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Beautiful shoes! Next time take the pictures going the other direction so the shadows aren't over the shoes!
The more I fool around today, the more I realize the length really is pretty much the same. Measured with a ruler and they both come out to almost 12 inches exactly on the outsole. I think it's the way the boot locks my foot in place as I lace over my anterior ankle that tends to change the way my forefoot sits in comparison to the Pembroke.The appearance of sleeker design definitely plays a part into it mentally.
Interesting, thanks for the info. It seems to me just by looking at them that the Galway has a sleeker, more elongated shape at the forefoot/toe. It might just be my eyes play tricks on me.Ultimately I think they'll work fine for me with thicker socks. The trade-off is that I have a slightly wife, so going down another half size would likely make them much too narrow for me.
Speaking of same last but different fit, I just bought a pair of Galway 2 boots.  Same size and width as my Pembrokes, but the boots seem significantly longer despite also being on the 325 last.  Surprising to find this to be the case but I'm probably not the only one who's experienced this.
  Wild enough for me! Thanks, much appreciated.
Anyone have any "in the wild"/fit pics of the Galway 2? I can only ever find pictures of the boots themselves.
Beautiful looking.Any chance you could post a few more pics of them?
 Too bad they jacked up the retail price from $700 (IIRC) to $1000 pretty quickly.
So tempted to take advantage of Oakstreet Bootmakers' 20% off sale (the biggest sale the company does) and pick up a pair of chocolate or bourbon calfskin shortening bluchers, but I just can't justify the redundancy in my wardrobe. Already have the tan RL Sanderson, and tan and brown grain CJ Pembrokes, with whisky and brown cordovan CJ Marlows on the way. I need therapy.
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