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son of a bitch!, forgot to size up on the blackwatch
The polka dot is on sale at Barney's for $109.
I have a navy BBall size 48.   Looking for gray mdr, black or cracked pepper fishtail.  I'll add in cash as necessary
Where can I find some cheap U-neck/scoop neck t-shirts?  Or anything deeper than a standard crew neck.
    Any fit pics?  I kinda want to try this.
Just throwing this out there, I'd trade my navy BBall jacket for a tan one.
Thanks! Copped the second
Does anyone know where the paisley scarves are carried?  I did some searching but no luck.
 I got mine on my first purchase.  I bought something full priced, though, which may have something to do with it.
Just watched Last Year at Marienbad.  Holy fuck that was strange/great.
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