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It may be a good idea for you to re-read the comment you are trying to counter because you are repeating what I am saying. 
  Ok, so what they seem to be lacking is a series of barcode scanners. Sample shirt in, scan. Shirt would get scanned at different stages of production and you would get status updates. These are all from the previous century.      I do not think I talked on racism. Am not sad about the response either. I just see no point in continuing the argument. 
I respect your collective wisdom and choose to not argue further.   Sad that we are not discussing these beautiful additions. I have my sight set on the red stripes. 
    I did a study for Gap long time ago about manufacturing in Asia. The technical capabilities in places like Bangladesh, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, India and other such countries would easily put the "sophisticated" world  to shame.    I am interested in knowing about the technology Mr. moose is talking about. He possesses some intense knowledge about sophistication, technology and pattern making. 
  Wow! that is a horribly stereotypical comment.   You make some sophisticated assumption and then you start cribbing. Excellent!   What do you mean by technically sophisticated? Just because your glorified trash is sent to India at no cost to you and sent back to you at no cost to you so that you get a freaking good fitting, they become less sophisticated?   Why don't you use your sophistry and throw some knowledge on pattern making so that the rest of us unsophisticated...
  Tragedy awaits you. You are sitting on a time-bomb.   The best decision of your life was to ignore Luxire's counter to "bigger orders are prioritized" and still get rightfully worried.   The next best decision will be to escape this mess you find yourself in. Seek peace my dear friend.
  So, constructive criticism cannot happen with properly ironed clothes? It would infact be more "constructive".   Visually, the jacket could never look appealing without being properly ironed. It only magnifies the flaws.
Posting images of jackets without ironing and critiquing the same does not look like a great idea.
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