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 Agreed.  The black edge/trim was the main reason why I would never even touch the MacNeil.  Now I am seriously considering a pair of the 2.0s.
 Agreed.  Saying "switching to a slimmer cut is always a good idea" is not exactly accurate.  Especially with some of the ridiculous fit pics I have seen on this site and on others with skin tight jeans and comparatively clownish shoes.
Man . . . between the Father's Day sale and the recent clearance additions, and after receiving/returning many pairs of shoes to ensure the right size, I can't believe I've currently settled on . . . 3 pairs of Maritimes (golden brown, dark brown, and navy) and a pair of Kirkwoods (dark brown)!  Surely no man needs that many boat shoes.  I'm a big boat shoe kind of guy, and figure the quality/price ratio (i.e. value) may not come around again anytime soon.  Beautiful CXL...
Looks like they are doing away with the dark brown, green, and red Maritimes/Kirkwoods.  They are currently on clearance for $117 (and seconds on the shoebank website for $97), while the golden brown and navy versions still appear on the regular page at full price.   Makes sense, as I am sure the golden brown/navy were the highest sellers, by far (although I would have predicted the darker brown would have sold plenty as well).
 Damn, I could easily wear those!
 What size?
  Those are not the Independence sole.  Just a regular sole with the [whatever the split leather/rubber heel is called that's on several of their normal shoes like the Vernon]. Regardless, they look really nice.  I could probably fit into them (I usually wear a 9E but an 8.5EEE might work for me in a loafer like that actually).
  Those are beautiful.  How much did each pair set you back, if I may ask?
 He's probably just the seller.
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