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Those all look great! Really wish our Lindrick GMTO would have that light/natural edge.Also, I'm glad I'm not the only person who tends to buy several shoes that are very similar in style. Love those Marlows/Warlows/Pembrokes.
Thanks! They're Crockett & Jones for Brooks Brothers Black Fleece longwings. Retailed for $800 but I got them on sale for ~$250.I've worn them out twice so far, and already they are by far my most complimented shoe.In the pic above I'm wearing Polo Ralph Lauren blue/white pincord pants. The other time I wore the shoes was with a pair of navy chinos (talk about contrast).
Great minds think alike. My Friday get-up:
The more I look at them, the more I think the BB longwings must be on a different last despite what's printed inside.
The inside has "325" written in them. I agree they look a little straighter, although the angle of the photo magnifies that effect.
FYI here is a comparison in size and shape between my BB/CJ 325 last longwings in US 8.5D and my Pembrokes in UK 7.5E: The picture quality isn't amazing, but you can see that the Pembroke is at least as long as the BB, and definitely a tad wider. The BB shoes, to me, fit the same as the US Marlow also in 8.5D. Atypical experience according to how many people find the shoes, but at least I got things sorted out.
Thanks!I've got mine finalized with her so I'm good to go.
Who says you can't wear white after Labor Day?
I thought it was fairly well known that the rough collection (McTavish, Elgin) fit bigger/wider than their classic counterparts the McAllister and Strand. The thought is that the leather just isn't/can't be pulled as tight when lasting.I imagine the Neumok has the same issue (and are t they unlined?). I can't imagine the actual pattern matters very much.
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