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 Can you post pics of both together for comparison? Thanks!
Just opened my golden brown Maritimes and I have to say I am VERY impressed.  The CXL leather is beautiful, and these shoes are truly a steal at $125.  I ordered a pair in navy but they have yet to ship.   My only concern is maybe with the fit, but I don't know how real it is.  The fit is about as close to 100% perfect as I can get, as far as length/width . . . but I have heard that CXL tends to stretch/relax with time.  Should they feel a bit more snug the first couple...
So is the new RL Sport line basically just RLX rebranded?
Someone may have already mentioned this and I just missed it, but there is a Jefferson 2.0 listed on the shoebank . . .    In 9D, at least, there is a black and a merlot version.
They're currently on sale for $15 shipped.
I have both waiting for me in boxes at home right now. I am currently on vacation and will not be back home until Friday, unfortunately. That said, I have had difficulty deciding between the two as well, and I'm afraid I may end up keeping both.It's somewhat depends on your own preference for the aesthetics of each. The only thing I don't like about the Kirkwood is the lacing around the top (seems pointless as there are no actual laces on a loafer). This is why I...
I'm certainly hoping the RRL line is preserved . . .
 Show us some pics!
 Yes, intentionally so.  Your shoes look great.  They are absolutely factory seconds (the fact that you purchased them from the shoebank and the shoe-shaped stamp on the sole confirm this easily [although occasionally the shoebank stocks firsts]).
 Did you get the golden brown or the darker brown color?
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