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^You have issues. Very scary that this is what you are thinking...Exactly, and very often a thread where THE FOO decides post. Time for me to move to another thread...
Perfect! Then you'll not ruin another thread with your presence. Good luck with the shirt.
^Just like this. Looking forward to the 20 page threak on how one of these makers did you wrong. (By the way I was just specifying which of the 2 collars that I thought nice.)
apologies for that. at this point we should know you can't help yourself.... please do continue to educate everyone on how whatever maker you discover works.
Yes dude. I know. Catherine made me a shirt a few years ago so spare me your Charvet expertise. Dirnelli made the "house" reference. Stop being a dick.
the house collar is very nice.
^I like Catherine; very pleasant demeanor...
^nice. what did they write under the tounge?
^CdL to classic cut Cifo, both nice. CdL to modern cut Cifo, CdL hands down. By cut I'm referring to fit/proportions.
Nothing sketchy like the Ambrosi/Solito stories. Basically, their execution on my orders started to slip requiring more time and effort from me. Also, stylistic differences along with some other bullshit. I just decided to quit while I was ahead.
New Posts  All Forums: