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Gitman Vintage Tartan tie back from FW11.. Only thing I remember is it sold out pretty quickly and it was in GQ a few times.. Ive never worn the tie, though.
Bought these off of another styleforum member and never got to wearing them. Paid a bit more because it was international as well..   Condition is pretty much new.. could be ironed but thats about it   Price includes shipping sans PayPal fees (no fees if sent as gift)   Length 110 cm / 43 inch rise front 30 cm / 12 inch rise back 33 cm / 13 inch thighs 25 cm / 10 inch hem 19 cm / 7.5 inch waist 44 cm / 17 inch
Pretty rare RAF SIMONS SS03 "Consumed" jeans. Cool material/fit and pocket/bondage ring detail. Tagged size 50, and the waist does fit like a 33-34, but the inseam is a bit shorter (around 28.5"). I'm 32x32 and the waist was comfortable (not too loose) and they weren't "too cropped" by any means. Looks good cropped on taller people and more like the fit pic (below) on shorter people. Also would fit someone with "skinnier" thighs, as I have bigger thighs and these were a...
3 Piece J Crew suit that was worn once, then cleaned and stored in closet and is now taking up needed space.   Size 38R Ludlow jacket, untailored. Size Small (which fits more like a medium) vest, untailored. Size 32x32 Ludlow pants, tailored from a bit above the knee to the hem to add slight taper (as the Ludlow pants don't come nearly as slim as the jackets...)   Retail was $595   Measurements (with garment laid flat): Jacket:  S2S: 17.5" P2P: 19" Sleeve Length...
Pretty cool "mash up" shirt from Epaulet, purchused from another forum member a while back. Only wearing it a few times because it was a bit too small, I noticed a hole by the front pocket, so decided to let it go for cheap. (Retail was $130)   Pictures include the hole, which is easily fixable. The front pocket is also missing its button.   Price includes shipping + paypal fees.       Sizing:
Ordered one of these custom from a leather maker in Maine. Nice quality leather, interesting buckle. Good color. Retailed for $50 and only worn two times.   Length of belt 40 inches. Good for 30-34s. best for a true 32.   Price includes shipping + paypal fee.
Was picked up at BB in Chicago new before it sold out.    40 shipped with fees.
Barney's sale starts the 28th and Jil Sander, for those who care, is June 1st (dunno if its online, though..)
Title says it all. Trying to trade the classic Rick trainers for some Geobaskets. Mine are practically new, only worn on the street twice.
people really seem to hate on these but Raf SS13:   Rick trainers  Tim Coppens SS13 jacket, thankfully with a discount
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