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 I didn't mean to worry you.  If it makes you feel better, they were seconds (or worse) . . . bought them on ebay in nearly new condition, but they have "No Wararnty" stamped on the sole, which I think usually indicates they are even worse than seconds.  But they look great to me and I see no other defects, so I'm wondering if one of the problems/the main problem was that they were completely lasted wrong, or the wrong size was printed and they're actually 9.5D in...
 I own a pair of the Williams and the Eagle County, both in 9.5E.  The EC's fit great, and the Williams are still much too narrow.  Which is odd since they're the same last.  
 MTM has been the only thing that works for me.  I'm a serious lifter/bodybuilder as well, and I'm 5'7" with a 42/31 drop.  Nothing off the wrack has been tailorable for me, and suit separates are usually junky brands/fabrics.
 What do you use to treat your Eagle County boots?  Mine look decidedly lighter and dry, but I haven't really put anything on except a little AE conditioner cleaner a couple times, which does nothing.  I'd be interested in getting a slightly darker/deeper color like yours.
 I, too, use the old AE cognac for my walnut shoes (I don't have any Saphir products).  It's the perfect color . . . just a hair lighter than the walnut leather, with no hints of any orange hues. Also, I really wish those 6pm Daltons came in wide widths!
 Gorgeous shoes!
 That's really too bad.  The only thing that has prevented me from buying a pair of walnut strands is the bulbous round toe of the 5 last.  If they could be made on the 8 last, I'd be in heaven.
To be fair, I ended up with a fantastic custom tuxedo through Indochino for my own wedding.  I needed the jacket to be redone (which seems to be par for the course, and I planned for this time-wise) but the end result was nearly perfect.     Not everyone's experience with IC (or indeed with online MTM) is disastrous.
Does anyone else think my Dark Brown Delrays seem a bit darker than usual?  For reference, in the first pic I have an older picture of my well-maintained (I think) Dark Brown Lasalles.  It may be somewhat hard to fully appreciate in this pic, but they are definitely two different shades.  The Delray on the left seems identical to my Dark Chocolate Daltons.    The color is nice, but not exactly what I wanted for my Delrays (would prefer the slightly lighter brown of the...
 Jeez.  Keep them, and buy some brown edge dressing.  Problem solved, and a few hundred bucks saved.  
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