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They need to stop putting the Higgins Mill on sale to tempt me. In the pst few months I've bought Alden Indy boots in both Brown CXL and Natty CXL. I don't have use for a black boot, but am still tempted to buy a Brown or Natty HM.
I'd like to know the answer myself. People just keep saying "All shell is getting darker" without any explanations as to why. The ability to select lower quality skins and hide it? Differences in general preferences?Crockett and Jones apparently recently changed their whisky to a noticeably darker shade. I sort of get this, as whiskey is a very light color and they may have more flexibility with imperfections. But I really don't get why Color 8 has changed from...
Looking great burzan.Out of curiosity, what products (if any) do you use on them?
It definitely is still open. We were waiting on another user to confirm the details with Lauren, but it was with a double leather sole, not dainite. IIRC, it was basically the same as the stock Gianni more or less
I own two pairs of the RL/AE Sandersons in walnut since I got them both at great prices and in E width which is hard to find.
I'm on my phone so it's hard to so it's hard to search, but I wanted to bump the brown shell Gianni/Galway 2 boots to garner more interest. Let's get it going!
I just used a hair dryer on "high" with some HDLP for my Long Branches and Eagle County boots (originals with the white wedge sole).Worked very well for me!
   Beautiful!  What size?
Quick question on Unionmade: they say they do returns within 10 days of delivery on items that are full price and that all sales on sale items are final.  I assume a full price item purchased with the 10% newsletter sign up thing would still qualify for 10 day returns, right?   Link to the return policy:
Another Monday, another Lindrick picture.
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