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 That's exactly where I'm now finding myself.  Several years ago I was buying shoes left and right (a lot of AEs on steep discount), and while I still have plenty, for a while it was a revolving door as I would buy something (sometimes even used) and then realize I didn't really love them or have a use for them, and they'd end up on ebay.   Over the last year or so I've been trying to cull the herd and focus on quality rather than quantity.  Which is partially what led me...
Great looking boots. I feel like I should sell my AE Long Branches in brown grain and pick up a pit of Islays next.
Is this the shoe on the 270(?) last?
I very much like the storm welt, and much prefer the lighter antique edging. It's just the white (?) welt thread that I'm not a huge fan of . . . But that's just me. Sounds like the 2.0 I'm in for should have brown thread, which will be perfect.Can't wait for ours in a few months!
Really? Those look a heck of a lot lighter than AE walnut. Maybe a tad darker than AE natural.
Gotcha, thanks! The shoes look great. Can't wait for mine in a few months. Only change I'd maybe make is I'd prefer not to have such a light thread for the welt stitching.
Gorgeous! Thanks for the pictures. Did you initially have concerns over your sizing when ordering?
A little non-AE today. Crockett & Jones for Brooks Brothers.
Excuse the poor lighting. C&J for BB Black Fleece today.
Please post pics ASAP!
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