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Do you happen to remember what color Daltons we're there?
FYI, Amazon has the Shaker Heights in brown/olive tweed (the best color of the three they made IMHO) for $195! I own the Brooks Brothers version, and they are my most comfortable boots that I own. I'm extremely tempted to buy another pair, even if the only difference between the two would be the tweed versus tartan pattern. It's weird, when the Shaker Heights first came out I was very on the fence about them. I think it wasn't until they came out with the third color,...
 I'm assuming you're talking about a pair of Shaker Heights?  Which color were they?  
 I emailed one of the outlets last month asking about RL shoe availability in my size, and the reply stated that they don't really have much RL stuff anymore (but no further explanation as to why).
 I would like to take this opportunity to say that I've always liked the photographs of the shoes on the Ralph Lauren website.  They may not have as many angles as the AE photos, but the quality is quite obviously superior.  There are, however, users on this board who consistently do better than both.
 I love my Daltons (in walnut and dark chocolate) and they're very comfortable.  I'm disappointed they'll be going away for a while.
I'll Join in.     My top 5 AE shoes that I own:   1. RL Sanderson 2. Dalton 3. Williams (Independence) 4. Brooks Brother Tartan Shaker Heights 5. Delray
double post
  Sweet Jesus, those are nice. I need to hurry up and finish residency and pay off my absurd med school loans so I can afford beautiful things like these.
Williams Wednesday for me. Paid $177 for these as seconds, and I couldn't be happier. Could not find a single flaw aside from the most minimal offset lacing on the right.
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