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 Possibly - if it did, I definitely missed it.  Damn.
Can someone help me with the verbiage of the exclusion?  This part in particular:   " If you return some or all merchandise, the dollar value of this promotion is not refunded or credited back to your account. "   Are they saying they will simply not refund any extra money you saved on the item(s) (for example if you bought a $100 item for $75 and returned it, they would only give you back $75 and not the additional $25, which would be a no-brainer)?  Or is that some...
Although it might be a tad redundant, I'd love to have a tan scotch grain Pembroke boot - essentially an Islay made out of the same color as the tan Pembroke.  I think that would be amazing.  Bonus points if they switched it from the 365 to the 325 last.   That said, I'm still very seriously considering a pair of Islays right now.  With the exchange, it's hard to pass up.
$2500 officer's coat, here I come!
I've often fantasized about purchasing that coat if it wasn't so ridiculously expensive. I love it.
 Mind posting some pics of the Islays?
I was too! It was extremely hard to let them go, but the fit just wasn't right.
Norm is heavily underrated.
 Yeah I think it was $65 actually, via USPS.  I only checked with them and UPS, and UPS was >$100.  Maybe Fedex or DHL or something would be cheaper.
   I'll say my AE x RL Sandersons.  I'm a big wingtip fan, and these shoes are a beautiful walnut with nice burnishing.  Despite the crummy leather on the R shoe (which is probably why they were seconds), I find myself trying to wear them whenever possible.  
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