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Love these. Is the edge brown? I greatly prefer that to a black edge.
I hadn't a similar realization (with the 325, never tried the 348). I do feel like AE's D tends to be a tad narrow. Or maybe it's just me.
I'd be all over a identical pair (with he natural welt/edge too) if I hadn't just bought a C&J to fill that void!Then again, it was a short wing and the MacNeil is not......
Lindricks in some direct sunlight. Still dark as can be with indoor lighting. Love these boots either way. Hoping someday they look this color with regular indoor light.
  Beautiful shoes, JS01.  Honestly, that's what I desperately wish my GMTO C&J Lindricks/Marlows looked like, color-wise.  It seems like older versions were pretty close.  But as well know, shell shades seem to be getting darker and darker . . . 
BTW peppercorn, great collection of natural shell!  I had to sell my natty Daltons as the fit wasn't right.   For inspiration/for those looking to see what happens to natural shell, here are some loafers from Rancourt that I love.  Maybe it will convince some of the beauty of natural shell.  (Sorry for the flurry of non-AE content this morning, just trying to help make my points).    
  I'll concede that there are times when green can work.  But more subdued greens, in my opinion.  Unless, yes, you're just looking for a fun St. Patrick's Day outfit.  But to spend a ton of money on a shoe you'd wear once a year doesn't jive with me. I do like the look of some darker/muted green suede/chamois.  For instance, I could certainly find a place in my casual non-work rotation for something like this (from the other US shoemaker):   But I don't think I could do...
 Good point.
 There are some who try to hook other forum members up by offering a good deal on items for sale.  .......and then there's this.  On the plus side, those prices should inspire several more members to want to put together some Lindrick or Warlow GMTOs for much more reasonable prices.
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