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    Very nice.  Which email would I use to find out whether they have my size in one or two of these shoes?
Wow, very impressive. Mind sharing how you went about making that?
    To Boot New York's "Caine":   http://www.toboot.com/shoes/Caine   You can actually get them on Amazon for a fraction of the original price:   http://www.amazon.com/To-Boot-New-York-Caine/dp/B005LCKRA0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1367679322&sr=8-1&keywords=to+boot+new+york+caine   They come in both calfskin leather (as mine are above) or patent leather.  The "Vernice" option is patent leather, the "Parma" option is what I have, regular calfskin.
And now here's two pair of shoes I just purchased (one AE, one non):   AE/RL Sanderson.  Got these on sale for $312 (firsts) with the recent RL private sale:             To Boot New York Caine (in calfskin, not in patent leather) for use with tuxedo.  Got them for more than 50% off.  Hopefully I can work up a good shine on these.         I really wish AE offered a similar shoe, on the 8 last preferably.  I know the Vernon is sort...
Was at my local Nordstrom Rack and happened upon these:   AE Seventh Street (I'm sure most of you remember these).  Size 9.5 EEE, on clearance for $129:         And a pair of Fairfax in 8.5D, but in a burnished brown(?):         Sorry for the poor photo quality.
Man, really? I absolutely love the look of those shoes....
Is there a way to order the RL Sanderson in widths other than D (like E) from the RL site directly? All I see is D but it's apparently a narrow last and I have wider feet.
Very nice.
  Yeah I think the first one is the best.  The DB is nice, but looks a little big on you (although it may fit the same as the first one, the pic of the first suit doesn't do a great job of letting us see the full effect).   Either way, congrats!  I'm getting married in a little over a month, myself.
  Very nice.
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