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New webgems are pretty terrible, and the bowtie/cummerbund sets are horrendous. WTF.
 Players Shoe. 
  Bingo, this is exactly what I was picturing as what I would consider wearing with shorts (or perhaps chinos too).  Definitely more useful than a balmoral in blue suede.
 I looked at it and considered it briefly.  On its own, I actually really like the look; however, I just don't see it working in my wardrobe. If it was a blucher, I would consider wearing them with shorts, but as they stand now they just seem too incongruous in general to fit a specific niche for me.
  I love it actually, and wish that a more natural edge was used more often (or available as a non-MTO option on most shoes).
  I'd like to hear about these as well.
They look exactly like the awful sneaker/dress shoe hybrids made by brands like Ecco.
Those are some of the ugliest shoes I have ever seen. I feel like I am in the twilight zone after reading people's positive impressions of them on this thread. Really??
Really? I was being nice about the Larchmont, I think the shape is terrible. The Sanderson, to me, is an absolutely beautiful shoe, and on a much better shaped last than the Larchmont.
  The Larchmont isn't a terrible choice either, although the last it's made on may be a bit too elongated/chiseled for some.  Either way, that for the RL Sanderson should work.
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