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Its been around there for a week or so. I'm assuming there will be another markdown after Christmas to even out the expired codes?
Wow. Both LN-CC codes expired in days.. too much usage? Was about to kop when I got paid tomorrow....
I got one of those ridiculously large Rick t's made from that odd cotton he does from this season so I got that sweater a size up so probably sweater over rick T with those joggers :)
Barney added more stuff to sale (finally). I really need to get paid -_-
So much on LN-CC that I want but too broke until it all hits sale.
In terms of sizing not actual fit. I want a loose, baggyish fit just not "parachute pants" looking.
Shit I got a 48 when I usually wear slim 48 almost sized down. Does it fit "slim" like his shirting/coats? Like I have to wear a 40 in his coats when I usually wear a 38.
Got some more Tim Coppens sale stuff:  
Were you bidding on the same one? Yeah I haven't gotten to see last years stuff in person but if its anything like this collection of Tim Coppens I'm sure I'll fall in love.
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