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Pardon the newbie-ish question, but where's the best place to buy Saphir Renovateur?  I doubt there are many places near me that sell it, so I am mostly looking for online.  Does it go on sale certain places?
 I'm glad I'm not the one who keeps confusing Kirkwoods and Kenwoods.
 I thought they looked like oxblood too, despite him stating bob's chili in the post.
Any advice on getting the smell of cigarette smoke out of shell cordovan shoes?
 I have found the Daltons to be more than accommodating for wider feet.  The Long Branch even more so (I own both in 9EEE and the Long Branch is notably wider/roomier, which is great if I want to wear thick winter socks). I don't own the Dundee, can't comment here.
I figured they were probably EEE. That seems to be par for the course for extra wide shoes, at least with Allen Edmonds. The extra width comes laterally, which makes it look like the rest of the shoe has been displaced medially.
 What width are they?
 Had a pair of the Fairfax in Chili a few years ago, but unfortunately I bought it in an incorrect size (10D rather than a 9E or 9.5E) and realized they were a poor fit and had to sell them.  Since then, I've been keeping an eye on ebay for any that might pop up in my size.
Shaker Heights.I have 2 different pairs.
Agree. I have them in brown grain, and love them. Zero break in, and easily the most comfortable AE shoe I own.
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