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Are the Isaora track pants black or navy?  I've been tricked too many god damn times.
But seriously, don't buy a red linen blazer.
Really digging the new collection.
Seriously one of my favorite WM pieces.  Looks kind of hard to pull off though.
I have an all black winter varsity size 50 +1 on length, .  Looking for size 48 leathers or all black varsities.  Also will sell.
Does this seem good for a winter jacket?  I'm not sure if it would be too light, but my winters don't get very harsh.
I received the blackwatch yesterday and I'm happy to report it fits tts.
Does anyone know where I can find CPs in size 38 on sale?  Ssense seems to be the only place but their sale isn't very deep.
Anyone have any opinions on the zip blazer?  I've been wanting to pick it up.
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