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 Let's see some pics! I will upload pics of my PRL peacoat soon for anyone interested, even though this is an RRL thread. If the RRL peacoat is too boxy, try the PRL - it definitely isn't boxy!
Got my shipping confirmation today. Nothing RRL though. Got a pair of RL Marlow shell wing tips and the PRL/blue label pea coat. Debated long and hard between this and the RRL pea coat. Still not 100% sure I made the right choice. The PRL coat says its navy, but looks black in the pics. Either way, very excited to receive both tomorrow. I did next day shipping to increase my chances of "getting away" with the sale before they would cance my order.
A question for the experts on lasts and such (especially those of you who own/have tried on the Shaker Heights):    How does the overall fit (and in particular, length/width) compare between the 73 last (Shaker Heights) and the 511 (Dalton)?  I actually own both boots (several in each), but in different sizes/widths.  I have a few Shaker Heights in 9.5D, and a few Daltons in 9EEE.  Both fit me fine (the 9EEE is slightly better, and a 9E might be perfect, but it's not a...
 Nice, would love to see another run get going!
  I really like it, especially the lapels!  I've seen a lot of narrow lapels on dinner suits and I'm not a big fan - these look great.
I just stumbled upon some of the photo albums of the GMTO whiskey shell Skye 2 boots again - holy hell those are amazing!  I would sell half my shoe collection for a pair of them!   I can only hope someone drums up enough interest for another run of them someday.
I actually kinda like these slippers, although I'm not sure I'd pay $150 for them. Sandman:            Ralph Lauren makes some super comfy shearling slippers that retail for the same, but I got them last year for ~$80:  
 Did they intentionally make the back panel out of wrinkled/crappy leather?  Is that some sort of stylistic choice (like the green eyelet for the Bucks' jersey color), or just choosing a poorly made pair to photograph? Edit: Nevermind, I see it's sharkskin.
 Nah, this is the LGA.  They have all their Road Warrior shoes listed by their airport letters.  http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/allen-edmonds-lga-wingtip-oxford-men/3924777?origin=keywordsearch-personalizedsort&contextualcategoryid=2375500&fashionColor=Black&resultback=4732
 Wow, awesome news.  Any word on welt/edge choices?  Is it truly "MTO" or is it just factory specs with shell instead of calf?
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