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I believe that kosher salt is not only a larger granule but also hollow as well. I've noticed that when "sprinkling" salt on things it is vastly superior for the control factor. Of course, like previously mentioned, it doesn't measure the same as table salt. So for baking only, it's all about maintaining the formula and using table salt.
I thought it was an easy call that she looks like one of the lawyers from SVU, Diane Neal.
I've seen a few Beatles tribute bands from time to time. One of the better ones actually did costume changes and whatnot. But the best tribute band that i've seen in a long time is The Iron Maidens.
Even though it's pretty tough to find, "Stranded in a Limousine" on Greatest Hits, Etc. is probably my favorite of his. ~ Graham
A pair of AE Lexingtons that I found in a thrift store for $4.99. They definitely needed some polish, cream, and a little elbow grease. But because of those shoes I no longer purchase shoes with rubber soles! ~ Graham
I hated cell phones for the longest time and rocked the most basic plan in the world. When I had to move and switch phone service I decided to just get a cellular device. Looking back, I don't know why I didn't do it sooner. The long distance alone was worth it. ~ Graham
Quote: Originally Posted by AMAR420 what's the difference between regular and mexican coke? As people have mentioned, mexican coke uses cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. Which not only tastes better, but I think has a phenomenally better texture as well. Boylan's ginger ale is also probably the best one i've ever had, for the same reason as the mexican coke. ~ Graham
I can go through a family sized box of Wheat Thins and not even notice. So even though other things might taste better, my favorite snack has to be Wheat Thins. ~ Graham
82 AMC Eagle! Had to learn how to shift with it. ~ Graham
I just had a few shirts made up and got them with plain plackets so I wouldn't have to worry about shrinking. Once I get a few more into the rotation I might go the other way since a few shrunken plackets won't destroy 100% of my shirts. ~ Graham
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