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FYI, the Brooks Brothers photos are up on the shoebank website now.
They are the ones with the plaid/tartan print. I'm wearing mine today, and love them.
Speaking of shearling, anyone know why these are listed as "brown and red"?  Look brown to me, I don't see any red anywhere:   http://www.allenedmonds.com/clothing/outerwear/gloves/rugged-shearling-glove/SFAE5033.html?dwvar_SFAE5033_color=AE5033#sz=58&start=27
 It's a peak lapel, I think his issue with it was that it was navy rather than black.
 Ha, I tried to order that hat but by the time I was ready to pull the trigger it had been sold out! I'm starting to notice a trend with regard to purchases like this and the Strand bag for me.  Either I need to act more quickly, or it's my bank account's natural defense mechanism.
  Hate to be that guy, but any input?
 I was thinking of buying the Strand Duffel for myself during this current sale (I already own a great Saddleback briefcase so I don't need the Strand double strap briefcase for myself but can appreciate the great quality of both items).  But, like you, I probably wouldn't put it to use enough to justify the cost.
Bummer that the Strand Double Flap Briefcase is sold out; however, Kristle at the Jeffersonville outlet was able to hunt down a second quality one for me so that I could purchase it for my brother for Christmas.   Although after having it in my hands, I might end up wanting to keep it for myself!
  Great pics/collection! I was eyeing up those gloves too, but I don't think I can justify the price, even on sale.  I was looking at some of the Allen Edmonds glove offerings with the current black friday sale (~$110) instead.
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