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After splurging recently on 3 new pairs of non-AE shoes, I reallllllly need a moratorium on spending for.....a while.   Maybe I should re-examine my current inventory and see what needs to be sold off to make room.
I like to think it keeps the casual bidder from taking interest in shoes that I happen to know for a fact look much nicer in real life.I've gotten some great deals from him, including a beautiful pair of Cornwallis and a Ralph Lauren/AE Sanderson with combo/tap sole.
FWIW (maybe not much), dabondo's photography is usually pretty terrible.
I recall seeing people on here talk about an austerity brogue coming out.  Came across this on ebay from a seller many of us know well.     http://www.ebay.com/itm/Allen-Edmonds-Oxfords-9-D-Black-196-/172159491201?hash=item2815815c81:g:X9QAAOSwvgdW4GSR
 I've got mostly double-oak soles, but also have a couple single-oak soles, one JR sole (love it), and several combo tap soles on my various Shaker Heights boots and a pair of RL for AE Sandersons. Overall, I really like the combo tap soles.  The maintain the same overall profile as the regular leather soles, but with added traction and longer wear (and better in the rain).   JR soles are nice too, only recently got to experience them and they are super durable.
Love 'em. I still haven't taken mine out yet, rain the past couple days. Can't wait to take them out for a spin myself. Tempted to splurge on the natural too haha.
Been there.
Great to hear! I really love mine in tan.
I posted this on the Shoe Care thread, but it doesn't seem to be getting a lot of traffic lately and I'm not even sure that's where this question should go, so I pose it to you:   I recently purchased a beautiful pair of new espresso shell Cordovan pinch penny loafers by Rancourt from a third party seller (eBay).  Same pair as the other poster above who posted some amazing photos.  They are great and fit perfectly, but I immediately noticed some errant/loose stitching on...
 I'm starting to think you and I have very similar tastes. Add one more to the list.  Wore my golden brown CXL Maritimes today as well.  Had to decide between them and my navy ones.
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