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The shoes in my avatar are CJ for BB longwings (Black Fleece collection), on the 325 last.  They are US 8.5D, and fit me pretty well.   Would I then go for a UK 7.5E?  I have always gone by the rule of "add one full size to go from UK to US length" with shoes, but I feel like I've seen people on here recommend only 0.5 size difference.  Maybe that was between different lasts or something.
Is that (brown Lindrick) not what is currently being MTOed?Edit: nevermind, I see you're on that list.
I prefer storm welt myself.
This sounds perfect to me. I can't believe I missed out!
 I'm not on the PTB sheet.
  Those are very nice too, but I personally would prefer a shortwing (I already own a tan calf longwing).
 I'm interested.
 I was curious about that myself.  Some of the people on the reddit thread seemed to be excited about the PTB, and some seemed to just be excited about the whiskey shell and/or had expressed interest in either a PTB or shortwing.
 For whatever reason, I find PTBs to look very generic and boring, even if it's an expensive brand on a nice last with high quality materials.   It's one of those shoes I would never wear because I would never look at it and think "yes, this is the best or most appropriate shoe for the occasion."  But I also respect that everyone has different tastes out there.
New Posts  All Forums: