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Doing a little work on my shell this morning.
 The LH soles are ugly as sin, in my opinion.  Wouldn't ever get a pair of shoes with them, but that's just me.  There are probably people who hate the crepe plantation soles too. But I do get the point about the durability.  That's my major hangup with the crepe + shell.
Maybe a dumb question, but is there any way to not pay the jacked up/inflated prices in Alden's from End Clothing? Or are they just one more of these overseas companies that priced in USD to avoid US buyers from capitalizing on the weak GBP? They have some pretty nice calfskin Indy make ups, but I'm not about to pay shell prices for calfskin boots.
For the United States at least, Crockett and Jones mails the shoes with no receipt or pricing information on or in the package. I believe they declare the value as significantly lower than what you actually paid. They send you a receipt separately in a paper envelope.
 Gotcha!  Hadn't considered the import/custom fees (and did not know where you live).
 Agree with this. I do wish C&J's current "whiskey" shell looked more like their old whiskey, and not like Allen Edmond's "walnut" shell looked like a few years ago.  But that's just personal preference!
I know money doesn't grow on trees, but it almost seems silly to pull out of a GMTO just because the price will go from ~$691 to ~$717 USD.  Percentage-wise it's a very small increase.     I do understand the bad taste it leaves in your mouth knowing the price could have been a tad lower.  But still . . . 
After your review of the fit, I'm glad I abstained. I'm an E width so I think they would kill my feet.Not sure about the Perdiswell. Maybe 1943?
Whiskey Friday! I have to admit that I'm still a little disappointed at the shade of whiskey we got, expecting a lighter more traditional hue closer to natural, or Rancourt's caramel. Despite that, this does fill a void in my collection, as I did not have a medium brown wingtip.
Really? My Long Branches are by far my lightest and most comfortable boot. I do appreciate that tastes differ with regards to the sole.
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