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 I just wanted to once again point out how awesome these shoes are.  Probably the best MTO out there.
 I mean, Bob's Chili is a beautiful color, but it's nothing like Merlot. 
I love the McGregor and will probably get a pair (although I wish they came in Merlot), but in my opinion the Bleeker Street is an abomination.  I realize tastes differ, but yeesh.
 Rediscover America Sale starts October 6th: https://www.behance.net/gallery/18379345/Allen-Edmonds-Cataloging-Rediscover-America-Sale-2014
 And yet here you are trying so very hard to express your superiority.
 This is what trolls want/feed on.  Just move along, we all understand he's a dufus.
 That's.....not a particularly great sale.
 As was pointed out by the other poster, the Sanderson is on the 2 last, and the McGregor is on the 5 last. The Williams, part of the independence collection, is the rough equivalent of the Sanderson. The Williams never came in tan/walnut, though.  Just black and brown.
  Wear them in good health!  Out of all my AE shoes (~12-15 pairs, I forget at the moment), my tan RL Sandersons are my favorite.
 Biggest thing for me is this is not on the awful 333 last.  The Larchmont has always been a nonstarter for me.
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