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  Those are very nice too, but I personally would prefer a shortwing (I already own a tan calf longwing).
 I'm interested.
 I was curious about that myself.  Some of the people on the reddit thread seemed to be excited about the PTB, and some seemed to just be excited about the whiskey shell and/or had expressed interest in either a PTB or shortwing.
 For whatever reason, I find PTBs to look very generic and boring, even if it's an expensive brand on a nice last with high quality materials.   It's one of those shoes I would never wear because I would never look at it and think "yes, this is the best or most appropriate shoe for the occasion."  But I also respect that everyone has different tastes out there.
Damn, you guys are gonna waste all the whiskey shell on such a boring shoe!  
 Agreed with that. Honestly, I think at this point I might even prefer a brown calf (over shell) Marlow shortwing with antique or natural edge.  But I'm open to possibilities.
 I would seriously consider that, especially if a whiskey Lindrick doesn't take off.
That's what I thought.  Thanks.
 Are you sure?  I know that directly above us there is a discussion about the PTB, but I was under the impression that the MTO that spans multiple pages back was the shortwing. Either way, I'd really like a C&J Marlow and might actually prefer it in calf leather (mostly for financial reasons).  A Marlow shortwing in whiskey/tan calf or a medium brown calf would hit the sweet spot for me.  
 I am guessing (though I haven't been paying close enough attention) that the talk of the "Warlow" is a Whiskey shell Marlow.  Seems like this MTO was just done and it may be hard to get another dozen on board (although I would certainly consider it and I wish I would not have missed the boat).
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