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 I just read your first post and was about to suggest that it was part of the design.  As silly a design as it is.
Started off the day with the Alden Indy boots in Natty CXL.       Finishing the evening with the AE Shaker Heights.  The Tweed blends in with the carpet.  
Natty CXL Indys.
As per my previous conversation, went with the natty Indys today at the office this frigid morning. Paired with PRL Navy straight fit chinos.
Hmmm I don't see that advertised anywhere on the site.
All great recommendations re: belts. Not sure I'm ready to take the plunge into shell belts. I do like the look of the Guarded Goods bridle leather belt. Anyone own it and have in the wild photos?
I wear them primarily with chinos (The ones in the photo are navy, despite their royal blue appearance in my picture) and a button down shirt. Most of the time I am wearing a long white coat as a physician; however, many times I forgo the coat.It is definitely a flashy color, and I am sure some people find it more appropriate or less appropriate for this type of wear. It works with my wardrobe.
Wingtip Wednesday. Cardiff.
I usually try to keep my footwear in good shape, even more casual boots like the Indys. For really bad weather I have Bean boots. For wet weather that doesn't necessitate Bean boots, I have some Allen Edmonds Long Branch boots which feel almost like wearing sneakers. They get beat up nicely. Since my Indys have neocork outsoles (rather than commando), all the more reason I plan to not really do a ton of off-roading in them. Definitely a casual weekend-wear type thing,...
 Not particularly, no. I'm a dermatologist.  I spend my day seeing patients for normal visits (which may or may not include a quick biopsy which is almost never a risk of getting any mess on me whatsoever), and usually finish my day with 2 or 3 larger excisions (cutting out confirmed skin cancers and putting in sutures, etc).  For those, I usually don a contact isolation gown (those cheap-o thin gowns you're supposed to put on in the hospital if someone has a highly...
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