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 Re: the welt stitching - I'm not sure if it was a conscious decision on the part of the Warlow 1.0 group, or if it just happened.  Some liked it, but I'm not really a fan and I'm glad that the 2.0 should have normal stitching (non-contrast). As for sizing, some on here probably recall my trials and tribulations.  I measure right around 8.5E or 9E on the brannock (probably closer to 8.5E actually, but I buy most of my AE shoes in 9E).  I've never been super picky about...
 Great to hear, thanks for doing this!  I have had my eye on the brown Marlow for quite a few years now.  Unfortunately I was not in a place where I was ready to make the leap to shell several years ago when one of the big Pologate coupon fiascos occurred (I think it was a 60% off coupon code that got leaked that worked on everything?) back when they were still $800 or $900 retail.   This works out better for me, though, because the UK E width seems much more forgiving and...
Quick pics is the dark brown grain Pembrokes. With and without flash.
Beautiful! Got mine about a month ago and love them. I have a pair in dark brown out for delivery today (I will either keep them or gift them to my brother, haven't decided yet).
 If that is what the majority vote for, yes.  All shoes will have to have the same specs.
I think you're probably right here.
I'm thinking of changing my vote to "will side with the majority."
Interesting musings!I'd be willing to bet that black shoes still dominate the best selling lists. Although the tide is slowly turning, I suspect the average male shoe wearer (and even the average male AE-wearer) still tends to default to black.
I'm kinda torn. I tend to prefer the storm welt and sacrifice no wheeling, but I imagine I'd be perfectly fine with the flat welt and wheeling as long as it was still a double sole.
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