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Fucking reissue not coming in black   Also:   Undercover
Where can I get a cheap black ma-1 with a decent fit?
Also looking for a proxy for size 43 side zips.  Either color is fine though black is preferred.  PM me if you can do it.
Speaking of Cabourn why does/did LN-CC carry it?  
I'm having trouble figuring out how to size the ijevan.  I'm mainly concerned about length.  I'm 5'10, is a V too big?
chunky scarf (Schneider maybe) Dr Martens waxed black denim (no idea what brand I'm looking for here)
How do the UU jeans fit?  I've been in search of some cheap black jeans.   And do they stretch?
Ordered on Friday, arrived on Tuesday for me.
I thought the arm holes of the zip blazer were tiny.  Kinda turned me off on buying an Geller in the future.   for layering/looking homeless?
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