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Cross post, here are my Rancourt shell pinch penny loafers. So so comfy. Love these.
Rancourt shell pinch penny loafers today:
Nope. I emailed Lauren and basically said "I would like to order from you rather than from the US stores due to the favorable exchange rate" and she said "sure, that is not a problem." She never once suggested or implied I should go through the NYC store.
 I have had one package shipped from C&J London to here in the U.S.  It took approximately 48 hours (very fast) and I did not have to pay duties.  The item in question was a pair of Pembrokes.
 They sure are.
I know it is and does, but they shouldn't set the bar so low.   As an aside, I have two pairs of Oak Street Bootmakers beefroll loafers (brown CXL and natural CXL) and both have been worn dozens of time but don't develop any ugly "fat wrinkles." But I agree that, in general, CXL boots are not bought to baby or to keep looking pretty.
I hear ya. AE does have great customer service, but there is a pervasive wisdom that, were they better at QC, they would not have to rely upon their CS so much.
Settle down, Bubs.
I mean, they should put that note on ALL their orders.Technically, they shouldn't HAVE to write that at all.
I am fairly certain that is the case, as that seems to be their clearance/final price, but maybe somebody else knows 100% for sure.
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