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doubly posted
Fit question: I was measured as a 9.5D on the Brannock and these are a 9D.  They feel really good right now, fit-wise.  I can feel the slightest bit of pressure at the widest part of my foot, but nothing uncomfortable.  My question is, with this leather, will stretching occur to the extent that the the uppers will eventually be close to touching each other at the laces?  This, I would perceive as undesirable.   I'm a little afraid right now that they fit and I'm...
Sorry, sold.
Pretty much brand new boots.  I walked around in them inside and then outside for a day before I realized I needed to size down to a 9.  The only wear, if you want to call it that, are the grooved lace imprints running up the tongue.   Included is the box, both leather and nylon laces and, if you're interested, red nylon parachute cord laces.   Will ship free to CONUS.
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