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There has been a ton of confusion for sure. Several people on the Warlow 1.0 order were upset that they followed the advice of "width is the same as US RL Marlow, just go down a half size."FWIW, an 8.5 RL Marlow (US) was the best fit available in store (a tad narrow and long but close enough). Lauren strongly recommended 8E UK for the Warlow. I went 7.5E UK and it was absolutely the right choice. I could not go longer.
Correct, if you know your Pembroke size and width, that will be your MTO Cheviot or Marlow/Barlow/Warlow size and width. The confusion comes with the actual RL Marlow shoes, which are made on a narrower last than all the aforementioned models.
So, the standard convention is that US D width is roughly equivalent to U.K. E width. That is usually the case.However, when CJ makes their RL Marlow shoes, many have theorized that they are actually making them in UK D width (narrower) but US length.
  Great to hear, thanks! Incidentally, both great choices for boots.
  As a follow up to the follow up, I wore these to work on Friday and the world did not end. I got one overt "sweet shoes" from a 28 year old bro.  Other than that, they were a non-issue.  Obviously I overthink things sometimes. Would love to have a pair of Cigar or Ravello Indy boots.  A guy can dream.  I will probably settle for picking up a pair of standard 403s sometime soon.  Love the Trubalance last.
Anyone try to order a standard stock shoe/boot from C&J via email through Lauren or Pernilla since the website price hike?  Still trying to figure out what the deal is with those prices listed.
Ha yeah, more like so much overlap that it becomes inconsequential.Gun to my head, I'd probably say brown shell.
I'm kinda split at the moment between brown and whiskey Cheviot. Natural edge and double leather sole regardless of upper color.
  That's what I was looking for! Me brain no worky good today. Thanks.  Blind eyelets are what I prefer.
I'd much prefer whatever it's called where the eyelets are just holes with no metal thingamajigs.Is that "exposed" eyelets?
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