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i very much like jm WESTON, but I find it hard to believe it takes 1 year to make that shoe.
fyi, the cifo rtw line is at barneys if anyone is interested ...
^u forgot the menswear bloggers that are promoting him and say that his dodgy behavior was just in the past...
^i've oftern heard that historically tailors didn't ask for deposit. don't know if that's true, and in a today's global economy probably silly not to do so.
^since details matter will you clarify that i said he sounds like a POS. also I deleted the posts.
i've never had to give more than a deposit for mtm/bespoke. cifo in particular never asked me for a deposit.
i made 1 comment, and given his reputation don't think it was that controversial. other members here are ready to take a bullet for the guy. it seems that the refrigerator analogy is spot-on. if it makes everyone feel better i'll be happy to delete the posts.
^a friend of mine did. is that good enough for you? or are you of the view that only certain forum members are allowed to post on ambrosi?
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