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For some reason I actually really like the smell of it.
Man, I envy your position.  I personally prefer the Alden Indy to the HM, and am currently avoiding the HM sale while trying to work up enough courage to drop ~$550 on a pair of Indy boots.
  The Marlow is on the 325, same as the Lindrick. Many people report a slightly looser fit with the same size/model in shell vs calf, although I'm not sure I've heard of people actually sizing down a half size.   Also a PSA: I would make an "alternates" list of people still interested in the Lindrick.  Almost invariably, at least one person will pull out before now and payment time.
To my knowledge/eye, yes. Also, it is a flat welt rather than a storm welt, which makes it look a little sleeker in addition to the leather sole.I'm not sure why they seem to have discontinued it. It's a lovely shoe. I have a love affair with tan short wing bluchers though, so I guess I'm a bit biased. If they made it in brown calf I would absolutely own a pair of them as well.
I just recently bought them and love love love them. Scroll back a few pages for my pics.
I am guilty of this. Shoes. Pants. Shirts. Socks.Shoes I have 2+ of (or did but sold due to fit issues):RL/AE Sanderson (brown/tan)RL/AE Singleton. (Brown/tan)AE Dalton (walnut/chocolate/dark chili)OSB beefroll penny (brown/natty/cognac)AE Shaker Heights (brown/light brown/Brooks Brothers tartan)CJ Pembroke (tan/brown)CJ Marlow (whiskey shell/brown shell)CJ Lindrick (whiskey shell/brown shell)Rancourt shell pinch penny loafers (Carmel/espresso)Variety may be the spice of...
Speaking of redundant. Here's a family pic of my "tan loafer" collection. L-R: Oak Street Bootmakers "cognac" beefroll, Ralph Lauren/Allen Edmonds "tan"(walnut) Singleton, Rancourt "caramel" unlined shell loafers. Missing is a pair of tan Sperry Gold Cup beefroll loafers with boat shoe sole. So obviously they are slightly different styles, but I found the collection a bit redundant. I recently sold the RL/AE Singletons after much deliberation. The fit wasn't as...
 Fair enough! That's why I am backing up Marlows with Lindricks, in both brown and whiskey cordovan. My bank account hates me.
 You'd have a back up!
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