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  With all due respect, the "non-black/midnight blue tuxedo with long tie" does scream "HIGH SCHOOL PROM" pretty loudly.  A wedding dress not so much.
Anyone here try the Eagle County?  I really like the look of the boot and its sole and overall profile, but I'd love to see them in the wild!  
  At first glance without studying it too intensely right this minute, the suit looks pretty decent overall, but the shirt looks too big throughout (shoulders, sleeves)
  Unfortunately the most recent deal has passed (it was running like a month ago).  But they had one back in June or July too, so keep an eye out.  The deal is $320 for a suit ($379 value), a custom shirt ($99 value) and a tie ($49 value).  If you want a more expensive suit, you just pay the difference.   They very well may run one again in a few months.  The most recent one appeared on The Daily Hookup's site, and before that it was a Chicago area "Google deals" deal.
  I'm not sure I would've gone with an Indochino suit vs. all the other options out there, but I am buying a tuxedo from them because when it comes to tuxes, the options are pretty limited at the lower price point (most of what you find in department stores are 2-button notch lapel flap pocket jackets).  And tuxes rarely go on sale (aside from store/website-wide sales on everything), so it's not like you get hope to get a great deal on a more expensive tux.  So, for $320...
        Thanks guys.  And as was pointed out, you can return seconds as well I believe.   Building on this question, I will pose another one actually.  I'm looking for a black calf shoe to pair with a tux for my wedding (I've already decided against patent leather) and am basically considering the black calf AE Vernon (it's basically marketed as a black tie shoe that can be used anywhere else you might use a black cap toe bal) and a Meermin black calf wholecut.  I really...
  If you're deciding between the Strand and McAllister, I recommend the Strand personally.  I have both the Strand (walnut) and the McAllister (black), and although the colors and uses for the two are obviously very different, I will say that I like the overall "shape" of the Strand better, despite being on the same last.  It may just be the cap toe vs. the wingtip that leads me to view their shape differently.  That said, either one on walnut is a perfectly good...
Need a little input here: I'm looking at buying a pair of Vernons, which really don't ever go on sale except the Rediscover America sale currently going on.  Current price for firsts is $284.75.  Seconds go for $199.  However, I have a $35 gift card that is about to expire, and it can only be used on firsts.  So, I ask you, which would you choose:   Firsts: $249.75 (284.75 - 35.00) Seconds: $199   Trying to decide whether the extra $50 is worth it for firsts.
Thanks for the reply. I've actually seen and really love KW'a black wholecuts. I've been searching for something that might be a bit more affordable for me.
Thanks, I actually googled it and found his site. Shoes look great, just wish he had a black wholecut!
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