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Hmm.....that looks pretty darn similar to how I expect walnut to look. Maybe a tad darker, which many others on here have noted is apparently the "new" walnut these days. But I recall those aforementioned examples looking more bourbon-like.Either way, I think they look great.
 Yeah, the Cornwallis was the one I had my eye on, unfortunately.   Right now a brown Cornwallis is at the top of my list of desired acquisitions.  
 I would've been all over this deal if they had widths other than D.
  Can you take a few pics of the walnut Madison Parks?  I'm curious to see the color as you describe it.
 Agree on all accounts (I have a pair as well).  Plus, the footbed is ultra comfortable.
 I don't know the answer to your question, but I was horrified to read your post about your walnut strand bag breaking!  I love mine and would be devastated if it broke.  Glad to hear AE said they'd take care of it, though.
 It's essentially the second coming of the original "Players shoe" and like was mentioned above, it's on the 222 last. It's a shortwing, and a beautiful one at that.  I own it in dark chili.
 I did the opposite - dark brown Kirkwood and golden brown Maritime (and also a navy Maritime).  I kinda wish I would've gone golden brown for both as well, but I still love my Kirkwoods anyway.
 Just packed up my boots as well.  Usually I just leave them on the rack, but my collection has grown the past 6 months, and I'll be moving in ~3 months, so might as well pack the boots away for storing/moving now since I don't forsee any wear in the coming months.
New Posts  All Forums: