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  He's likely just talking about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale they have every summer.  July 19-Aug 4 this year.  
    Yeah those are not the shoes in Numberpro's picture.     These are his shoes:    http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/allen-edmonds-players-wingtip-oxford-men/3170711
  They're definitely Players, which are one of the models on sale for this Nordstrom Sale.   If I didn't already own the RL Sanderson in walnut, I'd buy walnut Players in a heart beat.  I really wish they made a brown Players Shoe.   Which leads me to my next statement:  I'm considering buying the RL Sanderson in brown.  It's such a beautiful shoe, especially with the burnishing at the toe.  My only reservation is that perhaps I should instead invest in a brown balmoral...
What about Ralph Lauren Sanderson in tan/khaki? The khaki material is breathable (not normal leather) and great for summer. They often have seconds available.
Well, technically I'm not an intern anymore (that term applies to residents only during their first year of residency). But yes I'm on my feet all day, although I have custom soft orthotics I put in all my AEs (I just go up a half size and a width and they fit like a glove), so they're plenty comfy.As for the people suggesting shell, I'm not at the point yet where I can justify the purchase of shell yet unfortunately, so I'm sticking with calf!
So I'm trying to plan out my next AE purchase, and figured I'd ask for some general input here.   Background: I'm a resident physician in a specialty that is almost entirely clinic based.  I typically wear navy/grey/charcoal/tan wool or cotton pants with a button-down shirt, +/- the white coat.     Current shoes I own: AE Lasalle in Brown AE Delray in Chili AE Fairfax in Chili AE Bradley in Brown AE Bradley in Black RL Sanderson in Walnut J&M Melton...
  Yes they do.
  I wanted to ask this very question.     I bought a pair in D width (sized up half a size from my usual size when ordering E widths) from RL when they had that huge site sale (got firsts for ~$315) but then returned those when I got a pair of Sanderson seconds during this most recent sale in the same size for $159 (the only "blemish" was one tiny patch of lighter coloration of the leather near the opening where your ankle is, which easily corrected itself with some...
    $19??  How?
Will try to post pics from my wedding in a few weeks.  Had my tux custom made a few months ago, although I've dropped a little weight since then (I'm an amateur bodybuilder and in a cutting phase for competitions), but I had factored that into my original measurements so right now the tux seems to fit me almost perfectly.
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