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Great minds! Mine look a good bit darker than yours, even in the sunlight.
 I would almost certainly be doing a beefroll. Was thinking caramel or espresso or navy with the crepe sole.  Alternatively, maybe suede (there are a few models like this that have come out of OSB and Yuketen and Quoddy I think).
Ha, no worries.  Just me being overly picky.   If it helps, I see "Alden's" 3 times and "Three's" once in the first paragraph or two.  After that I don't see any issues!
Mike - Just a small point of contention from someone overly anal retentive at times.   "Aldens" and other various nouns like "Essential Threes" do not require an apostrophe when pluralizing.  It's a small but important (to me at least) point.  We have all seen this bizarre "use apostrophes to pluralize things" phenomenon spread across the internet like the plague the last 5-10 years.   I know I am not perfect, but this is one of my little pet peeves!   Otherwise good...
On a scale from 1-10, how stupid would it be to get a pair of MTO unlined shell loafers on a plantation crepe outsole?
Inspired by the beautiful weather we had today, I got out my 3 pairs of Maritimes and 1 pair of Kirkwoods and worked them over nicely with some VSC and a horsehair brush.  They had been sitting on a rack for months collecting dust (and I hadn't really cleaned or conditioned them at all before putting them away for the fall/winter).  I of course forgot to take pictures, but the VSC really made them look beautiful!
 I find my Long Branches to fit noticeably wider than my Daltons of the same size/width.  Length seemed about the same.  I assume the difference is in the ability to pull the leathers tight over the last.
 As I understand, the light colored welt tends to darken in the first few months (unless you happen to have the magical touch of mdubs! ) I just picked up a pair of J.Crew Indys ("405" but really 403) and one of the two main differences is a slightly darker welt.  I admit I prefer the contrast of the original 403 with the lighter welt, but I'm just trying to convince myself that the welts will look identical after a few dozen wears anyway.
 I'm hoping mine don't stretch out too uncomfortably so.  I've only worn my natty 403s twice (for ~10 hours at a time) and so far so good but obviously it's super early. As I said before, I wish they made a 405 in a darker brown calfskin (same/similar shade as the 403 CXL).  
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