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 Yeah where the heck are those prices coming from?
 Wow, awesome.  I bought them as firsts from BB for ~$210 during their huge Christmas sale.  At first I wasn't sure about them, and now I wear them every chance I get, and they've become one of my most complimented pairs of footwear.
 Ask them if you can buy a pair? I'm a tad confused by what you're looking for exactly in your post.
Agreed, I use cognac polish on my walnut AEs too. I bought two tubes of it last year when they were on clearance. I regret not buying more now. I haven't been able to find it reliably anywhere since they stopped making it.
 Do you happen to work for Ringling Brothers?
 I usually just poke around TJ Maxx or Marshall's every once in a while to find a belt that hits pretty close to Chili or Walnut.  I've had great luck, as I've found one that is a near perfect match for each of those colors, and the quality is pretty decent (for what you'd expect to find there). If you're looking for a fancier $100 belt, I can't help you there.
 I returned a pair of shoes and didn't hear anything for almost two weeks, despite Fedex Tracking showing they were received in 2 days.  Granted, I was busy during that time and not really too concerned. So, I shot an email to the store to inquire.  They replied saying their records show they never received the shoes, and asked me to call to discuss it.  I sent them a copy of the tracking info and they were very nice, helpful, and apologetic.  They assured me that they...
 For me, I have little problem finding a size to fit in most lasts . . . but some lasts I just find unappealing aesthetically (the 5 last) or, at worst, absolutely ugly (the 333 last).   The 108 last is perfect for me.  I know the size that fits me perfectly, and the shape is absolutely lovely.
Speaking of the Players Shoe, for as long as I can remember (even before the shoebank website existed), there has consistently been listed "Players Shoe Walnut" and then below/after that "Chocolate".  Am I to presume that these are indeed Chocolate (suede) and not Walnut?  It's not just one single size, either, so it seems like a systematic error/confusion.   Anyone ever investigate this?  Surely someone must've bought a pair.
 Are they firsts or seconds?  I have two pairs of Dalton seconds and the side panels have slightly worse creasing than those (even before being worn, obviously).  I don't even give it a second thought, since normal wear results in various creasing in the same general areas.  But it also helps that I paid ~$200 for each pair.  At twice that price, I might care more.
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