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Amazingly, yes!
The lining isn't very thick but I can see it adding a fair amount of warmth - it is somewhat airy like a down jacket and air is a wonderful insulator.  The Leather is also very substantial. Everyone has different tolerances when it comes to cold and the jacket is brand new so I don't have any practical experience actually wearing it. That said, I could see wearing it down into the 40s with a single thin layer underneath. 
Pics are of the exact same product (they are from Epaulet's website) although not necessarily the particular one that I purchased.
Measurements are as follows, per the epaulet website: Chest 21" Shoulder 18" Sleeve 25.5" Length 25"
$400 BNWT, size Medium, tried on once - looking to get back what I paid (~$380) and cover shipping to it's new owner.     This jacket kicks so much ass and it's really tough to let go...unfortunately I don't think I can pull it off.  Fit & quality are superb and the leather smells absolutely wonderful.  Whoever gets this piece is going to be thrilled.    Local Pickup in NYC available (in which case I will reduce the price to $380).   Epaulet's description of the...
Yes - more room in the seat & thigh than the Walt
$100$120$185 $160 BNWT Epaulet Rudy Trousers in Vanilla Bean, 100% Linen, size 30.  These are from the latest Rudy/Walt "ends for friends" event - you likely won't see this fabric again. Tried on once for size - turns out the Walt fit is better for me.  Beautiful fabric - a nice creamy off white with a wonderful hand.  The perfect linen summer trouser.   CONUS.  Local pickup in NYC is an option.
Brand new with tags (tried on once) pair of Rota Grey Donegal tweed trousers in size 46 (30 US) from NMWA. Wonderful fabric and construction but unfortunately the fit is not right for me.     $200 shipped CONUS.     As seen here on the NMWA website.   Size Inseam (CM) Rise (CM) Waist (CM)         46 95.5 26 83
haha - just my luck, this is my first time purchasing Alden seconds.  Boxing in progress!
Thanks for the heads up on this - much appreciated.  I'm an 8.5e but the only last (Alden or otherwise) I've ever found that actually fits well is the modified last, which certainly limits my options.  I'm slowly building up a rotation of shoes from moulded (as my preferred styles trickle in) and I'm considering placing an order through Anatomica but I'm not sure that I want to spend that much on Aldens (but they kind of have me by the balls...).
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