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Rancourt caramel shell pinch penny loafers today on a beautiful autumn day.
I'm fairly flexible . . . Probably the only deal breaker for me would be dainite (mostly because I have tan Pembrokes with dainite soles and may still get dark brown grain ones too, and prefer to reserve dainite for these type of rougher, country shoes).
Thanks for starting this.I don't really feel strongly one way or another about wheeling. Sole type would trump this for me for sure.Double leather > single leather > > dainite
Order directly from C&J in London.
If we are going to have a brown Marlow wingtip GMTO, I may wait on getting the dark brown grain Pembroke. .....or maybe I'll get both.....
Natural shell is beautiful in my opinion (scroll back a couple pages and see the natty shell Daltons I posted). As for green and blue, color me uninterested. I really can't fathom how a blue or green shoe would work into anyone's usual wardrobe, but different strokes for different folks I guess. They look neat as a collectors edition on your shelf, but I can't imagine ever wearing them.
I would definitely be interested. Agree that it seems the U.K. 325 is more accommodating.
Always good to see I'm not alone in the "must purchase the same/similar shoe in several colors/leathers" club. Already have tan grain Pembrokes, Warlow 2.0 coming in a couple months, and about to pull the trigger on brown grain Pembrokes.Now if only I could find a good brown RL Marlow to round it out.
Thanks. I prefer blucher to balmorals so I would pass on those anyway. Nice shoes though.Agree that for your first pair of Pembrokes, tan is definitely the way to go. I like to have a darker color similar looking shoe in my stable, so adding a darker brown grain Pembroke would be a nice way to supplement my rotation. The tan would still likely get more wear.
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