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This is a very strange thread.
  I don't disagree with the shoulders comment.  I originally gave them my shoulder width dimensions, and they cut it down by an entire inch.  For my remake I added the inch back on but I think the remake was still not really changed, or at least not the full inch . . . and at this point it still seems to need more, but I'm beyond the re-remake window (if there even was one in the first place, I was under the impression you only got one remake).
    Thanks for the pics, jcriswel.  I had seen one or two of them in my search for good tuxedo fits, actually.  I agree that widening the shoulders won't really do much.  And, unfortunately, Indochino doesn't really take much in the way of directions when it comes to making these kinds of adjustments.  It's already pulling teeth just to get them to listen to "lower button stance, less shoulder padding, higher armholes."     I would kill for mine to look as smooth as...
  Ha, I agree with this.  
  Thanks for the input.  I had already added a little bit to the shoulders/chest/waist/hips of the jacket compared to the original (which was very very fitted).  I was afraid to go too far with adding to these so as to not end up with something too billowy, but I agree that I probably could still stand to expand in those areas a tad.  We shall see.  I'm midway through a bulking phase right now and by June will likely end up similar weight as I am now (or a couple pounds...
I don't like the shoulders either, but I have to work with what I have. The padding is still minimal, but I have huge delts. Honestly they're still much better than most OTR suits for me. Most suits aren't meant for a bodybuilder physique. Hate IC's slim lapels as I said earlier. But again, beggars can't be choosers and this tux was super inexpensive.
Cross post from the Black Tie thread, but here's a few pics of my Indochino tuxedo/tuxedo shirt after the remake.  Only thing that's missing is the pocket square.  Cummerbund is RL Polo, bowtie is from The Tie Bar.  Both are 100% silk.   It may not be a 100% perfect fit everywhere, but as a bodybuilder with a very unique frame, it already fits so much better than any suit I own OTR              
  I'm not "scandalized" by anything.  I don't really care for whom it's intended.  Much of what appears on SW&D is hideous.  So is this WSJ article.  Hence the obvious connection between the two.
  Exactly our point.
  Sweet mother of god.
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