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I figured they were probably EEE. That seems to be par for the course for extra wide shoes, at least with Allen Edmonds. The extra width comes laterally, which makes it look like the rest of the shoe has been displaced medially.
 What width are they?
 Had a pair of the Fairfax in Chili a few years ago, but unfortunately I bought it in an incorrect size (10D rather than a 9E or 9.5E) and realized they were a poor fit and had to sell them.  Since then, I've been keeping an eye on ebay for any that might pop up in my size.
Shaker Heights.I have 2 different pairs.
Agree. I have them in brown grain, and love them. Zero break in, and easily the most comfortable AE shoe I own.
Sure there is: my ~$30 Johnston & Murphy Meltons in black that I bought used.
What would you guys recommend for a pair of heavy duty/durable rawhide boot laces?
 Bourbon is a color, "Burnished" isn't.  Did you mean brown?
 Man, I somehow missed the old chili Daltons on sale.  Would've snatched them up in a heart beat.  I've seriously considered snagging a pair of dark chili during this current sale, but I already have them in walnut and chocolate, and just purchased some in walnut shell!
 Nice!  Walnut Daltons are, in my opinion, one of the best AE purchases you can make.  I love mine. And I am excited to add my first pair of shell to my collection soon - a pair of Walnut Shell Daltons!
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