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Purchased brand new from Saks - only worn once.    Only accepting Amazon Payments*
Still got it my friend. 
BoO Plaid - Size 4, very, very soft shirt | $140       BoO Overdyed Batiste in Green - It's a much more lighter green in person | Size 4 | $120     BoO Navy/Blue Gingham | Size 4 | $120           *Amazon Payments only please
Hey, they don't have this per se, but something kind of similar on sale at Barney's.,default,pd.html?cgid=men&index=11  
Anyone here have any experience with the SS12 jeans that BOO has released? I've seen them pictured on various sites and see them appear to look anywhere from skinny to relaxed and I believe that there is only one type of jean. I am just wondering about the sizing, quality, and fit. If anyone here has them could you post pictures of the fit.    Thanks!  
Lately getting into Star Slingers remixes - the DEERHUNTER one especially
I recently watched a couple Korean movies which turned out to blow my mind! Anyone else see "I Saw The Devil"? It's the best revenge type movie I've seen in a while! Also, "The Good, the Bad, and the Weird" was pretty fantastic, same director I believe. 
Google Checkout Only*   Brand New Boots - Worn only like twice to try on, decided they didn't suit me well   please take advantage of this Purchased for $430 brand new, asking $220 plus shipping   Trades: Looking for Band of Outsiders Shirts Size XL/4 
ME want! but I have way too many brown shoes right now : (  Nice price for Common Projects. 
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