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Sorry - I'm in the US.
I have a couple belt buckles that I'd like to get engraved, and am trying to find a place that will do it. Anyone have any suggestions on where to take these to be engraved with my initials? Thanks in advance...
They look like Cobbler Union...
FYI: Brooks Brothers just started their Friends & Family sale, which is 25% off everything...including Filson:
A pink U-stripe OCBD and a tomato red shetland sweater from the Sid Mashburn sale. Very happy. -JRS
We did the beach thing down on Harbour Island in the Bahamas. It was a good week.
Some fun recent finds... Brooks English patent leather oxfords...anyone know the maker? Winter reading material: My new favorite coffee mug:
I thought this might be interesting to you good folks...I am a big fan of vintage Barbours, and have quite a few that I buy and have cleaned/rewaxed by New England Reproofers. Every Fall, I try to spruce them up to mitigate a little of that musty smell that accumulates over the summer months. This is a vintage sage Bedale (with the flap pockets) that I'm experimenting with...Here are all the details:
Last Friday...I love going to those random Goodwills...when this happens: All 16.5ish x 36, French cuffed.
I tried their site, but they aren't carrying this model anymore. Was curious if anyone here had any insight.
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