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It's probably just the lighting, but it also looks like someone kicked in the side of the left shoe around the 5th MTP joint.
I would imagine it's due to their ubiquity. Up until about two years ago, they were extremely niche boots. In the past year or two, they have exploded in popularity, particularly among young 20 and 30 somethings.When you see something worn and/or posted about with high frequency, it begins to seem more palatable.
Any Chelsea boot for sure.To be fair to AE, I find all Chelsea boots to be terrible looking.
With C&J I have found that with the same last, Grain is looser than Shell is looser than Calf.
Nah.Most of the time I skip using the shoe horn even for my shoes. I often just use my finger.
Much obliged, @JayDotz 
 Alden is indeed very confusing in general.  One of the things I prefer about AE is that you don't have to hunt around and find random niche retailers to discover different variations of their shoes/boots. I see The Shoemart and Alden of Madison have the one you're referencing, and it does indeed seem to have the neoprene cork insole. FWIW, my natty Indys retailed at slightly higher than the 403/405 sold from the same store.  If I could find a cheap pair of Higgins Mills...
 Wonderful, thanks! And . . . those are my exact size!  
 I should amend what I said since I'm an idiot.  The make up I own (natty CXL) is from Supply and Advise, and they did use a leather sole on them! The 403 has the neocork sole. There are other retailers who sell a natural CXL Indy, not sure what soles they use.
 Hey Jay, thanks for the quick reply! That's why I added the "if it even needs to be versatile" part as I have a bunch of shoes/boots too and even my more seemingly "versatile" shoes sit on the rack more than my feet simply due to the rotation. If you happen to have any pics of them, that would be awesome.   How'd you get yours - ebay?
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