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 Those definitely aren't bourbon . . . 
 Thanks!  It should also be noted that these are in EEE width, so they will likely look even more sleek in a D or E width. Honestly, I'm not sure which last they're on.
New dark chili Madison Parks. I love them, and these poorly lit photos don't do them justice.
Thanks everyone for the input on the tartan loafers.  Today was the last day to get them for $99, and the day came and went without me calling to purchase them.  I suppose I will have to go on living life without them.   I do realize I would probably hardly ever wear them, but for some reason I really do like the BB Signature tartan pattern.  So much so that I own the BB Shaker Heights with the pattern, as well as the signature tartan belt and a necktie.
 Ha!  That's almost exactly what my wife said when I asked her. Looks like I'll probably forget about these loafers.
 Haha, appreciate the input!
 Hi Ttailor, thanks for the reply! The measuring was done with the help of my wife.  I did it the same way I did 3 years ago when I got a suit from Indochino.  They ask for a bunch of various measurements including shoulder width (acromium to acromium), upper arm circumference, chest circumference, stomach circumference (near the umbilicus), hip/butt circumference, etc.  The idea is that you submit these measurements and they create the garment based on whatever...
So, despite them fitting perfectly and having no discernible "seconds" flaw whatsoever, I returned these Brooks Brothers/AE tartan Duke loafers a few weeks ago as I just wasn't sure I wanted to have them for $170 (I had bought a pair of BB Kenwood loafers at the same time and decided to keep those, so figured I would send this pair back). But now they're down to $99, so maybe easier to justify.   I realize they are a very . . . unique looking loafer.  I have the BB...
 You'll love them.  So comfy, and I love the look of them myself.
Apparently sometime a couple hours ago they removed the Brooks Brothers models from the shoebank website; however, I had a browser tab open with a pair I was considering, and when I refresh it's still there.  I'm wondering if they just were getting assaulted by phone calls and were trying to reduce this for a bit?  Or the same was somehow a mistake (doubt it)?  Weird.
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