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  Of those 4, only the Strandmok doesn't make me nauseous.  I actually kinda like the Strandmok (hate the name), but not sure I would really have a spot for either color in my wardrobe.
  This essentially describes just about any thread on SF, and doubly so when it comes to this thread.
http://www.overstock.com/Clothing-Shoes/Mantoni-Mens-Virgin-Wool-One-button-Tuxedo/4507632/product.html   This is probably the best deal on a fairly "correct' tuxedo (peak lapel, one button, etc).  Almost seems too good to be true.
  He is going the cummerbund route, so I suppose a switch would still work.  I think that the black velvet dinner jacket idea (shawl collar, one button) seems pretty good, I'll pass that one along to him.     Velvet slippers seems interesting (and maybe along with the velvet DJ switch?), so I'll mention that too and see what he thinks.
  I totally agree. It's silly.  I keep hearing things like "when a stranger looks at a picture of the entire wedding party, there should be no doubt about who is the groom since it's obvious who the bride is."   How about it's the guy next to the bride?  Also, I don't really care about what strangers think when looking at my wedding photos, I want to know how they got ahold of them in the first place.
  Yeah this was my thought exactly.     Another issue (for him and for my wedding, actually) seems to be the bride wanting to be able to "differentiate" the groom from the rest of the groomsmen.  His bride and mine both seem pretty level headed and certainly not one of those "make the groomsmen wear colorful ties/vests that match the bridesmaids outfit while the groom wears a silver four-in-hand and matching awful vest" types; however, they both (the two women, both of...
  I kinda like that idea, but it sounds like the general black tie theme is kinda set (and bridesmaids are, I think, wearing black dresses, although I could be mistaken).  Also it would probably be a bit much to ask all the groomsmen to change as well, but I'll leave that to him/them.   From what I've read on here/elsewhere, a ceremony somewhat close to 6pm that will be followed by an evening (6pm or later) reception can still be done with black tie with only a minor...
Was wondering if someone could help me advise a friend of mine.  Like me, he is getting married this upcoming summer and is planning a rather formal wedding in the evening (ceremony at 5pm, reception starts at 6:30 with cocktail hour and dinner starting at 7:30, for reference), and he apparently realizes I at least know a couple things about proper dress (although not compared to the average SF user).  And like me, he's doing the black-tie deal (standard "correct" tuxedo...
  See, this post is a prime example of someone not even remotely understanding "context."  I'll give you the benefit of the doubt since you're not from the USA apparently, but it's still a great example of context being everything.  While "semi-formal" does traditionally denote "black tie", it is almost universally used now to mean "a step or so below wearing a regular suit."
  He doesn't seem to really, really, really want to dress poorly.  He wants to have a good prom and possibly get laid.  He is presenting what the feasible options are (aside from completely alienating his date-to-be) and requesting help in maximizing his ability to still look as not bad as possible given these options.   But I really don't expect most people to understand that, let alone function as such.  Most are way too far removed from the real world.
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