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I find this strange but I also find a lot of hate for them on SF here. I have the Lasalle in brown and the Delray in Chili and love both.
For those of you who own the Cavendish: how did you size relative to other 325 last shoes?  
Interesting.Do they have a poron insole?
Post some pictures when you get a chance!I have been considering getting a pair of the Brown Calf. Probably will avoid with how narrow they are, unless I can find them in an E.
I don't suppose anyone has come across a location that has either the Galway 2 or Durham (both in grain leather) on sale for Black Friday, have you?
 Wonderful, thanks!
Blustery Monday means Shaker Heights for Brooks Brothers today. These are probably about a half size too long, but did not come in E widths and so I deal with the sizing. I have even considered selling them, but really don't want to part with them. I don't like to call other posters out, but I think Texas Texter missed out big time
Man, I know it's been covered in the black tie thread, but seeing that wing collar really takes what is otherwise a perfect black tie ensemble and ruins it for me.   But it's otherwise quite excellent, and who cares what a stranger on the internet thinks!
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