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I'm such a dolt.  I saw the sale code the other day in the morning before I left for work, and briefly considered ordering a pair of Marlows.  Instead, I inexplicably only ordered two bathing suits I knew I wanted anyway.  I'd love to own a pair of the Marlows, and am kicking myself left and right for not pulling the trigger. 
 Oh no worries at all, I wasn't trying to come off snidely.  I used to assume the same thing (I wouldn't even know how to go about ordering them in size E since RL does seem to only carry them in D on their website).  Maybe you have to special order/MTO, and I just got lucky with a pair of MTO seconds?  I have no clue.
 I own it in 9.5 E. I got them as seconds last year.  The RL site only ever has D listed, so I'm not even sure how/why Es were made in the first place.  But I do sometimes see the Singleton (or Sanderson, or Slaton, or Saunders) on the E lists for seconds for whatever reason.
 It's been up for a while now, but I imagine it hasn't been talked about much on account of how . . . interesting it is.
 I . . . what?
FWIW, I believe I've read quite a few posts (either here or maybe somewhere else) about the rough collection shoes (most often the McTavish) having a "lump" under the forefoot in at least one of the shoes.  It seems like this, while not being "normal", is rather common.  I'm not sure if it's a byproduct of the cork laying process that would only affect this line of shoes (that doesn't seem to make sense), but who knows.
 I'm especially interested in this, since he's gotten ahold of SEVERAL Eagle County MTO seconds (he's selling another pair on ebay at the moment).  How did you come across multiple MTO seconds?
 Nice!  I'm waiting for my pair of chocolate Daltons to arrive in the mail.  Can't wait!
  RL Singletons.
It was you!!I'm the opposite, prefer the chocolate but would've settled for walnut (which they were of course out of). After a lot if deliberation, I decided to gamble on the 9EEE. We'll see how that turns out.
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