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Thanks for the input on belt seconds everyone. While I was dragging my feet, however, unfortunately somebody already purchased the belt I was looking at (Humbolt Ave in brown CXL). I bought a natural colored one during the belt clearance, and wanted to go back afterwards and get a brown one, but they were sold out on the main site. There was one left in my size on the shoe bank, but that is gone now too. Bummer.
Nice! They are wonderful shoes indeed.
Anyone here have experience buying belt seconds at the shoe bank? I'm wondering what kind of defects to expect on the belts.
Those aren't independence line soles.
I recommend a pair of RL by AE Singleton loafers in tan (walnut), able to be had at 30% off at ralphlauren.com.
 Nice! It was almost an impulse buy for me, really.  Most expensive impulse buy I've made. I was balking at considering paying full price for the brown CXL OSB loafer, and then I go and pay a good bit more for these on a whim.
 I'm actually not so sure it is.  Conventional wisdom agrees the Sanderson is on the 222, but I've seen the Singleton disputed and I would tend to agree - the shape of the loafer does not seem to jive with the Sanderson, and the fit (although it is a loafer vs a blucher) is a bit different. Hard for me to compare to the 65 last, though, since I don't own any shoes on that last.   Some days I regret selling my brown Singletons, but I own them in tan and they're lovely.  If...
 Allen Edmonds makes at least three models for Ralph Lauren - the Singleton, the Sanderson, and the Saunders (loafer, longwing blucher, and chukka, respectively).  This has been confirmed via email with AE, and it's also quite clear when AE lists these models in their seconds lists.   The AE for RL loafers do not have a direct AE-only counterpart, and the finishing is a bit nicer on the RL models, usually.   JAB, to my knowledge, does sell otherwise pre-existing AE shoes...
 They're dark brown edge dressing, to my eye (and the ones I owned were certainly a similar dark brown). I'm not really sure I get what it is you don't get.  I like these loafers, and AE sells them through RL.  There is no option to purchase them from AE (well, you can find seconds sometimes at the shoebank).   You either buy them from a different label (RL) or you don't buy them at all (seconds notwithstanding).
Speaking of loafers (and to revert back to a more AE-related topic), I've noticed that the Ralph Lauren (by AE) Singletons in Brown calf seem to come in two slight variations.   There's the plain, darker brown with dark brown edging that I received when I bought them, such as these:       But then I've also seen people post their brown Singletons with a much lighter edge (and seemingly lighter upper, although it's probably just the...
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