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It took just over six weeks to get them back...Overall, I'm very happy. Before: After: ^^repaired stitching Overall I'm very happy. I think it was worth the cost to get these restored. I would grade the work an A-. Why not an A+? Two things: 1. the corrected stitching looks like a patch-job. Not the end of the world, but the stitching doesn't look as consistent as the rest of the shoe. 2. The right shoe (which had the stitching corrected) is a bit...
OK - Round Two. Just won these from Ebay for a song. Maker: French Shriner The seller calls the color 'Chili', which I really hope it is (closer to the picture of the toes) He also didn't know if they were shell. What do you think? Details:
Lowered prices...please PM if interested.
Lots of odds and ends...I'm happy to make you a deal if you'd like more than one item. Please PM if you are interested. 1. Southwick 3/2 Navy Sack. Perfect condition. Soft shoulders, fully lined, gold buttons. No size label, the hand measurements are: Shoulders: 19.5 Pits: 23" Sleeve: 23.5" (+2") Length (BOC): 31" SOLD Details: 2. 16.5 Shirts - All are in excellent condition: Details: (L-R): a. Brooks Brothers Slim Fit - Gray pinstripe. 16.5 x 35 b. Polo by...
Found these Stuart McGuires today... Details: Good news: -They fit like a glove. They also have a single sole, so they aren't as heavy. - I'm guessing that these are shell cordovan, as they don't have any creasing or micro-creasing. They aren't as 'waxy' as my other shell cordovan shoes, but they aren't as dry as my calf shoes. There are a few dings - about 1" of the lining has separated (easy fix), and the laces need to be replaced. Here are my...
Friday Specials: 1. Florsheim Shell Cordovan Tassel Loafers. Excellent patina. Size 10.5D. Recently resoled. I'd rate the shell an 8 out of 10, and the soles a 9 out of 10. SOLD Details: 2. Allen Edmonds Cameron Penny Loafers. Black calf. Size 9.5D. Excellent shape - I'd rate the uppers and the soles a 9 out of 10. SOLD Details: Please PM if you are interested.
You should call them.
They sure are.
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