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Pulled the trigger on a pair of tan Eagle County boots.  Have wanted them for a long time but couldn't justify spending that much . . . but $129 for seconds is great.  Hopefully not too flawed.   People on here seem to hate the white sole, but I'm looking for casual boots and the white sole is exactly what I want.
 Huh?  I said I wasn't a fan of it.  I didn't say anything about the correctness (although pairing a collar like that with a shawl lapel is pretty silly, I must admit).
 Not a fan of the shirt collar choice.  But at least you tried, right?
  I got my Delrays through the Amazon RDA sale + 20% off, so $191 as well.  Mine were sold by Amazon proper, but I see that some sizes in the same shoe under ShoeBuy as the vendor are also going for the same price.
Brand new brown Delrays.   I know they're not the fanciest shoes in the world, but Delrays are my workhorse (I have them in Chili, and I had a real old pair in brown).  They're fantastic every day shoes, especially with a pair of chinos or cotton pants.  I don't know why SF seems to be lukewarm at best when it comes to them/their split toe, but they're some of the most versatile (and best looking) shoes AE makes.  And they're made on the best last there is.      
New webgems are pretty terrible, and the bowtie/cummerbund sets are horrendous. WTF.
 Players Shoe. 
  Bingo, this is exactly what I was picturing as what I would consider wearing with shorts (or perhaps chinos too).  Definitely more useful than a balmoral in blue suede.
 I looked at it and considered it briefly.  On its own, I actually really like the look; however, I just don't see it working in my wardrobe. If it was a blucher, I would consider wearing them with shorts, but as they stand now they just seem too incongruous in general to fit a specific niche for me.
  I love it actually, and wish that a more natural edge was used more often (or available as a non-MTO option on most shoes).
New Posts  All Forums: