulder line is different as well. then, of course, there is the cdl cran Parisian and creased vents that cifo generally doesn't do (although it appears that cifo has a new jacket with a cran Parisian). i honestly don't see the cuts being that similar. ...
New Posts  All Forums: