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Black cap toe oxfords.
Check out
  Kind of an extreme position.  Florsheims may be shite shoes but I would wear them if you paid me $50,000.  I would be happy to go spend that money at John Lobb, St James. 
Could be worse. I was a groomsman and the bride insisted we wore these horrendous nylon gold ties. It was a black tie wedding so there we were, wearing our tuxes and those awful $5 ties. We were matchy matchy and fugly. A $5000 bespoke dinner jacket made to look like something rented for a junior high prom. But that was hat the bride wanted. And as best man I had to grin and bear it. I was envious of all the other guests wearing their black bow ties.
Are you having a laugh?Jos A Banks makes cheap suits. That is their business model, their DNA, their corporate culture their whatever. You may not be able to afford a bespoke Savile Row suit, but buying the premium line at Jos A Banks is not the solution. Somewhere in between the most expensive meal at KFC and the tasting menu at Per Se are very many good dining experiences. The same goes for suits, tailors and clothes.
My fella is not the only one. And he started out at a different establishment on the Row too.
Several Savile Row houses go with the natural shoulder. I've worn a natural shoulder for 10+ years and nobody has ever noticed.
Ugliest shoes ever. Sorry, someone had to say it. The baby is not "breath-taking", and the shoes are just plain fugly. Big, clunky, squarish, and did I mention fugly? Those fat heels...are these bespoke shoes for that vertically challenged nut job scientologist Thomas Mapother Cruise (OT VIII). And back o the thread, I'm a bit of a wimp too. I've been using the same tailor on Savile Row for 20+ years. I'm very happy with everything he has ever made. Sometimes, just...
Just don't buy an engagement ring at Walmart.
I'm scared to see what the trousers will look like.
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