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Strange lighting, but rocking some dark chili Madison Parks with my Strand Briefcase at my national medical specialty meeting. The shoes look a lot more red (and uneven on the vamp) in this light than usual. (I wore my Walnut Sandersons yesterday, which actually matched the bag.....)
This is so adorable. I have never witnessed someone so bad at the Internet flail so much.Goodbye.Back on topic. In DC for a few days, snow out of nowhere. Thankfully I was wearing my Shaker Heights with a topy; I never enjoy wet leather soles if I can avoid it.
  WTF? Did you just have a stroke?  Keep childish rants like this off this thread please.  Especially if you're apparently so unfamiliar with humor.
I suppose I can't fault them for trying to branch out a bit, it just comes off as a bit silly.
It's almost a little sad seeing all the marketing AE is suddenly doing for "you can, like, totally wear some of our shoes with no socks. NO SOCKS. SOCKLESS!" It's as if one of their style consultants came to work one day, was like "hey, people have been doing this sockless thing for a few years, it's high time we jumped on it as if it was something new", and they've just run with it.
 Sadly, it doesn't look like they do, no.
 What can I say, it's a gorgeous shoe!
I gotta say, the last that the Cornwallis is on, the 1943, is so much nicer looking than the 5 last, at least for a more formalish look. Putting my suit on tonight and trying on the Cornwallis and my Fairfax. No contest, the Cornwallis looks much better from a shape/silhouette standpoint. (Ignore the different lacing). These are both 9EEE, and even at this width the 1943 last manages to still look sleek to me (vs the blob that is the 65 last). Everyone should own a...
Not only is that not the Randolph, but they're also listed at $10 above retail.
You're way overthinking this. It's a very minor scratch on a pair of deeply discounted casual/rougher boots. I wouldn't think twice about this in your position.If it bothers you this much, though, the caveat is always "send them back anyway" because it will just eat away at you.
New Posts  All Forums: