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  Sweet Jesus, those are nice. I need to hurry up and finish residency and pay off my absurd med school loans so I can afford beautiful things like these.
Williams Wednesday for me. Paid $177 for these as seconds, and I couldn't be happier. Could not find a single flaw aside from the most minimal offset lacing on the right.
Calling upon SF for a little advice. This summer, I will be traveling out west probably to Arizona and Utah to check out some of the national parks. I don't plan on doing any super aggressive trails, but would like to do some hiking and exploring. I've never owned any true hiking boots, and I really don't do much hiking, certainly not enough to warrant spending a lot of money on a boot dedicated specifically to that activity. Think I could get by wearing my brown grain...
 I want those soooooo bad, but there's no way I can justify spending $700 on a pair of shoes unfortunately.  
 New additions: 18.  Williams - Brown I also own:Sperry gold cup beefroll penny loafer - TanSperry Made-in-Maine beefroll penny loafer - BrownSebago Docksiders - Brown   Decisions, decisions.  I was thinking brown Delrays or Lasalles for daytime stuff (with khaki/navy chinos and a button down shirt, sans tie), which could also function with a sport jacket in the evening.  Maybe a casual pair of boots for the evenings that involve a more casual/relaxed atmosphere....
Thanks for the reply! I order from Jeffersonville for seconds (only have a couple firsts that I got on Amazon). I guess I feel weird calling them up and saying "hey, can I have some free stuff?"
 Nice.  Unfortunately I don't live near any AE stores (outlets or regular).   Silly question, but would you mind posting a photo of a pair of them if you have some lying around?  Just want to get an idea of what kinds they are giving out. I'm mostly asking because I've tried heel pads in the past (for loafers) and found it to be a disaster.
For those of you who wear tongue pads (especially in loafers, but anyone who wears them in any shoes can answer), what brand/"style" do you use?  Looking for some that won't fall off or get old/worn out real quick.   Thanks.
I don't believe AE has a direct equivalent to the Singleton.
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