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If (when?) AE prices next in the future, that is going to push me further from the brand.  Right now most of my shoes are AE, and the majority are seconds or firsts acquired at steep discounts.  But after getting a taste of C&J (via a pair of C&J for BB black fleece line longwings at a steal), I've already jumped into two GMTO C&J shoes and could definitely see myself going back to the C&J well again in the future.
As someone who is part of both the Lindrick an Warlow 2.0 GMTOs, I would just like to extend a big THANK YOU to @mosy and @tkebh979 for organizing everything. It's like herding cats.   And to anyone left whose payment we're waiting on . . . the sooner you get things all set, the sooner we can get our beautiful shoes/boots!
 I sent her payment info for both the Lindrick and Warlow about a week ago.
 In the past I've worn orthotics in some of my shoes.  I tend not to need them anymore so I only use them in shoes/boots that I already bought sized with them in mind. The difference is that I usually needed to size up 0.5 in length and go up to the next width.  
Yup. I was on this thread regularly due to joining the Warlow 2.0, but when I saw that they needed a few more for the Lindrick and I knew that someday I would be looking for a pair, I couldn't pass it up given the price.
Damn, nice find. If I wasn't in for a GMTO for a C&J Lindrick boot in dark brown shell, I might jump on these.
~$750 + ~$40 shipping.
  That's insane!
 FYI I got all my payment info to Lauren a few days ago (I was one of the remaining stragglers) so we're at least one step closer!
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