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Ordering straight from C&J in London is amazing. Super fast shipping and save a ton over US pricing.
I had that same problem but after some experimentation (and a $60 shipping charge to send a pair back), I've been very impressed with Crockett & Jones.
  One of my biggest regrets/disappointments is that the pair of natural shell Daltons I got on ebay (brand new) were a bit too large and I had to flip them.   
But their selection is underwhelming.Edit: sorry, I know this is the appreciation thread. I really do appreciate the brand, and it's what got me into quality footwear just like many of you.
 Not long ago that was retail price for AE.  And I never pay retail price for AE. So I sure won't be pulling the trigger on anything during this sale. AE's growing divide between price and quality is causing me to look elsewhere as well.  I haven't abandoned the brand one bit, but I suspect deals on seconds is what my purchases will be limited to.  
  Very nice.  Which laces are they?
Wearing the BB x AE Shaker Heights on this rainy morning. Haven't had a chance to clean/polish them up - I threw some trees in them and put them in a box after their last wear back in March or so. Regardless, still probably the most comfy boot I own (well, second, behind the Long Branch).
 A moc toe boot like you describe, coupled with a mini-lug outsole, would be excellent.  As it stands now there is very little about AE offerings that excite me, but that would get my wallet open again.
I can't believe they brought it [the grey color] back at all. With all due respect to the gentlemen on this forum, I could never understand or appreciate the grey shoe aesthetic whatsoever. I can't imagine they sold well.
Wow, 200 gbp for Islays . . . So jealous.
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