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Just as a small clarification, the Vernon is in Saddle Brown, not Chili.
 If they made these modeled on the 8 last (and thus looked more like a boot version of the Delray or Lasalle), I'd want them.  I just don't care for the look/fit of the 333 last, unfortunately.
 The welt on one of my LBs look like that and I'm not one bit worried.   The wrinkling looks similar to wrinkling I've had on calfskin seconds, and I imagine would be within the specs for yours if they're seconds (your shoes look like the CXL version, right?) Then again, mine are seconds . . . were yours firsts?
 Awesome. I have never liked the grey colored shoes AE offered, but this one somehow catches my eye.  It seems to fit the style (especially with the wedge sole). If they had them in my size, I'd probably pick up a pair.
 Where?  I have never heard of/seen a grey Eagle County.  It did come in black originally.
 Extremely jealous of those of you living close by!  Wish I knew someone who lived there who could snag a few pairs for me.
 LB = Long Branch, in dark brown grain leather.
Rocking the LBs today at work.
 Hate to "bump" my own post, but I just wanted to see if anyone else had any insight here.
 Absolutely stunning.  Some day I'd like to own a pair of these.
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