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Thank you.  
Okay, thanks. I am glad that I got it for very cheap.   Do you have any suggestions for a tall skinny guy like me?   (6'1" - 145lbs)
Since it is brand new, do you expect it to shrink sufficiently if I wash it in hot water then throw it in the dryer? It is a 65/35 blend.  
Once again, sorry for the picture quality. I am a programmer not a photographer. And I do know that the shirt is a bit too big. But, it is to be worn under a wool pullover so the only thing that matters is the collar and cuffs.   Also, here is a picture of the fabric, if you are interested. It is not really pink as seen in the picture, that is caused by the crappy camera.   Thank you,   Richard
Sorry for the poor picture quality.   They look a bit wide below the knees because directly next to my calves is a behemoth book with a black binding.   Thanks for the advice though.
I don't want to look like I am heading to an 80s disco party. Can you tell me if these pants are too high? Thanks.
This is the perfect thread for my question, is this combination of Hugo Boss dress shoes and jeans acceptable?   Thank you,   Richard
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