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Not sure if this qualifies as "shoe care", but I wanted to check with you guys:  what is your opinion of using shoe trees with unlined shell cordovan shoes/loafers?   I own two pairs of Rancourt unlined pinch penny loafers, and have gone back and forth with my opinion about whether they should have shoe trees when I'm not wearing them.  I've heard people say unlined shoes like them may actually help "conform" better to your foot without them and that this is desirable,...
This specific MTO is still, in my opinion, the best boot AE has ever made.
I've got a LOTTA problems with you people!
Oddly enough, i just saw a pair of suede Skyes on eBay in your very size yesterday. Brand new IIRC.Edit: sorry, they are 7E.http://m.ebay.com/itm/351934684131
Been bad for years. Seems to get worse with time.
Just as a point of interest, here is a comparison of two pairs of shoes. Left: PRL moc toe boot, US 10D [unsure of maker....great quality, retailed at ~$400-450 two years ago] Right: CJ Galway 2, UK 7.5E Obviously the last shapes are very different. But the overall length is very similar.....and actually, the 7.5 Galway is a tad longer (hard to tell in this pic) but that might just be the welt.
 Do yourself a favor and if you're doing the "button up and slacks" thing sans tie, be sure you have a button-down collar.  Nothing looks sloppier than a spread or point collar with no tie (well, yes there are sloppier things out there, but this looks very bad).
Agreed!I've got 4 on the way.
 Yes and yes.
Thoughts on C&J belts as far as quality/value?  Was thinking about a dark brown grain belt from them.  90 GBP (but I think it would be <$100 USD with no VAT).  Would presumably match my Pembrokes and Galway 2s perfectly.
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