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 Biggest thing for me is this is not on the awful 333 last.  The Larchmont has always been a nonstarter for me.
I'm loving the new McGregor.  I already own the RL Sanderson (similar longwing on the 2 last) in both tan and brown, but am so tempted to just snatch up a McGregor in brown, walnut, and chili.  
 Seriously, a lighter welt would look so much better.
 And now offer the Long Branch in Golden Brown CXL (awesome) and Black (meh). http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/producti_SF6021_1_40000000001_-1_
 I think it's a lot more likely that you'll see a bunch of shell disappear from the site.  And there isn't much to begin with.
 I had been eyeing a pair of Long Branches for a long time, and they were stuck at $199 throughout all the sales I saw.  I finally pulled the trigger and bought a pair at that price, and I can't wait until the weather is appropriate to wear them. I'm on the fence about how to care for them/treat them.  I applied a little conditioner cleaner when they first arrived.  I'm sure the saddle soap or leather lotion by AE are good too.  I have some Obenauf's HDLP, but I'm not sure...
Honestly, I don't think those look too bad. I got tan seconds as well with an almost identical defect, and kept them and love them. I doubt anyone else really notices, and it doesn't bother me. Especially for $129 or whatever I paid.
 Very similar, but not quite the same.  The tab that goes across the top of the shoe does not extend all the way down the sides on the Singleton (which I prefer), whereas it does on the Randolph.
 Interesting.  Thanks for the details.  As I said earlier, all mine have been seconds (with almost no perceptible blemish) except by brown Sandersons.  But none of them have ever looked quite that amazing.   I'm also curious about the edging, since all of my RL by AE shoes have the darker, brown edging and not that more unique style seen on yours.
 Yours look so much better than mine! The finishing and burnishing of the leather looks superior.  And the more "natural" edging is beautiful.  Mine seems to be much more standard brown edging. Is that a pic of them out of the box?  Or did you apply any type of cleaning/polishing products?
New Posts  All Forums: