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in NYC there is the Charvet corner at Bergdorf Goodman as well as Corthay at Saks (nice selection) and Leffot. Other than that there are the fashion brands (Berluti, Hermes, Lanvin...).
^does Hallak offer sponge and press, or other type of hand/spot cleaning?
^also, may I have some current thoughts on Hallak as well as if anyone has used the sponge and press service at Jeeves (http://jeevesny.com/services/gentlemans-garments/sponge-press)? TIA.
Shiota Yasuhiro @ Aubercy http://www.aubercy.com/grande-mesure/film-grande-mesure/ @ 00:10: I've never seen anyone trace the foot from the side
side traceing that he does at 00:10 is new to me: http://www.aubercy.com/grande-mesure/
^I though Chris Corthay and Chris Algans have been in charge of the bespoke operations, no?
^I've used MTO and bespoke makers that charge just before shipment and others that invoice after delivery with no deposit (e.g., old-line tailors do this), but suppose with the internet deposit is a fair compromise.
Perhaps Affiliate Vendors shouldn't ask for full payment upfront for bespoke and MTO. They want access to members, but don't trust the members to pay the balance?
No, not unless he has some great reputation. Is he very talented?
Aubercy grande mesure web page with video w/epic background music: http://www.aubercy.com/grande-mesure/ samples: http://www.aubercy.com/grande-mesure/modeles-grande-mesure/
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