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So for my GMTO Lindricks, I prefer a lighter color than what I've seen as their "standard" dark brown. What did then be wise to use some sort of product to clean off the additional cream? Or is it not a Cordovan cream that they're putting on, but rather some other sort of finishing that should not be tampered with?
Really? I feel like the dark brown I've seen (Lindricks, Dundees, etc) look a lot darker than what I picture cognac being. Maybe that's due to whatever finishing they add?
Great boots! They look so much lighter in direct sunlight than other pics I've seen.
Took me a minute to read while I was taking a dump. I imagine a sharp fellow like yourself can find time in his busy schedule to scan it.
I do. I got the walnut front pocket briefcase or whatever it was called. Got it as "seconds". Really like the aesthetic, but it's not necessarily a heavy duty one and i'm not sure I would pay full price for one.That said, I get compliments on it all the time.
Yes I believe the right pair was listed as brown/olive.The middle/right pair have the same exact leather (same color). But I polished the BB ones with AE "saddle brown" polish (brown with reddish hues not unlike the old chili) and used AE cognac polish (which is more walnut than the "walnut polish") on the right pair.BB pair has poron insoles, AE pairs have standard leather insoles. All come with the tap combo sole (the BB pattern on the rubber is different than on AE).
  Middle is indeed BB.  Far right is "light brown."  Different than the chili version.
Hi all, Apologies if there is a better thread to which this post should be added.  I tend to have difficulty finding pants that fit my build (short/muscular).  Many slim fit pants are way too tight in the butt/thigh, and often times straight fit pants are a bit baggier than I prefer in some respects.  I have a fairly large backside and thighs, but a reasonably trim waist.  I generally purchase 32x30 in Levi's denim and in RL straight fit chinos (I have to hem the...
 It seems to me that webgems are often a bit less expensive than what one might expect otherwise.   Anyone who can get their hands on a pair of Shaker Heights, I definitely recommend them!  I have 3 pairs and love them. 
Haha. I never wear a tie, and I like to have a healthy mix of styles, but today I did wear a pair of PRL khaki chinos and a blue and white gingham PRL button down. And my new CJ Pembrokes (with Dainite soles, to remain on topic).
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