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 No I didn't, I was on my phone when I looked at the site and didn't see that.  Let me check again!Edit: yup you're right. This is very bad for my wallet. They have a few other shoes I haven't been able to find, including the Cardiff in mahogany calf!
Thank you very much. With the prices there, it would still run me at least $100 USD more than what I'd like to spend on them at the moment, but at least now I know they're out there.
Thanks! I'll check them out.I really prefer the Onslow to its successor the Durham. Having the split toe (Durham) just doesn't look as clean to me.
What are the chances I could find the Onslow from a british retailer?  C&J don't carry it on their site any longer.  Ben Silver has it, but for what would be quite a bit more with the US mark up.
I think TexasTexter's name is a clue - the alliteration.   He is secretly a certain "JJ" who happens to own and run a very successful NFL franchise.
Not sure if this qualifies as "shoe care", but I wanted to check with you guys:  what is your opinion of using shoe trees with unlined shell cordovan shoes/loafers?   I own two pairs of Rancourt unlined pinch penny loafers, and have gone back and forth with my opinion about whether they should have shoe trees when I'm not wearing them.  I've heard people say unlined shoes like them may actually help "conform" better to your foot without them and that this is desirable,...
This specific MTO is still, in my opinion, the best boot AE has ever made.
I've got a LOTTA problems with you people!
Oddly enough, i just saw a pair of suede Skyes on eBay in your very size yesterday. Brand new IIRC.Edit: sorry, they are 7E.http://m.ebay.com/itm/351934684131
Been bad for years. Seems to get worse with time.
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