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Shell Leeds, Hooah.
  I'm going to guess either Ernest Hollings or Larry Pressler.  
  Nas tops my chart of overrated rappers.  Biggie is on the list as well, but His music was just so much... better.     GOAT - Big L.  
Hey Y'all - long time no talk to.    Which one of you crazy thrifting motherfuckers made this piece of awesome?
Does anyone wear a 12.5 A? I just came up wih an immaculate pair of AE Chesters. Like worn once immaculate. Let me know, or itll be the bay.
Gentlemen,    For trade are two pair NWT Levis D1 khakis, 34 x 32, IRREGULAR.  Both appear to me to be in fine shape.     First pair is Thick Khaki with leather accents.     Second pair is a dark gray, herringbone-ish pattern.       [[SPOILER]]
The Wool is for flies!! I gotta ask, is that thing available?
I like the less is more look.     Looks to me like you are wearing your pants a touch high though, I think a higher rise would suit your frame more appropriately.  Good fit on the shirt and in the legs of the trousers.  
6 to Midnight.
Oops, I guess I just missed it.  
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