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going bespoke doesn't necessarily eliminate this. e.g., i doubt that i will let anyone other than Delos/Berlu repair my DELOS shoes and i'm sure it wil set me back at least a few hundre euros. i suspect g&g and cleverley customers feel the same.
If were able to conveniently and economically do so all my shoes would be hand welted... However, as that is not the case is it fair to say that if a pair of GY welted shoes are returned to the manufacturer for a recraft/resole they would likely replace the gemming?
Why do you think my post was specifically directed to you?
are they, true bespoke?
in NYC there is the Charvet corner at Bergdorf Goodman as well as Corthay at Saks (nice selection) and Leffot. Other than that there are the fashion brands (Berluti, Hermes, Lanvin...).
^does Hallak offer sponge and press, or other type of hand/spot cleaning?
^also, may I have some current thoughts on Hallak as well as if anyone has used the sponge and press service at Jeeves (http://jeevesny.com/services/gentlemans-garments/sponge-press)? TIA.
Shiota Yasuhiro @ Aubercy http://www.aubercy.com/grande-mesure/film-grande-mesure/ @ 00:10: I've never seen anyone trace the foot from the side
side traceing that he does at 00:10 is new to me: http://www.aubercy.com/grande-mesure/
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