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Just saw the Kirkwood on the website.  This would be a decent (albeit still lower quality DR-made) foray into casual loafers, if it weren't for the boat shoe lacing around the top, and the weird tab in the back (the tab is less of an issue than the lacing).  This is what killed the McKinley for me.  
In general, I'm all for AE for any need you can fill with them.  But as far as summer casual shoes go, I think you're much better off investing in Rancourt/Oak Street Bootmakers/Quoddy if you're looking for loafers.   I do quite like the above repurposed patriot with the light welt/sole, though.   I'd like to see AE make a serious effort at some higher quality boat shoes and casual loafers to compete directly with the above mentioned brands.  I love AE as a company and...
Shaker Heights in brown/olive tweed for $217 is a steal.  I have the Brooks Brothers version (brown with navy/red tartan) and they are amazing.  The color of brown leather they use is fantastic.   Someone please buy these all up so I don't spend $217 on another pair of boots I don't need!  
Picked up a pair of Williams seconds in brown for the fantastic price of $177. It was this pic of them I found that really pushed me over the edge:
 I love the 108 last.  Not only does it fit me best, but it just looks the best to my eye.   Not a fan of the 333 last, though.  It sort of swings the pendulum too far in the other direction (away from the 5 last).  A bit too elongated. I find the 108 to be the most aesthetically pleasing.
 Colors are great here, but the photos unfortunately reaffirm in my mind how terribly shaped AE shoes on the 5 last truly are.  I love the brand to death, but refuse to own some of the more popular models (Strand, PA/FA, etc) because of how funny looking the 5 last is.
  How did I completely miss this GMTO??  I would've definitely jumped on a pair. They look great!
On the subject of lovers, I recently bought two pairs of casual non-Allen Edmonds. I wanted the McKinley, but the boat shoe style lacing around the side/back (and the reports of major sizing issues) turned me off. Ended up with a pair of Sperry Made in Maine loafers with a boat shoe sole . . . On eBay for $100, new (retail is ~$250) as they had been a display model but are in great condition. I also bought a pair of new Gold Cup Sperry beefroll loafers on Amazon that...
 I bought the Brooks Brothers version a few months ago.  It is the exact same leather color (which is easily the best of the 3 colors AE has used for the Shaker Heights boot) but the navy/red/green tartan pattern instead of the tweed.  I was a little hesitant about even wearing them out in public, but have gotten consistent compliments on them (and I'm being serious, I've worn them 4 times and have had ~10 people comment on how cool/nice looking they are).  I work as a...
 I own these boots (the Brooks Brothers tartan one) and I don't think they're CXL, although I'm not the expert.  They are definitely not bourbon calf, though.
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