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  Also, I should probably mention that these are lined shell - I don't actually know what the standard is, and the only other pair of shell AEs I've handled were unlined (and "flimsier" because of this, which was not necessarily a bad thing as they were more flexible, just different).
Here's the label:On the other side of the box, this sticker was placed (I figured it was placed by AE, but I suppose it could've been put there by the seller).Edit: sorry they're sideways, posting from my phone.
A few more pics of my new walnut(?) shell Dalton SMU seconds from eBay. There are a few stray marks (look like a marker or something) on the edges in two places, but it's not something that bothers me about an otherwise amazing boot. A couple more: I really like the lighter color edge on these boots, I prefer it to the standard darker one on the calf skin models. Probably part of the SMU. Also, although there is a sticker on the shoebox with "Walnut" hand...
Brand new pair of never worn Daltons in lined walnut (or natural?) shell cordovan. Love them. Got 'em off eBay, and the box is marked as an SMU. Maybe from the trunk show? They look much closer to walnut calf in color than walnut shell, which makes me think they might just be natural? Either way, they were a steal.
 That's correct. As far as I know, they've been excluded from "regular" sales.
They literally just were last week. 40%.
xxxRacer, it would be easier for us to follow your posts if you quoted the person/post to which you're replying. As it stands, your posts are sometimes hard to follow because you're stringing together several replies in a row, but there is no indication as to which post you're talking about - unless we take the one to try to decipher the content clues and scroll back a pager or two reading every post.Just a helpful suggestion.
It boggles my mind that people on here think the sale is some kind of hoodwink. The sale started a few days earlier than posted, but it absolutely is a sale. Most of the models listed at $224 were definitely $250-299 prior to a few days ago. The Daltons were definitely higher than $254. Not every shoe is on sale. If that's the gripe, it's an odd one. But there are definitely some decent deals.
There was a 40% off full priced items code (and 30% off already on-sale stuff) that was apparently meant for Luxoitica employees only or something.  It was live for ~36 hours.
New Posts  All Forums: