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Incoming CS CEO:
^D, Do you happen to know when they will be moving?
Fyi, Drapers now has an online store: drapersitaly.com
berlu should call their version the Forestière II (and what happened to RJ's friend Korn?).
€4900 for a 2 piece suit in super 100s when I inquired in the summer IIRC. Tailoring floor is nice, although could use some natural light. They use Drapers, Holland & Sherry, and Scabal. The garments that I saw were nice, but in terms of finishing the sewing on the button holes and lining was not as fine as Camps or Cifo. Many do say that the tailor is quite flexible (e.g. I heard that he loves it if you ask for a cran Parisian just like Camps de Luca).
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