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Thanks for the replies so far, guys!   By "formal" I mean the British version (i.e. black tie).  I plan on wearing them with my tuxedo; and, you touched on precisely the reason I don't want to spend too much on them . . . no one should really see them, but on the off chance I do end up taking my coat off for whatever reason, I want them to look nice.   Edit: Also, I live in the US, so some overseas options may be less feasible (with higher shipping costs and...
Looking to buy a pair of white formal braces, but I'm not about to drop $80+ on the Thurstons.  Can anyone recommend a reasonably decent looking alternative that's not so pricey?   And yes, I realize that for some of you with money burning holes in your pockets, 80 bucks for these seems like nothing.  That's not really the case for me, so please refrain from the unhelpful "just shell out the $80 or live forever in embarrassment with your shitty braces" type...
  I was under the impression that this was essentially un-doable.  
  I don't understand why, in order to show his friends how well you dress, you need to be outfitted in black tie garb.  In fact, opting for non-black tie affords you a much greater opportunity to flex your sartorial muscles and exercise a little creativity.   It makes little sense for him to ask you specifically to wear a tuxedo, even despite his overall intentions to "show you off."
    Those are beautiful looking shoes, but I'd be terrified to wear them anywhere but inside my house.
I never understood the hate towards the split toe blucher like that.  I absolutely love my Lasalles/Delrays.     There are a lot of things to hate about the look of shoes (and I mean a lot), but the presence or absence of stitching at the toe on a blucher like that has never been of any consequence for me.
  I was looking at Meermin's longwing too, although the plastic-y looking leather has made me hesitate.  I actually really like AE's walnut color, but to be honest I have been very underwhelmed by their new longwing offerings (either shape, or lack of leather sole, etc).  The Williams in walnut (i.e. the Ralph Lauren Sanderson) is like the perfect shoe for me, and I really wish I had been able to snag a pair of seconds of those during the sale last month.
  This is true, and it actually looks half decent, except (if I'm not mistaken), it has a notch lapel no?
  Here, have a shovel so you can keep digging yourself deeper:  
  This might be the saddest post coming from a (presumed) adult that I have read on here in a while.  How absolutely embarrassing for you.
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