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Interesting. I was recently speaking with a shoemaker in Paris who said that it was difficult to place small orders with du Puy ...
new bespoke samples - https://parisiangentleman.fr/2015/10/26/quoi-de-neuf-chez-les-bottiers/
Nice shoes. For future reference Wolfgang's is the go to in my office and it is close to the Benjamin.
Boissy d'Anglas
Berluti rue Marbeuf... looks familiar ... DELOS Constance model now available in RTW (and in the Lasbar color).
revamped suzuki website: http://kssm-paris.com/jp/collection/index.html
YS has a workshop in the basement at the rue Viviene shop...
i very much like jm WESTON, but I find it hard to believe it takes 1 year to make that shoe.
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