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 In addition to my question, I wanted to remind everyone who will be expecting their Eagle County MTOs to post a ton of pictures on here when you receive them!  
Is the Eagle County $197 MTO sale still going on?
 I own the Fairfax in Chili and really like them.
 Why does your link connect through "ShareSale.com" when you click on it?
 Noooooooooooooo. Well, either way, I'm looking for a pair of the brown leather Singletons, and only the suede was on sale.  Either way, drat.
 Would you mind posting a few more pics of your Eagle County boots after the LP treatment?  And by that, I mean new pics (I recall you saying initially when you first applied it it looked darker, but they lightened up some later . . . I'd like to see the "later").  The tan is a bit too orange for my liking and I'm looking to darken mine just ever so slightly. Thanks!
Damn, I just bought a pair of the Eagle County tan seconds for $129, and while it's a great boot, I realized that the tan leather is too light in color for what I wanted.  And now that I see there's a MTO option, I'd love to have a pair in bourbon, possibly with a normal double leather or butyl outsole (or mini lug even) rather than the wedge sole.     Maybe I'll have to bite the bullet and return these seconds and jump on the MTO for ~$70 more.  How long is this Eagle...
 Out of curiosity, what kind of use do you get out of the Brady?  They're an intriguing shoe, but I can't really picture how/when I would ever wear them.
Pulled the trigger on a pair of tan Eagle County boots.  Have wanted them for a long time but couldn't justify spending that much . . . but $129 for seconds is great.  Hopefully not too flawed.   People on here seem to hate the white sole, but I'm looking for casual boots and the white sole is exactly what I want.
 Huh?  I said I wasn't a fan of it.  I didn't say anything about the correctness (although pairing a collar like that with a shawl lapel is pretty silly, I must admit).
New Posts  All Forums: