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 He's probably just the seller.
 Those look awful.
 I'm super disappointed I didn't grab a pair of these when they were sold (for a short window of time).
Tan RL Sandersons today.
 Like quite a few other posters on here, chili Delrays were my first AE purchase (got used off ebay in pretty good condition).  I agree they're a great, versatile shoe; however, if the poster is looking for a 4th "suit shoe", I would tend to lean towards another balmoral (unless he planned on also getting some business casual use out of them as well).
Thank you for the pictures of the fastball. I have always been intrigued by the shoe, but have difficulty finding pictures of it in the wild.
Wearing my navy Maritimes over the weekend for an outdoor barbecue. Ignore my pasty white legs.
 The sales associates are not going to negotiate the price or magically drop them. 
 To go with YoungSweet's post, I will offer that of my ~15 pairs of AE shoes/boots (not including the several new pairs of boat shoes I've been going on and on about), 2 are firsts and the rest are seconds.  My firsts include a pair of brown Delrays I will be selling (since I already have brown Lasalles) and a pair of Shaker Heights I got on amazon for $160.   Of all my seconds, the worst "defect" is a slightly askew toebox stitching on my tan RL Sandersons, but it doesn't...
  Update: decided to keep the dark brown Kirkwoods, as I also had ordered a pair of golden brown Maritimes (and a pair of navy Maritimes).  I also already own a pair of dark brown Sperry boat shoes (bringing my total to 3 boat shoes and 1 pair of beefroll boat loafers).  The Sperrys will be my beater pair.  I'm tempted to just get a pair of dark brown Maritimes as well for once the dark brown Sperrys bite the dust.  I had tried to order some the night the sale was ending...
New Posts  All Forums: