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Martin De Candre is the best shaving soap I have tried by a wide margin. Expensive and can only be ordered from France, but totally worth it.
The Kirkland brand undershirts from Costo work well for me. They stay tucked and fit trim.
"Cucinelli Cuffs" I notice in the Brunello Cucinelli seems to display their pants with rather chunky looking cuffs that look hand rolled. Are these indeed hand rolled or can a tailor replicate this look? I've never had much with hand rolled cuffs staying in place all day- is there a technique or trick involved?
Much depends on the quality/hardness of your tapwater, IMHO. Some soaps work very well in soft water, but not so well in harder stuff. That being said, TABAC seems to work well in almost all conditions.
Great ties and great service.
Good experience buying from MrSam.
Levi's Vintage Clothing.
Flawless purchase from Earthdragon. Item as described, well packed, and promptly shipped.
Wow. Nice Shirts.
I tried it on today at Gary's at Fashion Island in Newport Beach. VERY nice (and very warm, especially in the heat wave we're in). Quote: Originally Posted by GameBoy Hey everyone. Does anyone know where I can find this outfit? Thank you everyone for your assistance. -GB
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