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They look like Cobbler Union...
FYI: Brooks Brothers just started their Friends & Family sale, which is 25% off everything...including Filson:
A pink U-stripe OCBD and a tomato red shetland sweater from the Sid Mashburn sale. Very happy. -JRS
We did the beach thing down on Harbour Island in the Bahamas. It was a good week.
Some fun recent finds... Brooks English patent leather oxfords...anyone know the maker? Winter reading material: My new favorite coffee mug:
I thought this might be interesting to you good folks...I am a big fan of vintage Barbours, and have quite a few that I buy and have cleaned/rewaxed by New England Reproofers. Every Fall, I try to spruce them up to mitigate a little of that musty smell that accumulates over the summer months. This is a vintage sage Bedale (with the flap pockets) that I'm experimenting with...Here are all the details:
Last Friday...I love going to those random Goodwills...when this happens: All 16.5ish x 36, French cuffed.
I tried their site, but they aren't carrying this model anymore. Was curious if anyone here had any insight.
...and I went to another goodwill in the area, and found these. Don't think they are from the same person, as the inseam is much shorter. Can anyone help me identify them? They aren't selvedge denim; they are black/grey broken twill denim. Similar to the Naked and Famous hemp fabric. Black patch on the back...
Yeah - I couldn't believe it when I saw first thought was 'these are fake'. ...and they are my size!
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