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Quick question on Unionmade: they say they do returns within 10 days of delivery on items that are full price and that all sales on sale items are final.  I assume a full price item purchased with the 10% newsletter sign up thing would still qualify for 10 day returns, right?   Link to the return policy:
Another Monday, another Lindrick picture.
So far for my shell Marlows and Lindricks I just have/use Saphir Renovateur. Is it worth getting some Saphir cordovan cream in neutral? I've read conflicting reports in whether to use cordovan cream but it seems like that might help me get more of a shine. Mostly I just brush and use some Renovateur.
Unless they changed it, the code ended last night.
Thanks, I didn't have any record of them either.I may be wrong, but I really feel like the soles on my Lindricks are identical to the soles on my Warlows. But we were assured that the JR soles were indeed used on the Warlows.
Cannot wait to see pics of these!
  I'm about an 8.5E on the Brannock.  I have somewhat flat/low volume feet, so it's not uncommon for me to put a thin insole in my shoes/boots to help create a better fit with some higher volume lasts. I actually bought these Shakers in 9.5D back when I thought I was closer to 9E (wasn't properly measured).  They work ok with a thin insole, but they feel and look just a tad too long for me. A 9D may have been passable - I find the last the Shakers are on tends to be a bit...
When I was 15 I bought a pair of Doc Marten 8-eye boots (back when they were made in the U.K.), and bought a pair of flat cotton Union Jack shoe laces to go with them. I thought I was the coolest.Ah, the blunder years.
 The natty Indys are well worth the wait. I have the J.Crew 405s and the natty version.  Such a big fan of them (and the TB last) that I'm contemplating either the original 405 in classic brown calf, or the Unionmade hunting green suede version. Not a huge fan of the blucher/bal shoes from "the other US maker", but their boots are where it's at. Speaking of boots: I'm slowly coming to the realization that my BB/AE Shaker Heights may be incorrectly sized enough that I might...
Thanks for the advice, gents.  Will probably get after it later today and see what I can do.   On a different note: for those of us who got the brown Lindricks in the recent GMTO (we received them a month or two ago), I forget - did we get a JR sole on them too?  I ask because to my eye, the sole seems to look/feel/wear the same as the sole on my Warlow 2.0s, which we were told were indeed the JR soles we requested (just that they look different than the ones that end up...
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