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I don't own any G&G product so other than handling samples as well as my e-knowledge that they now do leather fitting shoes, and use Brunelle for shoe trees will need your help to understand what is improved with the G&G bespoke line as a result of the rtw. (I do, however, recall at one point their stating that the goal for the bespoke line was to only make a limited # of shoes per year, so...)Anyway, what do you think can be improved in Cifo's tailoring operation? You...
looking forward to being able to order Boivin ties through one of the e-Haberdashers. The mid-blue with dark blue pattern in the first pic is just what i need...
Charvet is the only bespoke house that comes to mind that does it well (but the Colbans aren't involved in cutting, fitting, etc.).
That's certainly the common explanation for bespoke houses expanding to rtw (as well rtw brands doing licensing deals) so lets dig deeper. By resources do you mean nicer workrooms and more tailors? I suppose nicer workrooms could be of benefit indirectly. However, how many skilled tailors are there in the Paris area (and again there are only 2 Cifonellis to do the cutting, fitting, and supervision...).
Romain is really nice guy. Anyway best of luck to Cifonelli in this endeavor. It will be interesting to see how it develops.
^well, lorenzo says he checks everything at various stages but he is only 1 man and there are only so many hours in the day... do you work in PR btw?
wow, such a reasonable price.help me understand how Cifonelli expanding rtw helps a bespoke customer? btw i can understand their wanting to do so and perhaps develop a "luxury fashion brand" but it isn't what i want from a tailor.
http://www.fashionunited.co.uk/fashion-news/design/cifonelli-to-launch-ready-to-wear-line-2014061321435 I suppose they see an opportunity (€€€€), but what about the risk that things slip on the bespoke?
How about we keep the thread on topic and not be immature?
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