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  Oops I didn't realize you were the same poster!   I'm real tempted to get them.  The only thing holding me back is the fact that I already have two shoes in chili (Delrays and Fairfax) and I have no actual walnut shoes.  I have two pair of grey slacks (well, one charcoal and one lighter grey) that I think would look great with true walnut colored shoes, but maybe less so with the chili.  Or maybe I'm just being picky.
Are those brown captoes Kent Wangs?  They look great.
  Maybe it's just the lighting, but your Rutledges look so much lighter than the ones posted earlier.  Still darker than classic AE walnut color, but definitely lighter than the almost-chili color of the other poster's.  Would you agree that in regular light on a routine basis the Rutledge looks more walnut than chili?
    What'd you do as far as choosing a size for the Rutledge compared to your other AEs?  A 9.5 E in the 8 last (Delray, Lasalle) fits me perfectly, so if you happen to own any of those (I think I might see a pair of Delrays [or maybe they're Parkways?] in your collection), what size adjustment if any did you make?  If you don't have any 8 last shoes, feel free to compare to whatever other AE models.
  Absolutely beautiful shoes, I have been thinking of grabbing a pair of seconds during this sale too.  The only issue is, I'm looking for a true walnut/tan colored shoe, and the walnut Rutledge looks almost chili (and I already have plenty of chili in my collection).
Got my Delrays (chili) and McTavish (tan) yesterday.  The Delrays are almost perfect, they just have a tiny bit of creasing in the leather on the lateral aspect of the rear of the shoe near the heel on both shoes (right at the heel counter, where I tend to get creases from wear anyway).  For $135, this is by far the best value I've ever gotten.  These are practically firsts quality.   The McTavishes are a slightly different story.  I give a reasonable amount of...
  I do realize seconds are cheaper, but $130 vs. $260 is night and day, at least for me.  
Man I cannot believe I missed the sale on the RL Sandersons, those are beautiful shoes.  I wish I would have known about the sale when it was going on.
So the RL Sanderson seconds are on sale for $130, is that correct?  I'm seriously thinking about pulling the trigger on them (already bought the McTavish and a pair of Delrays) if that's the case.  Just trying to figure out what size to get . . . how's the fit compared to the 8 or 5 last?  I wear a 9.5E in the 8 last and probably a 9E to 9.5E in the 5 last.  Thanks.
  Pretty sure both have cork midsoles.
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