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As someone who is part of both the Lindrick an Warlow 2.0 GMTOs, I would just like to extend a big THANK YOU to @mosy and @tkebh979 for organizing everything. It's like herding cats.   And to anyone left whose payment we're waiting on . . . the sooner you get things all set, the sooner we can get our beautiful shoes/boots!
 I sent her payment info for both the Lindrick and Warlow about a week ago.
 In the past I've worn orthotics in some of my shoes.  I tend not to need them anymore so I only use them in shoes/boots that I already bought sized with them in mind. The difference is that I usually needed to size up 0.5 in length and go up to the next width.  
Yup. I was on this thread regularly due to joining the Warlow 2.0, but when I saw that they needed a few more for the Lindrick and I knew that someday I would be looking for a pair, I couldn't pass it up given the price.
Damn, nice find. If I wasn't in for a GMTO for a C&J Lindrick boot in dark brown shell, I might jump on these.
~$750 + ~$40 shipping.
  That's insane!
 FYI I got all my payment info to Lauren a few days ago (I was one of the remaining stragglers) so we're at least one step closer!
 It's Catholic, FWIW.  I can't say my wife or I are "serious" Catholics, but both were raised as such. I'm almost certainly going with walnut and matching belt.
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