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I've always hated Danskos. Doubly so when people try to pair them with their clinic business casual wardrobe (as if we won't notice they're ugly clogs I was miserable existence should be limited to the operating room if at all).
Certainly a good thought, and something I'm considering. The bigger issue at play is whether I end up wearing scrubs all day or continue wearing my usual chinos + button down shirt +/- white coat. The procedures I do during the day aren't usually terribly messy, although there is a possibility for an errand squirt of blood to end up on my shirt. So, if I were to be wearing scrubs all day, I would usually pair them with a pair of sneakers/running shoes. It may look a...
Most of my experience is with Allen Edmonds. My only other CJ is the longwings in my avatar, which have "325" hand written inside but definitely don't look to me like the same last as my Pembrokes. They're "US 8.5" and a hair long but I need the width (8 in the same shoe would definitely be too narrow).I have to say I haven't been measured on the Brannock anytime recently. Most of my AE shoes are 9E, but upon further reflection during this CJ GMTO stuff I realized that...
Thanks, I had been considering a Pembroke down the road since I had no grain or dainite soled shoes and really like the Pembroke. When I realized I wasn't confident about my size for the GMTOs (both on the same 325 last), I figured I might as well get my Pembrokes now and get both sizes to confirm.Still haven't shipped the 8s back yet but I will let you know what the cost is!
Cooling down a bit where I live, so I decided to take the Pembrokes out for their first test drive. No question the UK 7.5E is the right fit rather than the 8E. Glad I figured it out now and was able to adjust my GMTO orders accordingly.
Bad news, fellow weasels. I took a new job a month ago. I'm a physician, and my specialty often involves doing minor to moderately sized procedures in the office. In my former job/residency, I had specific days set aside for these procedures, but at my new job I will be having them sprinkled throughout most days. Because of this, I may end up having to switch to wearing scrubs all day every day. Unfortunately, none of my many dress shoes go with scrubs. I would hate to...
I think the GMTO is scheduled to be done/arrive around Christmas/New Years hopefully.
Thanks!Of course, I've also found myself lusting after a pair of Islay boots for the fall/winter, but with two GMTOs coming (one of which is the Lindrick), hard to justify that right now.
Makes sense. I think they had a black pebble grain longwing or something, similar in styling to the longwings in my avatar. Possibly other colors too (I think I saw navy?).
Thanks. Dainite sole (my first pair with this).
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