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I've tried to pay with their new Worldpay thing and keep getting declined. So until I iron that out, I technically haven't paid yet.
I think the only differences are the types of leather used (calf vs shell) on the various Skyes.Wheeling is the "ridges" along the top of the welt.I prefer a storm welt. Doubly so if we go with Dainite sole.I prefer the aesthetics of the 325 last to the 335 (which the Skye is on). If we could get it on the 325 and everybody was OK with that, I would definitely prefer that.
Maybe Skye on the 325?
I would at least consider brown dainite. I'd definitely want to avoid the ultra light color welt stitching, but I think the welt and edging on the Warlow are otherwise perfect.
Nice! Thanks for organizing this.I'd say 325 last for sure. Antique or natural edge, storm welt.Those would be my recommendations/preferences.
AE's walnut has definitely gotten darker recently. Coincided with the period of time during which they discontinued bourbon.
Look great!
I'd probably happily drain my bank account for that.
  I'm a firm believer that if you only purchase one Pembroke, the tan is the way to go for sure.  So great choice! I have no Alden or Carmina experience (yet), but C&J has definitely become my favorite shoemaker.  That said, although the Skye is a beautiful boot, their chestnut color is just a tad too reddish for my liking.  Otherwise it's fantastic.  For me, it would probably be a decision between the Carmina or the Alden (although I'd take a tan scotch grain Lindrick on...
 Re: the welt stitching - I'm not sure if it was a conscious decision on the part of the Warlow 1.0 group, or if it just happened.  Some liked it, but I'm not really a fan and I'm glad that the 2.0 should have normal stitching (non-contrast). As for sizing, some on here probably recall my trials and tribulations.  I measure right around 8.5E or 9E on the brannock (probably closer to 8.5E actually, but I buy most of my AE shoes in 9E).  I've never been super picky about...
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