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 Honestly you may want to check beforehand with the program coordinators for each program and inquire about the typical dress (or, at the very very least, find out where you'll be going and look them up online to get an idea of the standard dress).  When I was interviewing for residency (in a field that tends to be known for well-dressed or flashy-dressing people), there was a pretty wide variety of dress and it also varied greatly depending on venue. As a general comment,...
 I also own the dark chocolate Daltons and love them.  They're super comfortable and look great. My first (and only other) AE boot was actually the tan Eagle County (seconds for $129).  The sole is ridiculously comfortable and makes them feel like a sneaker.
 So many dadjeans/pants on here.  Seems like people really like their 'classic/loose fit" pants.
 Disgusting. Those combos look terrible.
The shape is pretty hideous.
  I love the Singletons, and own them in both Brown and Tan.  Wear them in good health!   What size?
 Yup, I wore mine a lot during this winter.  I'd usually pair them with some dark tan/light brown casual soft wash chinos and a sweater over a button-down.  Sometimes I'd ditch the sweater. Oddly enough, while I rarely get any compliments on my wide array of AE shoes (most of which I consider flashier/fancier than the ECs), I've gotten at least half a dozen "wow I like your boots" comments this winter when wearing them.
 Yeah he routinely seems to have some MTO seconds for sale on ebay.
 Great looking shoes.  I especially like the tan and cognac ones with a leather sole, assuming the welt is the light/natural-type color as well.  Would be a great semi-casual shoe to wear either at work or perhaps when just out and about.
 Those are exactly what I want to make/own.  I can't afford a MTO at the moment, but if I could that'd be exactly what I'd get. Beautiful!
New Posts  All Forums: