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Walnut Wednesday. Ralph Lauren/AE Sandersons seconds. You can likely tell what makes them seconds if you look at the right shoe. Regardless, I love these shoes to death.
I've eyed up the Vernons in saddle brown/chili for several years now, but just don't tend to wear suits very much and I tend not to wear balmoral shoes with chinos. At one point recently I was thinking again about getting them, and then suddenly the Cornwallis was introduced. I feel like that shoe is a wonderful substitution/update in a similar style. Or, at least, it fills the same niche. I got a pair and Walnut for a crazy deal, but I really want the Cornwallis in a...
  And the Cornwallis is such a beautiful shoe, too!
Are you planning on wearing them with socks or bare foot?I don't know my Barrie last size, but I'll try to help anyway. I typically wear a 9E in most Allen Edmonds lasts (although I could probably go 8.5E or 8.5EEE on some). I own two OSB loafers. Natty beefrolls on leather soles that I wear with socks, in 8.5, and dark brown beefrolls on the crepe soles, which I wear barefoot mostly, in 8.The 8.5 fits well with medium weight (or even thin) socks, but barefoot might be a...
I was wondering indeed. Good to know, thanks!
 You'd have to show us a photo of the bottom . . . 
 It's crummy lighting, but there's really not much of a reddish hue to the Lasalles.  I'll see if I can take a photo of them with my (old original color) chili Delrays and a pair of new dark chili Madison Parks for comparison.  I have since sold the dark brown Delrays.
 I agree.  I have an old pair of Lasalles that I bought gently used on ebay in 2012, in their standard brown - and it is significantly lighter than the current "brown burnished" (or whatever) color they offer.  The current brown is too dark for my liking in most offerings, and the color of my Lasalles is perfect. I don't really understand what's so difficult when it comes to a medium brown leather shoe. Here's a pic of the brown Lasalles (on the right) next to a pair of...
Curiously, there are a few pairs of Cornwallis in dark chili on the shoebank. I had just been thinking that a dark chili Cornwallis would be perfect. If it was just one, I'd assume it was a MTO gone wrong. Maybe they're starting to make them in chili?
The calf Vernon has always had a dovetail heel for as long as I can remember (but it's bein discontinued unfortunately).
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