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 Ask them if you can buy a pair? I'm a tad confused by what you're looking for exactly in your post.
Agreed, I use cognac polish on my walnut AEs too. I bought two tubes of it last year when they were on clearance. I regret not buying more now. I haven't been able to find it reliably anywhere since they stopped making it.
 Do you happen to work for Ringling Brothers?
 I usually just poke around TJ Maxx or Marshall's every once in a while to find a belt that hits pretty close to Chili or Walnut.  I've had great luck, as I've found one that is a near perfect match for each of those colors, and the quality is pretty decent (for what you'd expect to find there). If you're looking for a fancier $100 belt, I can't help you there.
 I returned a pair of shoes and didn't hear anything for almost two weeks, despite Fedex Tracking showing they were received in 2 days.  Granted, I was busy during that time and not really too concerned. So, I shot an email to the store to inquire.  They replied saying their records show they never received the shoes, and asked me to call to discuss it.  I sent them a copy of the tracking info and they were very nice, helpful, and apologetic.  They assured me that they...
 For me, I have little problem finding a size to fit in most lasts . . . but some lasts I just find unappealing aesthetically (the 5 last) or, at worst, absolutely ugly (the 333 last).   The 108 last is perfect for me.  I know the size that fits me perfectly, and the shape is absolutely lovely.
Speaking of the Players Shoe, for as long as I can remember (even before the shoebank website existed), there has consistently been listed "Players Shoe Walnut" and then below/after that "Chocolate".  Am I to presume that these are indeed Chocolate (suede) and not Walnut?  It's not just one single size, either, so it seems like a systematic error/confusion.   Anyone ever investigate this?  Surely someone must've bought a pair.
 Are they firsts or seconds?  I have two pairs of Dalton seconds and the side panels have slightly worse creasing than those (even before being worn, obviously).  I don't even give it a second thought, since normal wear results in various creasing in the same general areas.  But it also helps that I paid ~$200 for each pair.  At twice that price, I might care more.
Dermatology, have one (and a half) more year of residency.I agree, it's nice to "get to" wear your nicer clothing/shoes. as long as you're smart about things, you shouldn't have to worry too much about getting this in the hospital. Just don't wear them anytime you plan on going to the OR, are on labor and delivery, or might be doing potentially messy bedside procedures on the wards.
Also, I'd be curious to hear from you guys which pair of shoes that you own tend to get the most comments/compliments.   Up until a few months ago, it was surprisingly my Eagle County boots (regular factor specs in tan).  I mostly wear them when it's raining or when there's been a lot of snow and slush on the ground.  People seem to really like them. People still comment heavily on them, but I'd say my Walnut Daltons now receive the most compliments.
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