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PCK1, suggest giving him a call beforehand to check his availability, etc. He speaks English,if you don't speak French...
Not sure. I took a look at the ligne bottier line, but he didn't seem to want to make anything other than a plain toe v-front derby for me. Perhaps it was because his profit there is small...
pour Reginald
he seems like a great shoemaker, but I don't think gomez liked me.
I've never been, but Martinez was the bespoke shoemaker at Aubercy and now has a shop: http://engrandepompe.forumpersos.com/t3885-reportage-cordonnerie-les-2-lutins-didier-martinez-guillaume-belmonte
Wow, what a crazy end to the Liverpool match.
photo of Charles de Luca here wearing a peak lapel suit: http://www.pointdevue.fr/elu/173/CHARLES-DE-LUCA+1 and that fabric (W.Bill IIRC) is very versatile.
Awesome! I really like the houndstooth.
photo from a wine store around the corner from CdL...
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