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Quote: Originally Posted by The Deacon Yesterday I trolled a few of my favorite thrifts and found a pair of vintage custom made burgundy shell cordovan plain toe bluchers from Kow Hoo of Hong Kong and they fit me! Thick firm soles with nice even heels. Someone treated these nice! Cost was $7.50, I spent two hours scrubbing off old darker polish, buffed them to a shine and wore them to work today! This was half way through rubbing the right footed...
Lowered prices again...I'd like to move this stuff...let me know if you are interested.
Updated inventory and significantly lowered prices on the remaining items.
Quite a bit for sale...I'm happy to make a deal if you'd like more than one item. Please PM if interested... 1. Johnston & Murphy Ski Moc Loafers. These: (Zappos link). Burgundy brushed veal color. Excellent condition. Size 9.5 D. Asking $40 => $35 shipped CONUS Details: 2. New Stuart McGuire Pebbled Longwings. Brand new. New waxed laces. The size isn't listed, but I'd put them at a size 8D or a size 7.5D. These are on par with my old Florsheim longwings. ...
Alden for BB Tassels in Black Shell Cordovan VTG Florsheim Royal Imperial Tassels in Cordovan Calf
Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack Honestly, they didn't look like they needed it in the before pics. Yeah - luckily the shell is/was is great shape. The problem was the soles - they were wearing very thin. The stitching was unraveling as well.
I like them. I have some very similar Cheaneys, which are a heavy hitter in my rotation.
Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC It's hard to tell in the pics; what was the degree of color change in the shell? Maybe one shade darker...They look good. Quote: Originally Posted by Joenobody0 The edge dressing looks like it was applied with absolutely no care. I've come to expect a little bit of that, but this shoe is worse than most. I guess if there's something they could do a sloppy job with, that's probably...
It took just over six weeks to get them back...Overall, I'm very happy. Before: After: ^^repaired stitching Overall I'm very happy. I think it was worth the cost to get these restored. I would grade the work an A-. Why not an A+? Two things: 1. the corrected stitching looks like a patch-job. Not the end of the world, but the stitching doesn't look as consistent as the rest of the shoe. 2. The right shoe (which had the stitching corrected) is a bit...
OK - Round Two. Just won these from Ebay for a song. Maker: French Shriner The seller calls the color 'Chili', which I really hope it is (closer to the picture of the toes) He also didn't know if they were shell. What do you think? Details:
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