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 This is what I wore with my tux for my wedding:   To Boot New York "Caine" in black calf.
 I'd go Carlyle, no contest.
 They are!  I have the L.L. Bean shearling lined insoles inside them too! If anyone owns the standard Bean boots, you know the leather is kinda stiff and plasticky feeling.  The bison leather on these shearling boots is absolutely several steps above, and is an unbelievably buttery soft leather.
      Thanks.  I wondered if I would - it seemed weird to me that the shearling lined versions are the only one where the tongue isn't entirely stitched closed or whatever.  That said, I spent 2 hours outside today shoveling 2-3 feet of snow in my driveway while my neighbor helped with his snowblower, and I was at times up to my hips/waist in snow.  The way they upper cinches closed with the laces really helps protect them from any snow getting inside.  Picture maybe 1...
No AEs for me today in this snow. Just some L.L. Bean shearling lined bison leather 10" boots!
Any more details on this purported shoebank sale starting Feb 1?  Brooks Brothers models getting any extra deep discounts?  Shell?
  Very jealous.  I'd love a pair of loafers in natural or whiskey shell.  I love my natty shell Daltons.
I am having so much trouble trying to figure out what you are trying to say here.
 Hopefully someone else can chime in to help as well.  For me, I am a 9E on most lasts, but I am also not super picky about fit because I often put a thin terry cloth insole into my shoes if there is any looseness at all.  I wear 9E for the 222 last (but 9EEE fits me better with a thin insert . . . 9EE would be perfect) and my Daltons (511 last I think?) are 9EEE with a bit of room to spare even with a thin insole (so I tend to wear heavy boot socks). That said, I have 3...
Shakers today (wearing matching AE belt, not shown). Almost match the carpet too! Definitely one of my favorite shoes.
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