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I've had success with adding an insole (necessary thickness may vary).
 Those look great.  I, too, have a pair of the Espresso shell loafers on the way to me (actually, delivery was attempted on Saturday but I was out of town, and haven't been able to make it to the post office during business hours this week, but will be stopping by today). The whiskey/natural loafers look a good bit more muted in color than the photos from the seller (assuming the three of us all got our loafers from the same guy). I considered snagging a pair of the...
 I was indeed! 
I'm sure a lot of people have asked questions about sizing, but how do Rancourt beefroll CXL loafers compare with OSB loafer sizing? FWIW an 8.5D fits me very well in OSB, although I'm usually a 9E in most dress shoes (majority are Allen Edmonds). I would like to find a pair of Rancourt loafers that fit very similarly to my OSBs. Any experience with the two?
Thanks for the input on belt seconds everyone. While I was dragging my feet, however, unfortunately somebody already purchased the belt I was looking at (Humbolt Ave in brown CXL). I bought a natural colored one during the belt clearance, and wanted to go back afterwards and get a brown one, but they were sold out on the main site. There was one left in my size on the shoe bank, but that is gone now too. Bummer.
Nice! They are wonderful shoes indeed.
Anyone here have experience buying belt seconds at the shoe bank? I'm wondering what kind of defects to expect on the belts.
Those aren't independence line soles.
I recommend a pair of RL by AE Singleton loafers in tan (walnut), able to be had at 30% off at ralphlauren.com.
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