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I picked up the last Strand Duffle Bag last week, and it is a thing of beauty.  It was difficult to justify the price (even at a pretty steep discount), but it should get some good use for many years and my wife seems to like it too.   I had bought the Strand Double Flap Briefcase for my brother for Christmas, but before I shipped it to him I talked to him about it and it turns out he wouldn't have much use for it (commutes to a tech job in California on his bike).  So...
 Maybe I missed it in your post, but what was it that you bought?
 Where are the pants from?
 Your chocolate Daltons look so much nicer than mine for some reason.
I either wear my AE Long Branches with the commando sole, or a pair of LL Bean Boots and carry my shoes with me.
 I actually prefer them most with business casual type stuff.  I never wear my Daltons with jeans - not a big fan of the look, although several people on here are. I wear my walnut Daltons primarily with heavier chinos/wool pants in navy or grey. I don't wear a tie simply because they're not ideal in my line of work, but were I to wear one it would not change my footwear choice at all. 
 Thanks.  Still trying to decide how exactly I will work them into my regular wardrobe.  Obviously they're not an every day type of shoe. I will say, this is my first pair of C&J and they're wonderfully made.  I really like the natural edge with reverse welt, too.   Honestly, I would've also paid double for a pair of identical shoes that were all tan as well.
Not shell but just felt like posting my new CJ BB shoes! Sorry to impose.
I ended up buying the longwing spectators. Look like C&J to me, but I'm no expert. I just realized I forgot to take a picture of the soles.
I'm not really sure what stitching you're talking about. Either way, there's nothing that bothers me with these shoes. Maybe you just got a bad pair?
New Posts  All Forums: