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Also, got my dark chili Cornwallis. The left shoe is fine, but the right shoe has some "leopard spotting" going on ( not to be confused with the tiger striping of bourbon). Not sure if it'll clear up with a little cleaner conditioner or chili polish.
Just FYI, the Player 2.0 and Madison Parks are on two completely different lasts. Just got my players in brown green, and unfortunately they are longer than I expected. Feel closer to a 9.5. These are both 9EEE:
C&J for Brooks Brothers.  Sorry for my photo skills.          
 Meh, pale is the new tan.  
 Personally I think chelseas are hideous and should not exist.  But I am probably in the minority there.
The only way I'd consider wearing a navy calf shoe is in a casual style, but the black welt/edge negates that for me.  It's the reason I never pulled the trigger on any bourbon.  I like black welt/edge on black and merlot/burgundy shoes only.  Otherwise, brown/natural for me.
I like the idea of navy or midnight blue leather (especially on shoes like the Cornwallis or Carlyle) in theory; however, I'm not sure they would ever really find a home in my rotation.  I don't know how/when I would wear them!
 It's a shiny plastic-y finish they've been putting on most/all their shoes over the past several months.  My first experience with it was with a brand new pair of dark chili Daltons.  They have a tacky/sticky feel to them, and squeak 10x worse than usual.  
I don't find hem to be particularly big, but they do perhaps run just a tad wide up front.What size/width do you normally wear?
FYI, I'm going to be selling my dark brown Shaker Heights boots, size 9E. They were seconds but for the life of me I've never been able to find out what the defect might be. Worn 2-3 times, but I just don't find myself reaching for them often enough in my rotation to justify keeping them.
New Posts  All Forums: