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 Hear hear!  When all is said and done, I will have two pairs of Maritimes (golden brown and navy) and a pair of dark brown Kirkwoods (I already have a ~golden brownish colored pair of made-in-Maine Sperry beefroll loafers with a boat sole [pictured below], so I think a golden brown Kirkwood may be too redundant). I also have a pair of dark brown Sperry A/Os, which is sort of preventing me from pulling the trigger on a pair of dark brown CXL Maritimes . . .   Sperry MiM: 
 Not only do I think they go well together, I think they're one of the best (if not the best) color combinations out there (navy/walnut is another favorite of mine).
 Agreed.  I've already put in another order for some Navy Maritimes and Dark Brown Kirkwoods.
 Certainly not me.  The shoes are beautiful, and clearly the nicest boat shoes AE has ever made (or at least in the past several years that I've followed the brand . . . much better and more "classic" than their other failed attempts).  They use Horween CXL, I believe.  And all for (currently) less than half of what OakStreet or Rancourt charges for similar shoes (and, to be fair, neither brand currently offers a beefroll penny loafer on a boat sole without going MTO . . ....
I think one of the odd things is that, with athletic/running shoes, flexing/bending in the midfoot area is generally considered a bad thing.  They should flex/bend comfortably in the forefoot area.  I tend to extend that thinking to dress shoes as well.
 Can you post pics of both together for comparison? Thanks!
Just opened my golden brown Maritimes and I have to say I am VERY impressed.  The CXL leather is beautiful, and these shoes are truly a steal at $125.  I ordered a pair in navy but they have yet to ship.   My only concern is maybe with the fit, but I don't know how real it is.  The fit is about as close to 100% perfect as I can get, as far as length/width . . . but I have heard that CXL tends to stretch/relax with time.  Should they feel a bit more snug the first couple...
So is the new RL Sport line basically just RLX rebranded?
Someone may have already mentioned this and I just missed it, but there is a Jefferson 2.0 listed on the shoebank . . .    In 9D, at least, there is a black and a merlot version.
They're currently on sale for $15 shipped.
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