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  Do you find a difference in the feel of the brown vs natural OSB CXL leather?  I own the natural CXL loafers with the normal leather sole, and a pair of the crepe soled brown ones.  The brown ones seem much softer, while the natural feels more stiff.  I've owned both for the same (relatively short) amount of time. I had been considering getting a pair of brown leather-soled loafers, but actually now that I see the beautiful new cognac calf beefroll loafer they have, I...
 If the color was used on better models (read: non-65 last models) I might.
Of course they are, I have no idea what I was thinking when I wrote that.
Rancourt shell loafers.
 I'm hoping I don't change my mind in the future (I'm 34 now), but I've been on a wingtip tear as well.  Really love the RL Sandersons (longwings), Madison Park (shortwing), Williams (longwing), the brown/white spectator longwings from C&J, etc that I've acquired over the past few years.  I really want one of the new Oak Street Bootmakers longwing bluchers but I'm not ready to pull the trigger (despite their weekend sale going on). 
 Odd, I never would have associated a split toe blucher like the Delray or Lasalle with "old man shoes."  That description, I would think, would fit more in line with any of the cap toe bluchers like the FA/PA (not that I agree with that), or certainly some of the orthopedic looking walking shoes like the Voyager. But, to each their own.  One of the things I've realized on this thread is that there is a very wide range of style preferences.  I would likely never purchase a...
 I've posted my Delrays several times.  No one has ever seemed interested. Anyway, here they are again. 
Dark brown CXL Maritimes for a cookout. Love the color. I said a few pages ago that I think brushing non shell shoes is silly and pointless. But I have to say that giving these CXL AE shoes a quick brushing does make a difference (still don't see any benefit on regular calf). Especially when these tend to get a "bloom" on them (similar to what shell gets) after storing them for a while.
Anyone try (or at least have a chance to see in person) the new double sole wingtips in either bourbon or chocolate?   http://oakstreetbootmakers.com/footwear/chocolate-double-sole-wingtip   I really like the look of those and am very very tempted to pull the trigger on them.  I love OSB's loafers but keep hearing so-so things about the quality of their boots.  No clue what to expect with these wingtip bluchers!
  I agree.  I almost pulled the trigger on a great deal on a pair of Oak Street Bootmakers beefroll penny loafers in black leather, but then thought twice about it and the combo of black + natural welt.  Don't get me wrong, I love natural welts too, but I don't really think I have any use for a black loafer (I'm not sure anyone truly does), and I buy OSB for casual loafers - so natural/brown work much better. A great deal on something you won't wear is a bad deal.
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