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Nice, thanks. I have a few grain CJ shoes/boots and haven't really done anything to them - always a bit unsure. I have Saphir Renovateur but none of the cream.On the topic of the Lindricks, I do notice in sunlight that on each boot the shaft is slightly lighter than the vamp/wingtip area. The actual variation doesn't bother me and I expect it with shell; however, I think I'd prefer is the lighter color was on the front/toes. I also feel like the toes/vamp area takes less...
Looking good. What do you use on your C&J grain shoes/boots?
Fwiw, both my Lindricks in brown and Marlows in whiskey were ordered with "antique" edge, and the edge on the Lindricks is definitely darker.
I actually did some VSC this weekend to get some brown cream off then as well, and put them in the sun for a couple hours. I almost feel like the toe and vamp darkened rather than lightened but probably just my imagination. I don't think I overdid it with the VSC. Also, as much as I like the look of my Guarded Goods flat waxed cotton laces, they are kind of a pain to use on the Lindricks and don't allow me to tighten them as easily. Will probably revert to the factory...
So, I was the one who brought up the natural edge. I was looking for something identical to the edge of the shoes in my avatar. I will find it and post a better photo. If the consensus prefers antique, which is a bit darker, I am fine with that but would probably remove myself as it would duplicate my whiskey Marlow.
Great minds! Mine look a good bit darker than yours, even in the sunlight.
 I would almost certainly be doing a beefroll. Was thinking caramel or espresso or navy with the crepe sole.  Alternatively, maybe suede (there are a few models like this that have come out of OSB and Yuketen and Quoddy I think).
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