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 Looking good!  I've been wearing my natty/caramel pair more than the brown.  I love the lightweight feel of both.  Definitely some very comfy loafers.
Is tan too light? Nordstrom had AE Madison Parks in walnut for $245.
I know this is AE but I've been in an Oak Street Bootmakers kick to supplement my AE fixation. Just grabbed a pair of navy CXL loafers and chocolate calf short wings, and contemplating snagging a pair of their new cognac caf beefroll loafers. Got the navy loafers on big sale at Nordstrom and the wingtips for 10% off on OSB's Memorial Day sale.....for whatever reason, I don't have the same major aversion to paying retail (or close to it) for them like I do AE. Probably...
Talking to my wife today, and apparently her sister had been asking her where I get "all my nice shoes". Apparently her boyfriend has taken note when we've been together and he's been impressed. Only problem: I've sort of indicated to the wife that my shoes tend to be less expensive than what they actually are (and I never even pay retail), but the concern is now that sister in law and boyfriend will look into it, then word gets back to the wife. Oh well. At least the...
I know some people on here were disappointed that their new line of casual sneakers didn't feature an all white shoe (which has been trendy/in fashion now for a few years). Well, now they do: http://www.allenedmonds.com/shoes/mens-shoes/featured-shoe-styles/classic-sneaker/SF3733.html?dwvar_SF3733_color=3733#sz=18&start=61
I mentioned a few months ago that a pair of new dark chili Daltons felt significantly looser than my other two pairs that were older. I don't know what they're doing differently but you're not the only one who experienced this.
I wear a thin terry cloth insole in my Kirkwoods/Maritimes. I planned for that with my sizing, but honestly I don't think I'd wear a different size of I went without them, as they're pretty thin, but very comfy when going sockless. I got them on Amazon for like $10, and they have been awesome.
Also, participating in Walnut Wednesday today. Ralph Lauren (by AE) Sanderson.
  Do you find a difference in the feel of the brown vs natural OSB CXL leather?  I own the natural CXL loafers with the normal leather sole, and a pair of the crepe soled brown ones.  The brown ones seem much softer, while the natural feels more stiff.  I've owned both for the same (relatively short) amount of time. I had been considering getting a pair of brown leather-soled loafers, but actually now that I see the beautiful new cognac calf beefroll loafer they have, I...
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