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Does anyone have a coupon code for free shipping for the hanger project? Want to get some Renovateur but don't want to pay the crazy shipping. 
Get as much term as you can and as much permanent as you can afford right now. Use the permanent as a savings vehicle. There is nothing like a permanent insurance policy with a company like Northwestern Mutual that gives you a great return with no taxes on the cash you build in the policy. Only "investment" that is not taxed on your gains period. 
Anyone have any experience with the Seven Collection Fabriano? I just picked up a brand new pair for a steal and just wondering what I should expect. I have the Vinci and Tresana so I am expecting the same type of quality and comfort with these, especially with the rubber sole. 
What do you guys think of this watch for the price? Just looking for a dressy everyday wearer.
So basically instead of returning the 3 pairs, I should keep one of them but maybe get a different size. I would probably keep the Walnut players if I was going to keep any of the other three. Maybe I will take them back to the outlet and find a size of the players that works for me. 
I received all of my shoes however I am only going to be keeping one pair.    Players are WAY too tight, a wider size might help but i could barely get my foot into it when it was not laced Kiowa had a very big hump underneath the shoebed, I may exchange these because they are very comfortable Presidio had too much heal slippage and was too narrow   I am keeping the Vinci, it is so comfortable right out of the gate its insane. Wish they didn't stop making...
Just ordered:   Walnut Player's, because its awesome Burgundy  Presidio, suit and travel Kiowa, for a casual captoe Brown Vinci, great plain toe for suits, I have the brown kenilworth for more casual wear.   Not bad for $100 a piece, especially the first quality Vinci.
Just ordered a pair of Kenilworth's from the Port Washington store. 9.5 D in brown, excited to use them for a business casual environment. 
Does anyone have the code for free shipping for the Hanger Project? I didn't get an email from Kirby even though I have bought from him before. 
Hey Guys,    I am selling a pair of Allen Edmonds Mayfair's that I received for a gift that I will probably never wear. They have been sitting in my closet for a few months and have not been worn. I can't notice any significant defects with the shoes, and to be honest I have no idea why they were factory seconds.    I do not have pictures to post right now, but if anyone wants to see pictures of the shoes I will gladly email them to you.    Price: $90 + $10...
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