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Berluti bespoke
sweet foyer
Arnys pour M. YSL http://www.styleforum.net/g/a/491603/arnys-paris-france-bespoke-corduroy-jacket-for-yves-saint-laurent-approx-size-42/
If so then sewing machines should be employed..
^The lining on one of my jackets is coming apart at the seams, AGAIN. Also, buttons keep falling off my pantaloons....
^Can you guys start a separate thread on this please? Thank you.
There is also Vélib station on Rue Danielle Casanova. Current Stark & Sons layout: http://depiedencap.leforum.eu/t10854-Alain-Stark-article-dans-Le-Monde-Magazine.htm?start=75 Seems to have good natural light, but the ceilings are lower.
A Suzuki fitting:http://amator-blogosphere.tumblr.com/search/kenjiro+suzuki
and Massaro.
^about 1/2 the price of bespoke IIRC. Take a look at the photos that Dirnelli posted of Romain, and the cifo rtw crew. If you like the current look of their bespoke tailoring (cf photo of Guy) rtw seems to be the sensible choice of the two.
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