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No selfies or toilet shots but here is photo of the jacket from the cifo suit that I am wearing today...
^but did you once say ITT that for the cran Parisian you would not suggest Cifonelli (or was that someone else)? I heard the tailor at Charvet loves it if you ask for the cran Parisian like CdL...
^buckles. lots of them.
are youback?
foo roops. he is missed.
are a portion of the profits donated to RJdM?
^looks good.
By the way, if you didn't already know you can arrange for a tour of the workshop on rue Mogador. ...
good post. I always liked the Chirac frames.
^You have issues. Very scary that this is what you are thinking...Exactly, and very often a thread where THE FOO decides post. Time for me to move to another thread...
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