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  Wonder where he got them, as they are clearly seconds.
Speaking of longwings, anyone know who makes this Brooks Brothers longwing?   http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Pebble-Leather-Wingtips/MH00502,default,pd.html       I assume not AE, and the sole says "Made in Italy."
This is one of the two main things I don't like about the Macneil that I mentioned earlier in this thread.
Wow. Amazing. I need those.
I actually spent much of the morning looking at Crockett and Jones footwear for this very reason.
I'm certainly not the expert or the final arbiter on the issue, but to my eye it is the Acheson. The toe stitching style and the presence of stitching around the heel match up with the Acheson rather than the Grayson, I think.Open to other opinions!
  This happens to every belt I've ever owned.  I've heard some people say a "higher quality" leather belt will resist this, but I have a couple AE belts and this happens with them too. I took someone else's advice here and now I alternate the direction I wear my belt so that it never gets warped (it just means that half the time I'm wearing looping the belt clockwise instead of counter-clockwise).
 Ha don't worry, I checked ahead of time to see if they had any larger sizes (it seems on the RL website, 13D is the biggest they go).  Wasn't worried about you scooping me!
  At the risk of someone scooping up a pair from beneath my nose . . .  Here are the "model numbers" on the shoebank.  Do you know how to adjust for width/size based on altering the URL? Black calf: 91460SBrown calf: 91461SBitter chocolate suede: 91462SSnuff suede: 91463S
 All good points.  I think right now I probably don't have a big enough "niche" carved out for black casual shoes.
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