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The calf Vernon has always had a dovetail heel for as long as I can remember (but it's bein discontinued unfortunately).
 Why would you initially try to size up if you knew ahead of time the last ran long?  
 That would be great if they did. My Walnuts are holding up well, although I've only worn them 2-3 times so far (they're still fairly new).
 Very jealous!  They are the next shoe on my list, but I've been waiting for them to come down in price.  I have them in Walnut and absolutely love them.  Really want a pair of them in brown, and would've jumped on the $255 deal if Bloomingdales had E or EEE widths.
I got them for $127 as well, around the same time. I recall seeing that guy's post with photos of them which definitely helped sway me in the right direction.They do tend to run a bit narrow. I got an E width which is usually perfectly adequate, but I think an EEE may have been the optimal choice for them.Either way, I love them.
I swear you and I have nearly identical taste in footwear. I feel like I'm one of the very few people on this board who have and prefer the original Eagle County to all those other SMUs with leather soles.
 Conversely, I find the Shaker Heights to be slightly wider than my same-size/width Dalton.
I'll be honest, I have no clue why anyone brushes non-shell leather shoes. Polishing with a cloth is all I do. Maybe wipe gently with a dry cloth if there's dust or something. I have tried brushing and it does nothing notable. Seems like dogma more than anything, but YMMV.
Very nice.....similar to my BB/C&J shoes:
Hmm.....that looks pretty darn similar to how I expect walnut to look. Maybe a tad darker, which many others on here have noted is apparently the "new" walnut these days. But I recall those aforementioned examples looking more bourbon-like.Either way, I think they look great.
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