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Dermatology, have one (and a half) more year of residency.I agree, it's nice to "get to" wear your nicer clothing/shoes. as long as you're smart about things, you shouldn't have to worry too much about getting this in the hospital. Just don't wear them anytime you plan on going to the OR, are on labor and delivery, or might be doing potentially messy bedside procedures on the wards.
Also, I'd be curious to hear from you guys which pair of shoes that you own tend to get the most comments/compliments.   Up until a few months ago, it was surprisingly my Eagle County boots (regular factor specs in tan).  I mostly wear them when it's raining or when there's been a lot of snow and slush on the ground.  People seem to really like them. People still comment heavily on them, but I'd say my Walnut Daltons now receive the most compliments.
Not sure if we're still doing this, but here are all my AE shoes.  I bought my first pair used on ebay my 4th year of medical school in 2011 when searching for shoes to wear for residency interviews and interview dinners.  They were my black Bradleys.  In hindsight, they were (still are) in pretty beat up shape, but they were a steal and they still looked 10x better and nicer than any shoe I had owned before.  I don't wear them anymore and should probably donate them to...
I actually don't find this to be one bit true, but then again I'm not a novice. I suppose it's possible that people who are used to buying cheap shoes might not immediately notice the difference visually.
You evidently have very unrealistic expectations with AE. Doubly so considering that start/stop welt mark is normal and standard on most of their shoes.
 Ha, thanks, I'm an idiot.  I use neutral on my two walnut shoes (or sometimes cognac which is closer to walnut than walnut polish, in my opinion) because I feel like walnut adds an orange-ish color.  Obviously neutral would work well here too.
  So I now own the Shaker Heights for Brooks Brothers.  Any suggestions on color of AE premium polish to use?  Too dark for walnut, too light for dark brown.  I have saddle brown polish but that's a redder/almost chili color.     I feel like maybe bourbon is the closest (I don't have any bourbon polish yet).  
 I'm a huge fan of the 8 last and almost for this reason alone I prefer the Carlyle.  Also, I really dig the smooth, clean lines and simple look.  Personally, I'd go with the chili, especially since the new Bob's chili color seems to be an "improvement" over the previous chili color.
I'm not even sure if AE makes these (they bear a nearly identical resemblance to the Shaker Height boot, except for the different pattern fabric panel), but I figured I'd ask for opinions about the Brooks Brothers Tartan Leather boot.  Anyone else own these and have any input?  They're 50% off right now at BB.    http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Leather-and-Signature-Tartan-Boots/MH00453,default,pd.html
Nah, the price listed is the final price and already reflects the 40% off.
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