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Agreed, which is anither one of the reasons I am returning them. I will probably pick up a pair of Kirkwoods and a pair of Maritimes during the Father's Day sale.
I know this is an AE thread, but for comparison's sake (since I have a feeling many people will be eyeing up the Kirkwoods if not already doing so), I recently purchased Ralph Lauren's new beefroll penny loafer "boat shoe."  Retails for $289, but currently on sale for $170!   They're beautiful shoes, made of calfskin (I know many prefer CXL for this type of shoe).  Craftsmanship seems spot-on, no complaints whatsoever.  They come in brown and navy (the two colors I...
 I haven't tried them, but am interested in this answer as well.  I usually use either an orthotic or at least a cushioned insert in most of my AE shoes, but would not be doing so with a pair of Maritimes/Kirkwoods (which I am planning on purchasing soon), so it throws my sizing all off anyway.
I'm very glad to hear the recent discussion regarding the Maritime and Kirkwood shoes . . . I've been thinking about getting one of each!   Anyone think we'll see a sale on firsts in these styles for Father's Day?
BTW, does anyone own the Kirkwood (or the Maritime)?  I'm considering a pair (maybe seconds) but I'd like to hear about the quality from those who have them.  I know the AE line is not quite the same as the mainstream stuff.
Anyone have a pair of Bob's Chili (Dark Burnished Chili) Daltons?  I'd love to see what they look like in real life/photos rather than just the website photo.  
 Are they burgundy/merlot in color?  A lot of people/ebay sellers tend to list this color as "cordovan", rather than using the word to refer to the type of material used. My instinct is that it's probably a pair of corrected-grain burgundy shoes.
 Agreed.  I usually take a 9.5E or a 9EEE in most AE shoes, but was ok with a 9.5D in the Shaker Heights (only width available in the Brooks Brothers make up).
Here's how I know I have a problem: I now own two different pairs of Shaker Heights. The Brooks Brothers tartan pattern, and the brown/olive tweed. I'll try to take better pictures, please excuse the poor photography on the iPhone. I just snapped a few when I first opened them. In the last photo, you can see on the right lateral aspect of the toe box that there seems to be a small gouge in the leather. Not a big deal to me, as I'll probably put some wear and tear on...
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