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Good day. And how could I resist... www.redclaysoul.com
Details: http://www.redclaysoul.com/?p=6464
I love finding shirts like this at Goodwill... www.redclaysoul.com
Found a nice old beauty on Ebay yesterday: http://www.redclaysoul.com/?p=6349 ...I love it almost as much as I love the price...
This thread is great. I'm a big thrifter, but don't post here often. Most of the goodies here are clothes and shoes...I thought I'd share my score from earlier today that is a little out of bounds: Each set was $12.91, and include 3-PW. These: http://www.titleist.com/golf-clubs/irons/AP2-2008.aspx (Project X 5.5 Rifle Shafts) - I'm keeping these. Been on the wish list for some time. These:...
I also wear a size 40R suit, but do 40s in my Bedales and a 38 in my Beaufort. That 38 Bedale is just a bit too tight.I did some repairs on my vintage Navy Bedale last night: http://www.redclaysoul.com/?p=5546By no means am I a tailor, but it was a lot cheaper (free) than sending it in to have fixed.
I went through the process about 9 months ago and really enjoyed it. Money well spent. Details here: http://www.redclaysoul.com/?p=4838
Did some discount shopping today at TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack: Jack Spade Waverly Jacket for $100: 5 pairs of Pantherella Socks for $40: Billy Reid Navy blue sweatshirt for $44:
Leaving for Thanksgiving: Filson Pullman Filson Tin Cloth Tote Filson 257 (computer equipment) Filson Medium Field Bag (camera equipment) Barbour Liddesdale Golf Clubs
Just fed my Filson addiction with the tan Pullman - for 25% off at Glen's: http://www.glensoutdoors.com/Filson-Pullman-p/70243.htm $281 + Free Shipping...
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