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 That . . . actually made me kind of angry.
So my 3 pairs of shoes came yesterday (speedy shipping from the warehouse!).     The Rutledge is a very nice shoe, and the 333 last fits me well, despite never having tried a shoe on it before.  My only problem is the overly heavy black burnishing all over them - much heavier than other photos would indicate.  I'm wondering if I can "undo" most of it with either AE conditioner/cleaner or something else (similar to when people clean a pair of bourbon shoes).   The...
Don't mind if I do. Walnut RL Singleton (seconds, as you can see from the crooked stitching on the toe).
He's asking if they will be "featured" with a larger discount than the default 14.92%.
 Aha - as soon as you said that it immediately dawned on me that you were talking about these loafers that I have looked at several times: http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Tumbled-Leather-Popped-Midsole-Penny-Loafers/MH00370,default,pd.html?dwvar_MH00370_Color=DKRD&contentpos=107&cgid=  I recall they also had a more "brown" colored one. Definitely a Kenwood.  But, probably not my cup of tea.
 Thank you.   Is that also to say that the tartan plug loafer is the photo I posted above from the BB website?   If that's the case, I wonder what the Kenwood is going to look like . . .
Well, I talked to one of the SAs at my usual outlet location, and they weren't sure about the loafers either (they don't get photos on their end).  The actual shoes are in the Port Washington factory, which is not open today or tomorrow, and the sale only goes until tomorrow.   So, I pulled the trigger and ordered both the "Brooks Kenwood Brown/Blue" and the "Brooks Duke Tartan Plug."  I guess I will find out which (if either) is the one I'm looking for, and send back...
 The main thing swaying me away from thinking they're the Kenwood is that on the Kenwood the . . . piece of leather trim that goes around the throat (not sure what it's called) tends to have a sort of sharktooth/sawtooth pattern (as does the edge of the tongue), both of which are absent from this BB model (although the tongue is a different material so that could explain that part. Otherwise, the overall template for the Duke and the Kenwood are pretty near identical . ....
Speaking of brooks brothers shoes with tartan patterns, anyone know which AE loafer they use for this? At least, I'm assuming it's AE. On the shoe bank, I saw model it's no picture entitled "Brooks Duke Tartan Plug" but the color listed is chili. It certainly looks like they could've used the Duke template for the Brooks Brothers loafer. Edit: I also see "Brooks Kenwood Brown/Blue." Maybe that's it?
I know a poster had asked about the BB Shaker Heights. I was just messing around my phone and remembered I had a few more pictures, comparing the Brooks Brothers and AE models that I own (both in same cor leather).
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