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Dang, 8.5 would've been perfect for me and you snagged them! Or do you mean you usually wear 8.5 and you bought 9? Last I had checked (a few weeks ago, admittedly) it was only 9 and 7 or 7.5 left.I might not be much help as I've never actually worn Alden or Carmina. I'm sort of between an 8.5E and 9E in most Allen Edmonds lasts, FWIW.
What size? I had bought the remaining size 9 that was left, but returned them because they were about a half size too long for me. They are beautiful shoes. Here are some photos I took when I had them.
  No, don't do that, bad idea.  It doesn't have to be 100% the same shade, and some would even argue that it shouldn't be.  From the picture it does look more than adequate for a match between the two, and black polish on the belt is just going to ruin your clothes.
 While I agree that walnut (and particularly a walnut Strand) is much much less "versatile" than people seem to think, I also don't care for the red/purple look of the AE oxblood.  I tend to think dark chili works significantly better anywhere that you'd think of using oxblood.  Unfortunately, I think the dark chili Strand was only made for Nordstrom.
Yet another "OMG totally sockless with no socks!" ad popping up. I suppose I wouldn't find this so amusing/annoying if I hadn't read that recent piece about the Allen Edmonds stylists specifically gearing up to push the sockless look this summer as if it was a new thing.
Here you go, courtesy of user Gabru:   http://www.styleforum.net/t/141581/allen-edmonds-appreciation-thread-reviews-pictures-sizing-etc/64800_100#post_8121722    
 It definitely showed up in brown grain as well. In fact one of the posters here bought a pair and posted some beautiful photos of the brown grain Player 2.0.
 Definitely see if you can try both on, like others have said.   The Indy line shoes are really nice. More importantly, however, is the fact that I find 5 lasted balmorals (Park Ave, Fifth Ave, Strand, McAllister) to be a very inelegant shape, particularly at the toe.  The stubby caps on the PA/FA don't help either.  For this reason alone I would likely eliminate a shell PA from the running and absolutely go with the Hopkinson.
Whoa.Here I am trying to sell a pair of natty shell Daltons in an incorrect 9.5D, and you go and post a beautiful pair of natty shell MacNeil in my exact size.Must restrain self.
Just trying to gauge interest before I go listing these on B&S or ebay/grailed. I have a pair of Natural shell cordovan Dalton seconds in 9.5D that, after two gentle wears, I realize don't fit me the way I'd like them to. I've struggled over this for quite a while now, as these are one of my "grail" boots. If they were 9E or 9EEE I would never let them go. The "defects" that likely made them seconds: 1. A very slight error in punching the toe medallion on one of the...
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