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Apparently sometime a couple hours ago they removed the Brooks Brothers models from the shoebank website; however, I had a browser tab open with a pair I was considering, and when I refresh it's still there.  I'm wondering if they just were getting assaulted by phone calls and were trying to reduce this for a bit?  Or the same was somehow a mistake (doubt it)?  Weird.
No it is regular calfskin as far as I can tell. It just happens to be very similar in color to the golden brown CXL.
There are four colors of leather for this boot.1. Black2. Chili3. Medium brown4. Dark brown.Then there is the Brooks Brothers model, which uses the medium brown with a signature tartan panel rather than the Harris Tweed on the Allen Edmonds branded versions.I have three pairs. The dark brown, the medium brown, and the medium brown Brooks Brothers version. I love all three.
 Maybe someone else can chime in to back me up/refute, but I think they're actually on the 108 last?
 I've seen them in person and they're very nice; however, I don't have much use for a brogued cap-toe blucher.   The pairs I've seen have actually been a lovely "lighter" brown that's a tad lighter than the traditional "dark brown burnished" AE color.  And the edge dressing is a lighter (maybe chili?) color.  Overall the combination of the leather color and edge/welt color really appeals to me, but the pattern of the shoe isn't really my thing. Enjoy!  For $105 that's a...
Last night I was on the AE website and came across these new models and thought "Oh boy, are these ugly.  Can't wait to go to SF and see the hate for these."   Color me surprised.
I apologize in advance for the abomination contained herein.   I recently got a MTM suit from Black Lapel (I had actually had a quite good experience with Indochino a few years ago, but wanted to try BL as they seem to have a slightly better rep).  I know, these online MTM aren't great, but I have an odd shape and it's impossible to find a suit off the rack that fits after tailoring.     I'm 5'7"/170lbs, bodybuilder/athletic build with a ~41" chest and 32" waist....
Going back to the Madison Park (Player 2.0?) in dark chili.... I already own the Dalton in the following colors: -walnut calf -dark chocolate calf -dark chili (brand new, unworn) -walnut shell -natural shell -brown grain Long Branch (similar style, so included here) I also own a brown and a walnut RL Sanderson longwing. I obviously like redundancy, but I think I have too much when it comes to wingtip boots. The Madison Park is about the exact price I paid for the dark...
By all accounts, vibram lug by quite a bit.
Can you post some pics of them before you return them for the other color?I was thinking about getting a pair in dark chili, actually, as I already have the RL Sanderson (long wing) in Walnut.
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