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An update on my sizing woes.   So I had purchased a pair of Pembrokes in 8E UK (the same size as my Lindrick and Warlow make ups).  I had been planning on getting these shoes at some point (despite the redundancy with the Warlow, somewhat), but decided on a whim to buy them from Lauren/C&J last week in the hopes that it would confirm I had chosen correct sizes for my two GMTOs.  Well, the Pembrokes arrived on Friday and unfortunately they were a bit too large.  The width...
I got burned the same way. I think the length may be about the same, but the UK 8E Pembroke definitely is higher volume/wider than 8.5D Marlow.Sorry about your outcome as well.
I'm gonna email Lauren but what are he odds a size change can be made at this point for the MTO? Greater than 0%?
The BB Black Fleece tan/white longwings (325 last) in my avatar.
Got my 8E Pembroke in the mail today. As feared, they are too long. Definitely higher volume than my 8.5 US CJ/BB shoes. Probably need a 7.5E. More worrisome, now I likely have two MTOs that will be too large for me . . .
I feel like the major issue is with their C&J for US retailers (RL, BB) at least on the 325 last.From what I can gather, they seem to be doing some weird half size conversion to go UK to US, even though it should traditionally be one full size.So for example:US 9D brannock = US 8.5D Marlow = 8E Pembroke
Lauren was very adamant that you should size down 0.5 from RL Marlow/Lindrick 325. Which is odd since the standard conversion is usually 1 full size fromUS to UK, but it seems as though C&J only adds 0.5 when converting from UK to US. Which is very confusing. But ultimately, it should equate to 1 full size down from your US brannock measurement. At least, in theory.
I'm feeling the same way . . .
 I was just going off of what the other poster said.  Made it sound like they would be pulling it.  
 I have nothing against a more plain shoe.  The Kenilworth is nice.  The Leeds looks goofy to me, primarily because of the last.
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