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Ha, I didn't even look at user name when I responded to you. Of course you are!I think you do understand at least close to what I meant. I am part of that Warlow 2.0 GMTO, but I also just recently ordered a pair of stock tan grain Pembrokes very recently as well. At first it was just going to be a quick impulse buy/possible return in order to double check my size before putting in my order, but it got delayed and the Warlow order came and went. However, I have wanted a...
Loving the photos, and can't wait to see more.  I do have to say, though, that I hope very much that the Warlow 2.0 doesn't have the white stitching.  I really don't care for it.  I suppose I could darken it myself if we did end up with it, but I'd worry I'd do a messy job.
I have the whisky shell Marlow/Pembroke ("Warlow") and dark brown shell Lindricks ordered.There are already pics is the first Warlow run popping up on the C&J thread. Amazing shoes.
Walnut Monday? Wearing my RL/AE Sandersons (ignore the drop of water on the left one, I was juggling a water bottle at the time). One of my favorite shoes. They were seconds, and as you can see the right one has some pretty bad creasing which happened after the first wear. Obviously some lower grade leather there (or poor clicking?). Either way it doesn't really bother me, and the left shoe is pristine and hardly creases at all despite many wears.
  Gorgeous!  What size are they?
Here I am anxiously awaiting the Lindrick GMTO (which won't arrive until around Christmas or later) and I'm already thinking to myself "well, at least if they feel too narrow, I can always try to sell them and turn that money around to buy a pair of dark brown shell Skyes."   Edit: literally 30 seconds before I made my post, the above beautiful photos were posted!
Went through Lauren at C&J who does the GMTO orders (but I surely could've just as easily done the mail order via the CJ website). They come out to be much cheaper to have them shipped from the UK than trying to buy them somewhere in the US.
Pembroke indeed. I actually have a pair of C&J GMTOs on the way in a few months as well. I kinda splurged (treating myself after starting a new higher paying job).Gotta put a freeze on my spending but it's so difficult . . .
 I was gonna pick up a Higgins Mill but I took inventory and realized I already have a lot of boots. Then I was gonna pick up an Alumnus, but instead I put in an order with C&J for these: 
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