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Not midtown, but Hermès made me a really nice shirt a number of years ago. They did a muslin try-on as well. Price, however, is probably these days... Also, I heard a rumor that Geneva is making for Paul Stuart Custom w/ a 1 shirt minimum.
^interesting. Berlu has a high vamp loafer as well as a side zip boot in the same style.
Berluti bespoke
sweet foyer
Arnys pour M. YSL http://www.styleforum.net/g/a/491603/arnys-paris-france-bespoke-corduroy-jacket-for-yves-saint-laurent-approx-size-42/
If so then sewing machines should be employed..
^The lining on one of my jackets is coming apart at the seams, AGAIN. Also, buttons keep falling off my pantaloons....
^Can you guys start a separate thread on this please? Thank you.
There is also Vélib station on Rue Danielle Casanova. Current Stark & Sons layout: http://depiedencap.leforum.eu/t10854-Alain-Stark-article-dans-Le-Monde-Magazine.htm?start=75 Seems to have good natural light, but the ceilings are lower.
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