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 Gorgeous shoes!
 That's really too bad.  The only thing that has prevented me from buying a pair of walnut strands is the bulbous round toe of the 5 last.  If they could be made on the 8 last, I'd be in heaven.
To be fair, I ended up with a fantastic custom tuxedo through Indochino for my own wedding.  I needed the jacket to be redone (which seems to be par for the course, and I planned for this time-wise) but the end result was nearly perfect.     Not everyone's experience with IC (or indeed with online MTM) is disastrous.
Does anyone else think my Dark Brown Delrays seem a bit darker than usual?  For reference, in the first pic I have an older picture of my well-maintained (I think) Dark Brown Lasalles.  It may be somewhat hard to fully appreciate in this pic, but they are definitely two different shades.  The Delray on the left seems identical to my Dark Chocolate Daltons.    The color is nice, but not exactly what I wanted for my Delrays (would prefer the slightly lighter brown of the...
 Jeez.  Keep them, and buy some brown edge dressing.  Problem solved, and a few hundred bucks saved.  
 Yeah that's the weird part, I've never seen E widths on the RL site, but I own a pair of Singleton seconds (the loafers) in a 9.5E that I also got from the Shoebank.
  Very nice.  I have the RL Sandersons in brown (basically the Williams but branded for RL).  It has more burnishing on the toe (and the rest of the leather looks like just a slightly lighter shade of brown than the Williams) and no wheeling on the welt.  I love my Sandersons and you should love your Williams!  I only wish the RL shoe came in wider widths.  I got a 10D when I really need a 9.5E.  Oh well! Enjoy the beautiful shoes.
 +1 Those things are hideous. 
 I'm interested in hearing this answer as well.  The heels of my tan Sandersons seem to be wearing down rather quickly compared to my other shoes (and even compared to my dark brown Sandersons), and I'm wondering if I'm gonna be SOL.
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