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 Yeah he routinely seems to have some MTO seconds for sale on ebay.
 Great looking shoes.  I especially like the tan and cognac ones with a leather sole, assuming the welt is the light/natural-type color as well.  Would be a great semi-casual shoe to wear either at work or perhaps when just out and about.
 Those are exactly what I want to make/own.  I can't afford a MTO at the moment, but if I could that'd be exactly what I'd get. Beautiful!
 I own the Singletons (in tan and in brown both) and absolutely love them.  I think I paid $149 for each pair of seconds.
  Nice jacket, but why do you look so absolutely miserable in all your pictures?
 Read his post again.  He doesn't have them yet . . . 
 I saw those on the AE seconds inventory website last night.  Thought about getting them for a moment, but decided against it (and it sounds like you would've beaten me to it anyway).  I don't see the picture on the website anymore now.
I'm such a dolt.  I saw the sale code the other day in the morning before I left for work, and briefly considered ordering a pair of Marlows.  Instead, I inexplicably only ordered two bathing suits I knew I wanted anyway.  I'd love to own a pair of the Marlows, and am kicking myself left and right for not pulling the trigger. 
 Oh no worries at all, I wasn't trying to come off snidely.  I used to assume the same thing (I wouldn't even know how to go about ordering them in size E since RL does seem to only carry them in D on their website).  Maybe you have to special order/MTO, and I just got lucky with a pair of MTO seconds?  I have no clue.
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