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Aubercy grande mesure web page with video w/epic background music: http://www.aubercy.com/grande-mesure/ samples: http://www.aubercy.com/grande-mesure/modeles-grande-mesure/
did you tell them that you are from the styleforum FRENCH TAILORING THREAD?
but lasbar you can look like linoI like the white jacket as well (although not the fit/proportions on the model). the shoulder looks very close to the grande mesure ...
shoulders look good, actually better than the last jacket that they made for me. fit and proportions in line with the current fashion trend of short jackets, low-rise pants, and slim cut (not my cup of tea). i guess a bit better than some of the high fashion houses...
shoes are made to be worn, especially bespoke shoes. vintage JLP catalogue on page 6 of this thread: http://engrandepompe.forumpersos.com/t19p250-john-lobb-paris-pap#76520
Speaking of Delos, he once introduced me to a hatmaker that has a nice little shop near his old showroom: http://www.pauline-brosset.com/ http://www.advel.fr/article-pauline-brosset-114897967.html Perhaps one day I'll have an opportunity to place an order
...(wrong thread)
thanks again
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