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I don't think you're talking about me, but just in case, I'm in
  325 is a great last, both fit and aesthetics.  Love it.
 It has a sleeker look (the 240).  There's a guy on youtube (maybe it's one of you?) who has a video comparing the Marlow and the BB 240 lasted shoe.  I like his videos, he's got a lot of shoes/boots I wish I had!
 Excellent, thank you.
Oh I agree. Dark brown Lindrick should definitely have the stock Marlow/Lindrick edge.The Whiskey Marlow should have a lighter one, but that's just one man's opinion.
 Sounds good, thanks.  Normally I like a lighter sol edge on alughter shoe, but not everyone does and it is not a big deal.
Funny thing. I bought a pair of walnut Cornwallis "thirds" from our favorite eBay seller, and when I received them I saw what I now know to be the "profila binding" and said "oh damn, no wonder these were marked as worse than seconds, they completely neglected to finish the shoe and it looks terrible. Thank god it will be covered by my pant leg most of the time."Imagine my surprise when I found out that was an intentional move on their part!(BTW there were no other...
What is the name for the standard RL (CJ) Marlow wingtip edge/sole color?  I think of "antique" (which is what's chosen for the current Lindrick and Warlow) as a sort of lighter color, whereas the stock Marlows seem to have a darker brown edge.  Or are they the same thing?
If the offer from @bcloudy is still good, I will accept his switch and take a spot among the hallowed 12.
 I remember not so long ago (like 3 years ago?) it was common to see the Lasalle on sale for $129 (or at least $149).
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