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 Hmm, I hadn't even considered that, although there would be a few changes I would make (chief of which would be the welt color).  But, if I'm not mistaken, the SF "waive the MTO fee" deal has gone by the wayside (at least for non-group MTOs), so that would still make it fairly expensive and probably not worth the trouble for me personally.
 Great minds think alike.  I recently bought the Long Branches (seconds) and am considering a Chili McGregor during the RDA sale. I considered waiting until the RDA sale to see of the LB seconds went down as well, but I've missed out on available shoes/sizes before by waiting as little as a few days, so I pulled the trigger for $199.  I originally bought them in a size slightly too big, so I sent them back and should get the new pair of LB seconds tomorrow.  Depending on...
 I generally avoid saying "LOL" since that's what the kids usually say. But it's appropriate here!
 Sure I do.  You said the logic that "captoe=formal" was called into question because a casual boot had a captoe.  That doesn't meant captoes are suddenly considered less formal because someone made a casual boot with one.  It means there are a lot more things that go into the formality than just the toe, but that the general rule of the universe that cap toe indicates some level of formality remains unperturbed.  
 Just think about how much nicer it could look with the lighter welt! :)
 Well, despite that, my dark brown grain LBs have the same dark welt.
When did AE change the welt on the dark brown Long Branch?   Older pics I've seen show this nicer, light welt which contrasts really nicely with the rest of the boot:     More recent LBs like the ones I recently bought have a dark brown/black welt, just like in the one posted by another user not long ago:       Ignoring the lace colors and lighting differences, the welt seems to make such a difference, with the first picture looking a lot better IMHO.   What...
 That doesn't make a captoe less formal, it just makes one wonder why captoes were added to these workboots in the first place.
 I just wanted to once again point out how awesome these shoes are.  Probably the best MTO out there.
 I mean, Bob's Chili is a beautiful color, but it's nothing like Merlot. 
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