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 I should amend what I said since I'm an idiot.  The make up I own (natty CXL) is from Supply and Advise, and they did use a leather sole on them! The 403 has the neocork sole. There are other retailers who sell a natural CXL Indy, not sure what soles they use.
 Hey Jay, thanks for the quick reply! That's why I added the "if it even needs to be versatile" part as I have a bunch of shoes/boots too and even my more seemingly "versatile" shoes sit on the rack more than my feet simply due to the rotation. If you happen to have any pics of them, that would be awesome.   How'd you get yours - ebay?
Speaking of Unionmade . . . I know I've seen a couple pics posted of the Bartlett Indy boot in Hunting Green suede.  I really like the look, but I'm not entirely sold on its versatility (or whether it even needs to be "versatile").  Anyone who owns them (or just has an opinion on them in general) with some guidance?  Obvious would be a more casual wear for me.  
 I suppose beauty - and subduedness/flashiness - is in the eye of the beholder. The J.Crew version has a darker welt than the standard 403.  As I understand it, most 403 boots' welt darkens a few months in to look like the J.Crew ones anyway. There is certainly more contrast with the 403 - dark brown leather, light tan welt - but I find the light colored natural CXL itself a bit more flashy.  In a good way.
 I actually prefer the natural.  Admittedly, I tend to prefer shoes on the flashy end of things at times.  The 403s are more subdued, which perhaps makes them more versatile.  Below find some spoilered pics of both shoes. Size-wise, I went down a half size from my Brannock.  I'm 8.5E, but went 8D in both Indys and they fit great.  A 7.5E would probably work ok as well, but I think the 8D would actually be the better fit.   [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]    ...
 I only own the Indy boots (two pairs, actually), no Higgins Mills. I love the Indys.  The look appeals to me more than the plain toe style of the HM, for sure.  The standard CXL models (I have the J.Crew "405" which is really the Alden 403, as well as a pair of natural CXL) have a neoprene cork outsole rather than leather - the aesthetic is more or less the same as leather, but they are a bit more comfortable and much more durable.  I guess it depends on what you're using...
Just noticed this. I'll have to work on fixing this later tonight.
Warlow 2.0 today. Crossposted from the other C&J thread.
Warlow 2.0. If anyone is looking for a belt to match the new whiskey color, I found the Allen Edmonds bourbon Manistee belt to be a pretty darn close match. Just picked one up on clearance + 20% off.
Speaking of the Higgins Mill, why wasn't that included in the trunk show??
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