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 It was interesting.  Someone on the PhantomPilots board posted this video from his business trip.  He flew is Phantom around that building.  Pretty cool.  
I'm 34. I've always had a problem with shirts not fitting since I'm 6'-1" and feel like i have a long torso.  I'm around 200lbs.  I lifted weights a lot and now I'm cutting.  My stomach is getting flat, but i'm still wide.  I always had broad shoulders, maybe my waist is widening up for that. When I was younger, I always felt I was odd shaped.  Like a "V", and I didn't have huge muscles.     So, i do think it might be part of the aging.  Or you might be getting fatter.  
my 20 year old brother is getting that look.  I believe it's a nutritional thing coupled with frying his scalp with dandruff shampoo.  he was getting bad dry scalp and didn't realize that it wasn't dandruff, it was just dry.  So he washed with a ton with Nizoral 2%, and then started with Nioxin.  I used Nioxin when I was in college to get my hair to grow, and it actually made most of it fall out.   To fix it, i used normal cheap grocery store moisturizing shampoo and...
So, our weekend was pretty awesome.  We ate at Balthazars and found some other cool restaurants near where we were staying on the upper east side.  We go stuck there during sandy for an extra 5 days.  I went to Pastuers Pharmacy on Lexington and bought some good shave stuffs. I checked out the RL store and Bergdorfs.  I also got some casual stuff from H&M.  Stuff there fits me well.
I've got reservations for a late brunch at Balthazars on saturday.  we're trying to get tickets to the book of mormon too.  My other plans are to run central park and find time to check out the Cooper Hewitt design museum.  The burger shack is a good suggestion.  I was trying to get to that place last time I went, but didn't have time.  This trip, i'm only there 3 days, but have lots of time since i'm not really planning anything.   My wife goes up there about twice...
nothing, huh?       I just realized that I haven't posted before.  I admit, i'm a lurker, but I'd like to hear y'alls input.
I'm getting there Friday morning early, and leaving sunday late.  I've been once before and did a lot of toursity stuff.  My wife goes there all the time, but I don't want her to have to be coming up with all the activities.  We're staying in the upper east side near lexington and 73rd.  I'm thinking we may go shopping, see some shows, run in the park, and eat at her favorite places.
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