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Heads-up, Deal Grocer, a Groupon type site is offering a deal on a bespoke shirt from Ascot Chang shop in the Makati Shangri-la. The deal is a voucher for a shirt for 8500 instead of 17620 PHP. You are not limited to one voucher. Deal is about to sell out. I picked up one to give them a try. While earlier in this thread this shop was heard to be not as good as elsewhere in Asia, at this price point it may be worth a try. 
I agree, I think he caught on to that, now he has an option to have them all plain, with only a very simple leather swatch for his "logo" 
Hey, nice thread, found it while googling Manila tailor. I am going to check out Cornell tomorrow, if they happen to be open, for some shirts and slacks and a barong or two. Today I got some measured and put a deposit for jeans, at a place called Defacto, in Legaspi Village/Makati. I promise I am not spamming for them, not sure how they will turn out but heard a positive reference somewhere else on the web. Fwiw, they have a buy 3 get one free promo going on. Price is...
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