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 Appreciate the helpful insight!  I would agree, this is something I probably just needed to be talked down from.
 Good points!   In the past I've considered the RL Sanderson in black (since I'm a big fan in tan/walnut and can get a good fit with an E width), but it is a bit more sleek and not quite the same level of "dressdownability" as, say, a black grain longwing like you suggest.  But, I'm always open to considering and trying new things.
Thanks to the fellas who helped out with my inquiry about brown gunboats.  Very helpful starting points - we'll see what I end up doing, will probably hold off on buying anything quite yet.   Another general question to the forum:  what's the consensus on black shortwing/longwing bluchers.  I've been indoctrinated to feel/believe that they are a bit of an oxymoron, as black should be reserved for the most formal of occasions (and thus most formal shoes).  I wear a lot of...
 He probably knew how to spell "utmost", at least.
 Just in time for the summer solstice!
  I don't think I've been this envious in all my life. I might cut off an arm and a leg for both of those pairs.
 Thanks for the reply and the links. I think what I don't like about the Macneil has to do with a combination of the "sharpness"/length of the center of the wing pattern (the part that points inward towards the laces, if that makes sense) and how far the patterned pieces that continue on past the eyelets extend to practically "touching" the piece around the bottom.  I realize that's a terrible description and I'm blanking on the correct terminology, so here's a photo with...
  Sorry again for posting on here about this, since it's not AE (but the only reason I strayed from AE to OSB for these was because AE doesn't have a shoe that fulfills this niche).  Decided I couldn't get the fit right on these after going back and forth.  They're very nice, and some day I may try again, but too much going on with getting ready to move (hooray finishing residency) and it's a pain shipping the shoes back and forth while changing addresses. So I guess back...
 I have a couple pairs, really like them.  They're probably overpriced a good bit at $175, but for $125 it's pretty reasonable and they're quite nice.  
I know this is the AE thread, but I thought I'd post a pair of shoes I just recently acquired. Oak Street Boot Makers double sole chocolate calf shortwing bluchers. With only the Madison Park and Player 2.0 really filling the shortwing void (I don't really consider the orthopedic line), I was looking for a tad more casual shortwing - perhaps even a "gunboat", despite that term's usual association with longwings. I got these for ~$50 off, but they're still quite pricey....
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