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Thanks. I prefer blucher to balmorals so I would pass on those anyway. Nice shoes though.Agree that for your first pair of Pembrokes, tan is definitely the way to go. I like to have a darker color similar looking shoe in my stable, so adding a darker brown grain Pembroke would be a nice way to supplement my rotation. The tan would still likely get more wear.
Agree with the tan Pembroke, beautiful shoe! I've been thinking more about the Islay and I think I may forego that and get a brown grain Pembroke. I don't have a darker brown wingtip blucher anymore and I love my tan ones so it seems like a no brainer.
 Thanks for the pics!  Great boots. On a related topic, what does C&J charge for a one-off MTO on top of normal cost?  I'm starting to have fantasies of a tan scotch grain Lindrick boot . . . 
 My envy just continues to grow!  Haha.
 Man, I always miss out on the good stuff.  Those are pretty much exactly what I want.  Gorgeous boots!
 I think I'd go Cornwallis perhaps.
 Thanks.  Makes sense.
 Possibly - if it did, I definitely missed it.  Damn.
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