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I'm feeling the same way . . .
 I was just going off of what the other poster said.  Made it sound like they would be pulling it.  
 I have nothing against a more plain shoe.  The Kenilworth is nice.  The Leeds looks goofy to me, primarily because of the last.
 I definitely don't share in the Leeds love either. I will say I'm glad AE apparently is able to cut their losses and realize when they swing and miss.  It happens when you take risks, which they've been doing more and more over the past few years. 
We need more pictures!It does look like the heel counter itself is a bit wider on the left. Perhaps it was just lasted more loosely. I don't know enough about their manufacturing process to have a knowledgeable opinion there. Hopefully it is not so stark that you can't make up for it with a thin insole and/or a thicker sock or tongue pads.
And just for good measure, caramel/natural version today (with bonus AE briefcase).
I still cannot believe I completely missed the AE MTO golden years. That boot is, in my opinion, the most beautiful boot AE has ever made. The tan Dublin leather, natural storm welt, mini commando (?) sole . . . So awesome.
Cross post from yesterday's shell non-Alden thread. Espresso pinch penny loafers. Unbelievably comfortable and lightweight. Beautiful too.
  Ditto!  I'm hoping I can get mine to lighten up a bit like burzan's.
Interesting. I'd definitely like to see the pics.I usually take an E width (US), but the 8.5 (US) Marlow fit me ok....maybe a hair long and a hair narrow. The 8 (US) was definitely too snug, but I don't recall of it was more the length or the width. I had hypothesized that a wider "US 8" from RL would fit best if it existed.I don't own any Marlows, have only tried on. But my CJ/BB longwings are "US 8.5" and fit me like I recall the Marlows in the same size fitting.But if...
New Posts  All Forums: