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I'm going to go ahead and offer my opinion that chelsea boots are horrendous looking (no exceptions), and that no one should ever buy a pair unless the intention is to burn them (and the rest of the stock).   Aim for something else that's been suggested.
 Which outlet(s) had navy messenger bags left?
Darn!  I tried calling the Jeffersonville outlet tonight to get a bag, and Kristle said she JUST sold the last one.  I could've used one of those.
 Very nice.  I need one of those, my shoe collection has outgrown my shoe rack.
 I actually quite like those, and really wish I could've snagged a pair when they came out! Speaking of boots, my humble boot collection (excuse the so-so photo quality):  (L-R: Long Branch (brown grain), Dalton, Dalton, Eagle County) The ECs are a bit long for me (the first 3 pairs are all 9EEE, the ECs are 9.5E).  But I love wearing them all anyway.
 I kinda like how the red laces look with the dark brown grain LBs, but not the lighter waxy brown or the CXL.
 Nice!  How'd you get them to honor that price? I ordered a pair of walnut Daltons on the second day of the sale, just before the price went up.  Love the boots so much.
 Wow, were you exceptionally hard on them with frequent wear?  The double leather sole seems pretty darn solid on mine.  It would take some work to get to the point where they needed a re-sole. Either way, nice to see them getting some wear!  One of my favorite AE (RL) shoes ever.
 I wear chinos and a button down + whitecoat at work every day.  No tie, no sport jacket/suit. I wear suits for wedding, and in that case I usually wear my black plain toe oxford (with a charcoal or navy suit) or my burgundy J&M Meltons (with a navy suit primarily).  I get such little use out of balmorals in general, otherwise I'd get a brown Carlyle or or saddle brown Vernon to wear with a navy suit.
  Great choice.  I'm wearing mine in tan!(Ignore the ratty cotton navy socks.  I was planning on wearing boots this morning but opted for loafers at the last minute)  
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