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Hi gentlemen, I'm currently in the process of fine tuning my size for a GMTO of the Lindrick (as was posted above) as well as the GMTO for the whisky Marlow wingtip.  I've been in contact with Lauren at C&J and she has been helpful so far, but I also wanted to gather some further insight from you seasoned veterans.   I measure out at about an 8.5E on the brannock.  The bulk of my shoe wardrobe is AE, and I've never tried Alden so I don't have any good comparison.  I...
Well, it is. No one here thinks their suits are high quality. At least, I imagine no one does. But for the price, they offer a good way of getting a suit to fit someone like me with a bodybuilder-type physique who has a hell of a time finding anything OTR to even tailor.I've also never paid full price for them. But again (and I thought this was common knowledge but I guess not), the conventional wisdom surrounding indochino is that a remake is nearly a fire gon conclusion...
I've had a suit and a tux from Indochino and my experience was great.  You have to go in knowing there is a 100% chance you will get the jacket (and maybe the pants) remade.  This should be expected.  Consider it part of the fitting process.   In both instances, I first received a very ill-fitting jacket.  I made the necessary adjustments in measurements, sent them back, and the remake was wonderful.
 Ha, probably . . . I thought about that after I posted.  I'll check with her and then finalize my order.
 Woohoo! I've been back and forth a few times with Lauren trying to dial in my size, almost there. I don't suppose anyone owns the Lindrick in either a UK 7.5E or UK 8E, do you?  If someone did and could provide length/width measurements of the soles, I would be very grateful!
Post some pics!When did that GMTO go through?
Wear them in good health! I have them in both espresso and caramel, so nice.
Thanks so much to both of you. The reason I'm hesitant about a UK8E in the Lindrick is because a US 9D Marlow was much too big, and in theory I would think those two would be roughly the same, no? The Marlows I've tried on have all been within the last year or two, new stock.
Sorry if this has been rehashed in the past, but I'm looking for a little guidance with Lindrick sizing.   I tend to be a US 8.5E or 9E in most Allen Edmonds shoes (closer to 9E).  I have tried on the RL Marlow in US (?) 8.5D and it is the best fit of the various sizes (I presume that the sizes on the US RL website are indeed US and not UK).  I have also worn the shoes in my avatar, a pair of CJ for BB longwings also on the 325 last (and again, they are 8.5D, presumably...
Your post is about the Academy but your pic is of the Alumnus.
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