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 Are they burgundy/merlot in color?  A lot of people/ebay sellers tend to list this color as "cordovan", rather than using the word to refer to the type of material used. My instinct is that it's probably a pair of corrected-grain burgundy shoes.
 Agreed.  I usually take a 9.5E or a 9EEE in most AE shoes, but was ok with a 9.5D in the Shaker Heights (only width available in the Brooks Brothers make up).
Here's how I know I have a problem: I now own two different pairs of Shaker Heights. The Brooks Brothers tartan pattern, and the brown/olive tweed. I'll try to take better pictures, please excuse the poor photography on the iPhone. I just snapped a few when I first opened them. In the last photo, you can see on the right lateral aspect of the toe box that there seems to be a small gouge in the leather. Not a big deal to me, as I'll probably put some wear and tear on...
Wearing the RL Singletons today.
Stopped by the Philly AE store today to look around. I'm always reminded of how much better the shoes look in person and how god awful the photographs on AE's site are. Looked at a pair of oxblood Daltons but decided the color is too purple for me. A Bob's Chili Dalton may be in my future. I also rekindled my love affair with the brown Vernon. What a beautiful shoe on a great last. Also, I was at the Ralph Lauren store in the city yesterday and although I already own a...
 Whoa.  Did AE do that for you, or was it an after-market modification?
Gotta agree with this.
 Agree with all of this.
I think the Carlyle is a fantastic choice, and would definitely pick them myself.
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