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So I think I'm probably an idiot.  When I talked to Lauren initially she had mentioned "a password protected document" as one of the options for payment, and I guess I assumed that was some document that she sends to me to fill out and return.     And so two days ago I emailed her requesting this - and haven't heard back.  I'm guessing I'm stupid and she just meant that I should create a Word document with my payment info and put a password on it and email it to...
I'm also mostly in lurking mode recently. Had a very busy couple months (with no new shoe acquisitions aside from a pair of OSB loafers), and more recently I've lost my mind and joined two different Crockett & Jones GMTOs (Lindrick and whisky Marlow wingtip). That's gonna put a big freeze on further shoe spending for quite a while. I think. AE is a hell of a gateway drug.
Now that I've ironed or my sizing, I'm just waiting to receive the passworded document from Lauren so I can give her my payment info.
I wore mine today too! Dark chili though.Forgot to take a pic. Oops.
They've got some on the shoebank for $199 I believe.
Doubt it. When the prices end in "7" it's usually their clearance/lowest price.
Hmmmm...,. So you're suggesting that the D width used for the Marlows sold on Ralph Lauren's US website may, in fact, be a UK D width? I've seen some people suggest and refute that on here before. I don't have a pair in my possession to look and see if they put a number (4 or 5) inside as well.
I think one thing throwing me off here is the following statement she made in an email to me: "The Lindrick's are going to be made on the E fitting last, which is a little wider than the D, so this is why we tend to go half a size down" This was after I referenced wearing 8.5D US. I was under the impression UK E was the same as US D.
Thanks, she and I have actually discussed it and recommended an 8E UK, I was just looking for a little experiential confirmation from others in my position.I'm your instance, what was the result? Did you buy a pair of 10E Marlows? Did they truly fit the same as 10.5D US?
  Which is all the more reason why they should be going back to the old piping, which looked perfectly fine despite whatever production volume issues may be at hand. And, as others have pointed out, the disconnect between what Paul has said about trying to play to the "casual" fans and the actual usage patterns of the new piping (heavily used on more formal shoes, notably absent from casual styles) is curious.
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