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Any of you gents know about this brand/coat? How's the fit?
Ha! 99x. That brings back memories. Sad that pretty much every store and venue I went to in my youth is long gone. Wetlands, abc no rio, cbgbs and many more. Instead replaced with cupcake stores, frozen yogurt and high end boutiques. Trash and vaudeville is still there of course, and just as pricey as ever. They have crombies btw... Had a hard time finding this thread again, who took skinhead out of the title? Haha
And a surprisingly touchy one at that.
As ubiquitous as people who listened to pearl jam, nirvana, or any other "alternative" band on a major label played round the clock on MTV and topping the charts. Which really was a crapload of people.
For me (born in 79) the first music i heard next to classical and pete seeger and was Miriam Makeba, Harry Belafonte and Bob Marley (age 4 or 5?)
That London store display shot is ben Sherman, arguably they have the right. But I really don't like this pseudo skinhead trend that's all the rage. I wonder how much of it is from fashion designers visiting this thread? My main gripe is because because the main people wearing it are latte sipping fashionista metrosexuals who have no clue what a skin is. And would be disturbed by the connection. And no crops, usually I see it with bizarre hitler youth haircuts. Look at...
Nasty receptions on skinhead sites: part of the issue is people seeing movies like romper stomper and showing up either to "interview" skinheads, or asking endless questions having been answered hundreds of times over (like about lace color) or people just discovering it and only pursuing it by the Internet. Some scene vets are quite resentful of how easy it is to get into it now, like buying gear instantly, not facing the same stigma as 20 yrs ago, and a general feeling...
Raff, i just sent him my measurements. Bars: in the states the benefits of bars are to find one with happy hours and a good tender who will give you free drinks as a regular. Can actually save you money and beats drinking alone or cleaning up other peoples empties and less pleasant leavings.
Ha! Doesn't get better than rhyming slang. Cheers all, much appreciated :)     If anyone's up and around, this is on right now for the next couple of hours (and every sunday at this time!)
New threads. Thanks to Get Smart (Jason) for coming through.     It's a petrol blue sharkskin three button, frogmouths on the pants. He did a fine job with nothing more than emailed sizes, and for an unbeatable price.           just need a bit of a hem, but I usually get pants longer to be safe and added a bit to the measurements I gave him.   moves nice and I cant wait to take it on a dancefloor with my girl. A couple of all nighters coming...
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