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Man, I know it's been covered in the black tie thread, but seeing that wing collar really takes what is otherwise a perfect black tie ensemble and ruins it for me.   But it's otherwise quite excellent, and who cares what a stranger on the internet thinks!
I agree. I got them on a nice discount but still not cheap. I have Caramel (natural) and Mahogany.To me they do fit pretty TTS. I am approximately 8.5 E on the brannock and their 9D shell loafers for me like a glove, actually.I realize that that is, by definition, not exactly true to size. I would guess that 8.5 E would fit me even better, but it's such a small difference and my foot is on the border between D and E widths anyway.
I've got two pairs of shell pinch penny loafers from Rancourt and absolutely love them. I'm told their leather soles wear out quickly, but I have a big enough rotation that it really isn't a concern of mine at the moment.
 When does this happen?  I'd be interested in getting a list in my size.  
That was the one deal I was a bit excited about, and that immediately ended when I saw black grain.
Hard for me to get excited for this sale when many of the "sale" prices are at or higher than what MSRP/full price was just 1-3 years ago.
Re: the black boot issue, is say the Higgins Mill. But then again, I think Chelsea boots are an abomination against humanity. So so ugly.
  I need these in my life.
Great pic. What products (if any) do you use on them?
Agreed. Definitely don't buy C&J from the US site. I've bought mine directly from C&J in London and have been very pleased with the pricing and the speedy shipping (~2 days from London to my door step).For the longest time I've been part of the "gotta catch 'me all" mindset when it came to AE, which still makes up the bulk of my collection. After buying some C&J for BB shoes super cheap, I fell in love with their quality. I've since been meaning more heavily towards...
New Posts  All Forums: