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 What sale?
 Those are amazing.
 Those are beautiful shoes!  I really wish this shoe came out a year ago, I would've snatched it up in black to wear with my tuxedo.  Instead I went with a nice looking To Boot New York black wholecut, but would've preferred to spend my money on AEs.
 In addition to my question, I wanted to remind everyone who will be expecting their Eagle County MTOs to post a ton of pictures on here when you receive them!  
Is the Eagle County $197 MTO sale still going on?
 I own the Fairfax in Chili and really like them.
 Why does your link connect through "ShareSale.com" when you click on it?
 Noooooooooooooo. Well, either way, I'm looking for a pair of the brown leather Singletons, and only the suede was on sale.  Either way, drat.
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