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The Shoebank's website made a small but very annoying change today.  Now they only show 18 shoes at a time, and you have to keep hitting "next" or whatever to get the next 18.   It's like they took advice from Buzzfeed or some other terrible site.
The Humboldt Ave belt in natural CXL. Its on clearance but if you can find your size, it's great.
Does anyone have a photo of the Cornwallis in Brown?  I'm heavily debating between Brown and Dark Chili for these, but I'm worried the Brown will be too dark for my taste.  
Yes, that's them. The leather is a very soft, supple grain/pebbles leather. The lighting in my pics does seem to overemphasize the texture, but it's not too far off real life.
 1. As I posted earlier today, I just don't tend to wear balmorals much with my level of daily dress (chinos/button-down).  But I love the Cornwallis and would find ways to work them in2. Yeah, I only recently saw a pair pop up in my size.  Out of the 3 pairs I listed, these would probably get the most year-round wear3. For whatever reason I prefer the goodyear welt on the OSB to the blake stitch of the Rancourt.  I agree that otherwise the shoes are pretty similar (and...
Currently deliberating purchasing 3 entirely different shoes:   1.  Dark chili or brown Cornwallis 2.  Brown grain Player 2.0  3.  Brown CXL Oak Street Bootmakers Beefroll Penny Loafer   I don't NEED any of them.  But then again, that's not what this thread is about.
 Gotcha.  My daily attire is basically chinos and a button-down shirt (+/- my white coat if I feel like it).  I own one AE balmoral shoe (walnut Cornwallis) and then have a pair of Johnston & Murphy Meltons (cap toe bal similar to AE PAs) in black and burgundy.  With how infrequently I ever wear balmorals, this has been plenty.  Most of my extensive shoe collection is bluchers (heavy on the wing tips) and loafers.
I have the brown pebbled/grain version for Brooks Brothers and I really like them. They are 9D and I'm a 9E. They were a little snug up front at first, but they have relaxed a bit and fit very well. I've acquired quite a few loafers over the past two years ( 2 X OSB pairs and eyeing up a third, RL/AE Singletons, BB/AE Kenwood, Rancourt shell pinch penny x 2, Sperry Gold Cup penny). That doesn't even include my boat shoes!    
Walnut Wednesday. Ralph Lauren/AE Sandersons seconds. You can likely tell what makes them seconds if you look at the right shoe. Regardless, I love these shoes to death.
I've eyed up the Vernons in saddle brown/chili for several years now, but just don't tend to wear suits very much and I tend not to wear balmoral shoes with chinos. At one point recently I was thinking again about getting them, and then suddenly the Cornwallis was introduced. I feel like that shoe is a wonderful substitution/update in a similar style. Or, at least, it fills the same niche. I got a pair and Walnut for a crazy deal, but I really want the Cornwallis in a...
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