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I'll get pictures shortly. The prices are a little hard to compare as I never really compared exactly the same material. There is both machine and hand stitching on the garment but the canvas is hand stitched. Odd that we had that discussion and you asked! I can probably not answer many more technical ones. Yao seems to be more expensive in general. But that could be the material I was looking at. The WW Chan prices were also all over the place. The cheapest suit there...
I live in HK now but haven't bought an HK suit in a few years. For 25 years I bought from a decent bunch --- well above the street hawkers but not one of the more famous names. I bought a few shirts at Jantzen and then a dozen more as I was very happy with them. I wasnt as impressed with the suits I inspected that they had finished for others so I went to W W Chan and Gordon Yao. Both seemed very good candidates. But I hit it off at H Baroman and the workmanship is first...
Well, the Baroman in HK speaks plenty fine English and the suits are not fused.... how funny. They still make suits the old fashioned way.
As a long time Scoutmaster I have mastered a few dishes. Here is one real men should be able to do. Cook a perfect bird in a trash can. follow my instructions and you can not fail Trust me. Never fails to come out perfectly http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94OGFFds9vc
Had the Amex Centurion card a long time and among the excellent (and many very dubious) benefits are occassional gimmes. A nice camera, a wallet, etc. Lately mainly gift cards. 500$ at D v Furstenberg (pls ignore spelling) 250$ at E Zegna. Today a nice 500$ at Salvatore Ferragamo. ANy suggestions on a great shoe for me buy with my gift card?? PS, the Centurion card isnt really that much better than the Platinum and now has an inititation fee high enough I...
Payment inbound 4) NWT Ralph Lauren Navy Dalton Virgin Wool Extrafine 100 Trousers - Size 40 - $60 shipped CONUS Retail: $350 Double Reverse Pleats / Horn Buttons Made in Italy These pants are a perfect everyday pant: great fabric and even better price Measurements: Waist: 20" Rise: 12.5: Thigh: 15" Ankle: 10.75: Length: Unfinished
I'll take one each group one and two. pm inbound
Saran Wrap. Flexible, fits the right size and visually striking. Waterproof.
Growing up, my late Aunt and Father often referred to someone as "a ditch jumping dirt road sport" or even (if particularly fine) "a cotton picking chicken plucking ditch jumping dirt road sport" ...the final "d"s on the verbs were generally not pronounced. Anyway we jokingly said we'd put the phrase on his headstone. He took to the idea so well that the image below is his headstone in Berlin, Oklahoma. A cousin asked me about the phrase and you know all that I do. Google...
Best Wireless Headphones?? My old lady's birthday is coming up soon and she has complained about the wireless headphones I got for her last CHristmas. She uses them to watch the news while speedwalking the treadmill. Since she is doing this at 4:30 AM prior to teaching her class beginning at 6:10 AM I want a good pair for her as well. Price not particularly an object. Thought you guys might have recommendations. TIA
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